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It is magnificent! Take this cathedral, for instance. Elegant, yet whimsical in its execution. A stunning example of Galtean Architecture.

The Galtean Alliance was a moment in Ivalice's history when all the great countries were united. Started by the Dynast King Raithwall with the three shards of nethicite, great nations rose during the Galtean Alliance, such as Archadia and Rozarria. The reign of Raithwall's direct descendants, House Galtea, drew to a close after 400 years, marking the end of the Galtean Alliance, and the beginning of rule by House Dalmasca.

Dalmascan reign continued for nearly seven centuries, until the Archadian invasion brought their era to an end. However, a few years later, Archadia left Dalmascan territory.

Ancient Galtea[]

In the time of the Galtean Alliance, the technology of this age was significantly different from the present Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. Many references are made to relics of the ancient age that could not be reproduced in the present time. The architectural style of Galtea is also prominent in many location within Ivalice.

  • Rabanastre - Once the center of the Galtean Alliance. Taken over after the decline of House Galtea by House Dalmasca.
  • Tomb of Raithwall - A structure carved to house the remains of Raithwall, including his treasures. As only those of his royal lineage can enter, not even sky pirates ever make it into the vaults.
    • Demon Wall - A wall carved within it the Dynast King's likeness, and enchanted with magicks and technology such as never understood by the present age, the Demon Walls guard the tomb by slowly coming towards intruders who are helplessly trapped in the narrow corridors, until it comes in contact and crushes them.
  • Stilshrine of Miriam - The Shrine predates the Galtean Alliance, but it was used by the Gran Kiltias of the time to enshrine an artifact of Raithwall. The creations that guard the place, such as Miriam Facers, Miriam Guardians, and a manufacted Vinuskar, were constructed during the Alliance, and all knowledge of building them lost to time.
    • Vinuskar - An artificial dragon made of iron which guards the Stilshrine of Miriam. A three-headed beast with each head decorated and covered with a mask, it is unknown of which age the Vinuskar is manufactured, though sources believe it is during the age of Galtea.
  • Sochen Cave Palace - One of the ruins believed to have been made during the Galtean Alliance from the architectural styles seen.