Crest of Gallionne.

Gallionne (ガリオンヌ, Garionnu?), also known as Gallione, is a duchy from Final Fantasy Tactics. Ruled by Duke Bestrald Larg, it is located in western Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics. Its seat of power is Eagrose Castle. As such, it is held by the Order of the Northern Sky knights during the War of the Lions. Gallionne is also home to the House Beoulve.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Eagrose Castle[edit | edit source]

High seat of Gallionne and home to Duke Larg, its lord, this city is second in size only to the Royal City of Lesalia.

Magick City of Gariland[edit | edit source]

Home to the Royal Akademy for the Magickal Arts, famous for producing Elidibus, mage hero of the Fifty Years' War.

Merchant City of Dorter[edit | edit source]

A city that developed as a hub for overland trade. It is a lively place frequented by all manner of merchants.

Ziekden Fortress[edit | edit source]

A fortress built during the Fifty Years' War to prevent a Romandan invasion from across the Rhana Strait.

Brigands' Den[edit | edit source]

A small structure build upon a pier. Once a refuge for fishermen, it is now home to brigands.

Mandalia Plains[edit | edit source]

Large limestone spires protrude from this plain like the fangs of a great beast.

Siedge Weald[edit | edit source]

An ancient forest surrounded on all sides by mountains. Said to have once been home to a race of extinct moogles.

Lenalian Plateau[edit | edit source]

A barren plateau dotted with jagged boulders, but little flora of which to speak.

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