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Mayor Gale Rosage is a character from the Chocobo series, appearing in two of the games.


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

Prior to the Destroyer's attack, Gale was the mayor of the town that would be later be known as Lostime. Being the mayor of the townspeople, Gale was well-versed in the town's history—if only he had not forgotten quite a bit of it. Some time ago he also served as the town's Oracle of Water. He spoke of forgetting as a virtue and encouraged Cid, Shirma, and Chocobo to join him in forgetting.

Shortly before the Destroyer's first attack, Mayor Gale was approached by the fishmonger of the town, Marris. He showed Gale a fish that was still moving, but its body was rotting away. They later read about such a phenomenon and discovered that fish rot in the sea when the Destroyer comes. The Destroyer eventually came to Lostime and began its rampage of destruction. Gale warned Shirma, the Oracle of Light, to flee and to take the children to safety. As he watched the town go down in flames, Gale could not help but notice how alluring the darkness was.

Gale remarked how anyone could have predicted the legendary dark power of the Destroyer could be born out of the town. After Gale had listened to the knowledge about the Destroyer presented to him by Meja (the Oracle of Water) and Freja (the Oracle of Fire), including the Destroyer's incredible power and longevity, Gale decided that because the Destroyer fed on fear, despair, and suffering, they must sever their emotions.

Stella was outraged and protested that emotions were what made them all human, including fear. Gale did not listen and called for the Oracles to gather to release the guardian beasts from the crystals. When Shirma (the Oracle of Light) asked the mayor in fear what would happen to their memories, Gale assured they would not be lost but crystallized. He begged everyone to hurry, and so Meja and Freja called their respective Guardian Beasts, Leviathan and Phoenix. Shirma was hesitant, not wanting to lose her memories, but when Gale urged her to hurry and her sister Croma begged her to follow through, Shirma called forth Alexander. Together, the Oracles and the Guardian Beasts sealed the Destroyer away, sealing away their memories and Memoria from the rest of the world. The Bell of Oblivion was created to prevent everyone from regaining their memories lest the seal be broken and the Destroyer returned to the world.

Gale declared that the townspeople should never forget the day calamity struck their town, and neither should they forget the nine brave heroes who lost their lives against the Destroyer. He argued they needed to carry on and defend their town. However, over time, Gale lost more of his memories to the Bell of Oblivion, including much of his knowledge of the town's history. Being prone to forgetfulness from the Bell's influence and subject to the blissful ignorance that came with it, Gale began to preach the "beauty" of forgetting, bringing forth the idea that forgetting can help everyone live in peace. He began to believe that forgetting could heal the heart, that useless memories weigh people down, and that forgetting is a virtue. Many townspeople agreed with him and began to preach the same ideals, though Mayor Gale's ideology earned him the scorning of Stella and Shirma, both of whom moved away from town.

One day in Lostime, when Gale was walking around the Clocktower Piazza, two entities sprang out from the fountain: a man and a chocobo. Startled, Gale approached them. The man demanded that Gale introduce himself and their location. Gale apologized for his lack of manners, and everyone introduced themselves. The newcomers were Cid and Chocobo who had been in the Tower in the Sands when they were transported to the town. Gale was intrigued as he had never heard of the Tower in the Sands. He told Cid that the region was known as "Memoria", and that the town they were in was "Lostime" in the center of it. Gale gave his welcome to the two and offered for them to stay. The clocktower bell rang, causing the whirlpool of memories to appear over Cid's head, which caused Chocobo to leap back in Gale's arms in fright. Gale explained what the Bell of Oblivion was and implied its power to make people forget. He began to preach his ideology and beliefs about forgetting, and other residents approached the three of them, preaching similar beliefs. When Cid asked what the deal was with the other townspeople, Gale said they were simply speaking the truth. Shirma ran over to them, calling out. She pushed the townspeople out of the way and told Cid and Chocobo that she was there to rescue them. Gale protested that they were only trying to make Cid and Chocobo understand the beauty of forgetting. Shirma responded that stealing people's memories was the same as robbery. Gale tried to explain that the bell was the thing 'stealing' people's memories, not the townspeople, but was cut off as Shirma grasped Chocobo's hand and walked him away. When Shirma called the townspeople crazy, Gale tried again to remind Shirma that forgetting was a virtue. Shirma responded that she personally had precious memories that she wanted to keep, and Gale told her that such "precious memories" were merely obsessions that cause conflict. Gale tried one last time to request that Shirma live with them in Lostime, but she angrily refused and departed with Cid and Chocobo, leaving Gale disappointed.

As the fire had disappeared all across town, Gale called a meeting with the townspeople in the clocktower piazza. He told the townspeople that the purpose of the meeting was to talk about how the town had lost the use of fire. After hearing the grievances of the townspeople who were struggling from the lack of fire, Gale responded that though he did not know, he had dreamt a prophecy the previous night: that the heavens would send them a savior. As he said this, a bright gleam shone from the sky, and a shining object flew down from the sky right on top of them. Noticing this, the rest of the townspeople scattered in panic as the gleaming object fell with a loud bang, blasting Gale off his feet.

Shirma and Chocobo arrived on scene. The thing that had fell from the sky was an egg, and Gale watched it hatch to reveal a human infant, which took him by surprise. After Shirma picked up the baby boy and he happily cried out Shirma's name, Gale was amazed the boy was already talking. Mayor Gale 'remembered' the name of the boy, Raffaello, but as Gale began to remember more the Bell of Oblivion rang. The whirlpool of memories appeared, and Gale forgot his own name. The baby boy flew into the whirlpool of memories, and Chocobo followed by using a brooch that the baby left behind to enter Gale's Memories. His Memory Dungeon was the first Memory dungeon Chocobo went though to save Raffaello.

