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The Galerria Deep area.

Countless tunnels make up this vast underground cavern. It's known in some circles as the Pit of the Larva.


The Galerria Deep is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Located on the continent of Loar, the region is mostly comprised of an underground tunnel where various treasures and beasts, including the Flowsand Lord, await. The land of the Galerria Deep that is aboveground is covered with snow year-round. Luso and Adelle journey here to hunt for Zingu Pearls.


Windwrit Tundra[]


A silence hangs over the frozen ground. Not even the beasts of the wild dare break the stillness here.

The Galerria Deep[]


Chill wind swirls in the cavern, its howl echoing ceaselessly through the lightless depths.

Random encounter[]

"One-Eyed Evil"

A monster that dwells deep in the dark. It springs on its prey from the shadows.

Forbidden: Copycat

Larva Den[]


Something has dug a large, conical pit in the floor of the cave. The earth at the bottom seems to writhe and shift...

Sealed Reach[]


Water trickles down the rough stone of the cavern walls. The living rock at its base is smooth and slick.


Bisga Highroad[]

This road leads east to the Bisga Greenlands. Snow and mud mix to form a nearly impassable mire.

Aldanna Highroad[]

This road leads northeast to the Aldanna Range. At night the damp ground freezes solid.

Rupie Highroad[]

This road leads north to the Rupie Mountains. Snow falls year-round along this icy trail.


  • "Pearls in the Deep"
  • "The Way of the Timid"
  • "Wanted: Mirage Bunny"
  • "Black King of Cinquleur"
  • "A Fatal Mistake"
  • "Foodstuffs: Nutrition"
  • "Komodo Search"
  • "The Root of the Problem"
  • "Chita on Weapons- Novices"
  • "Speed Battle, Kupo!"
  • "Ravager"
  • "The Forgotten Places"
  • "Survey No. 258"