After Chocobo and Raffaello had recovered Gale's memories, he once again remembered his name and that he was the mayor. Realizing how much forgetting had cost him, Gale admitted that forgetting his own name was a little too far, though he had not completely abandoned his belief that forgetting was a virtue. Realizing that Raffaello could help recover Cid's memories, Shirma told Mayor Gale that she was taking Raffaello home. Gale tried to protest, but Shirma walked away. Eventually, Chocobo helped bring the town's fire back when he helped recover Freja's memories.

Chocobo would later make a visit to Gale's office. Gale welcomed him and offered him to stop by if he had any concerns. However, he then added that he had disposed of the history books in his office. Holding on to his belief of the virtue of forgetting, he explained that studying history cause people to have disagreements with each other; it would be much better to forget about the past.

As Chocobo went around the town restoring more and more of the townspeople's memories, Mayor Gale was rather disapproving of Chocobo's services. He later told Chocobo that he would like this to happen less frequently and that he still stood by his claim that forgetting is a virtue.

However, when the town's water became black and polluted, Gale told Chocobo that they had a serious problem, just when they thought they had gotten the town's fire back. He informed Chocobo that he unfortunately could not remember who he had appointed as the Oracle of Water.

After Chocobo eventually found the Oracle of Water, who happened to be Meja, and restored her memories, the town's water came back to normal. At this, Gale's attitude towards memories changed. He told Chocobo that perhaps remembering was not so bad after all and that there was some value in holding and retaining one's memories. At that point, Gale was mostly neutral about Chocobo's efforts to restore the townspeople's memories and spent most of his time in his office.

After Chocobo managed to bring back daylight as a result of recovering Shirma's memories, an aged Raffaello entered the clocktower, and Chocobo followed him in. Shirma and Cid later followed Chocobo. When they were all at the top of the clocktower, a fully grown Raffaello with wings spread his feathers throughout Lostime, hoping to return the happy memories of the townspeople. At that moment, Shirma's sister Croma revealed herself and warned everyone not to be fooled by Raffaello and that he was no savior. The Destroyer, who had been inside Raffaello the whole time, began to manifest through Raffaello and take control. He began to mock Croma for her inability to stop him, then proceeded to summon the floating fortress, the home of the Dark Crystal. The Destroyer changed Raffaello's feathers so that they would torture the townspeople and bring back their terrifying memories. As the Destroyer began his return, Gale ran up to the clocktower piazza and voiced his disbelief that the Destroyer had now come back. He recalled back the time that they had purged all their thoughts to seal the Destroyer inside their memories and then wondered if the seal had been broken. Gale voiced his bitter realization that he and everyone else had been played for fools, having been caught off guard by Raffaello's intent from the beginning: to break the seal for the Destroyer's return by releasing their memories. Gale was left to watch in helplessness as the Destroyer proceeded to torture the townspeople by bringing back their terrifying memories, gaining strength from their fear and suffering. He then witnessed, from the bottom of the clocktower, the duel between Croma and the Destroyer, which resulted in Croma being killed. The Destroyer then retreated to the Floating Fortress to complete his resurrection.

Afterwards, Gale finally remembered the complete story behind the town and the Destroyer's history. Suspecting that Chocobo and Cid would come to him to ask questions on how they would be able to stop the Destroyer as well as the history behind the Destroyer, Gale returned to his office to make plans. Eventually, when Chocobo and Cid came to his office, he briefly greeted them with the note that he had been expecting them. Cid demanded that Gale tell them about the "huge thing in the air", referring to the Floating Fortress that Raffaello had summoned. Gale explained that the structure was the Shrine of Darkness; it became such an ominous structure due in large part due to the power of the Destroyer. When Cid asked if Gale was referring to Raffaello when talking about the Destroyer, Gale explained that Raffaello's original benign personality was still intact, but barely. Gale was convinced that Raffaello had only limited time before the Destroyer would eventually complete take him in and consume him, completing the Destroyer's rebirth. Gale then witnessed Irma giving Cid the Timeless Power Crystal as a means to help them stop the Destroyer.

With Timeless Power, Cid was able to get the airship working, allowing Chocobo to fly to the Floating Fortress to confront the Destroyer and save Raffaello. When Chocobo began to fight the Destroyer, Gale watched from the clocktower piazza alongside Meja and Freja. When the two oracles realized that Chocobo was fighting, Gale called for themselves to help too and do the best that they could. Finally acknowledging the importance of memories, Gale declared that they must stand up against reality, not by forgetting but by remembering. He added that every person leaves memories. The person may die, but the memories live on. It is from the words and passion in their memories that strength can be found. Gale called for the Oracles to help Chocobo by sending him their memories. As Meja and Freja sent Chocobo powers from the crystals, the three were interrupted by Shirma and Cid, which caught Gale by pleasant surprise. Gale watched as the three oracles sent their memories to Chocobo at the same time, giving him a huge advantage.

After the Destroyer was defeated, Mayor Gale acknowledged the importance of memories and renamed the town to Foundtime. If Chocobo visited his house, a new book written by the mayor was placed on the table, featuring a dedication to the town's past warriors.

Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha[]

Gale as he appears for the first time.

Mayor Gale is one of Cid's Castle's guards along with Stella. He isn't a major character, but seems to be a good friend of Cid.


Gale is voiced by Sean Chiplock in the English version of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!.


A gale is a very strong wind.