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Galdin Quay is a resort area in Final Fantasy XV, close to the Leide region. It is a former fishing village and Niflheim trading port that has had a lot of Altissian influence due to being a direct route to Accordo. Palm trees, bungalows, and the Cygillan Ocean surround the area.

It has a spa, a restaurant and a hotel in a building suspended over the water, and a pier with the boat to Altissia. The resort's beach has a fishing spot, a campsite, and a caravan. The Galdin Quay hotel costs a staggering 10,000 gil to stay in, but provides a lucrative double experience multiplier. It is available since Chapter 1, making it a popular stop for those who can afford it until Chapter 9 when the Leville Royal Suite in Altissia becomes available. Angelgard is visible off the coast of Galdin Quay, a mysterious island whose shape resembles wings. In the Royal and Windows Editions, the player can dock the royal vessel at Galdin Quay.



On a bench near the item shop.

Stunning seaside getaway along the Vannath Coast in southern Leide. Known not only for its world-class spa, but also for the exquisite seafood dishes crafted by Mother of Pearl's chef de cuisine, Coctura Arlund.
While the quay currently enjoys its reputation as the kingdom's premier resort, Galdin itself was once a quiet fishing town. That all changed when Niflheim made inroads into Lucian territory some 150 years ago and effectively put all lands outside the Crown City under imperial control. From that time onward, the former fishing village turned into a trading post connecting the Lucian continent with the imperial province of Accordo.
In time, the empire shifted their shipping operations from the sea to the skies, and Galdin's importance as an imperial outpost diminished. What the town lost in strategic value, however, it gained in culture, gleaning heavily from Altissian immigrants drawn to Lucian shores. In that sense, one could say the quay owes its current success to the empire's intervention.


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The party finds out about the attack on Insomnia.

Prince Noctis and his friends arrive in Galdin Quay to board the ship to Altissia where Noctis is to marry Lady Lunafreya. When they arrive at the pier they find that the Niflheim Empire is stopping the ship from running. The party runs into Ardyn Izunia, whom the party doesn't recognize as the chancellor of Niflheim. Ardyn knows who Noctis is, saying trying to board a ship to Altissia will be futile, and implies that the ceasefire played a part in the blockade by Niflheim.

A reporter named Dino Ghiranze recognizes Noctis as the prince and offers to organize a ship if he does him a favor by bringing him a certain gem. According to the Episode Carbuncle #10, Dino hangs out by the pier to catch the latest news and gossip from those traveling from Altissia, although the true reason may be so he can stay near Coctura Arlund, the chef of the renowned Mother of Pearl restaurant of the resort.[1] The party appeases Dino's request and stays at the hotel, but the morning papers bring grim news: Insomnia has fallen and been occupied by the empire. Disturbed, the party heads back to the Crown City.

Libertus and Dino at Galdin Quay

When the long night begins to overrun Eos, Galdin Quay is given enough time to set up a barricade and becomes an outpost for the Hunters and Kingsglaive. It remains the only working dock in Lucis. When Dino and some hunters spot King Regis's royal vessel off the coast of the quay, Dino informs Talcott Hester. Libertus Ostium and other members of the Kingsglaive go to Galdin Quay to help haul in the boat and fix it up. When power is restored to Galdin Quay, a member of the Kingsglaive heads down to the quay and is greeted by Libertus. They hop on the boat and head to Angelgard.

When Noctis awakens after his ten-year sleep in the Crystal, he sails his father's ship from Angelgard island to Galdin Quay only to find the resort abandoned and overrun by daemons. Remains of Dino's and Coctura's clothes are strewn about where they used to stay on the resort.

In Final Fantasy XV -The Dawn of the Future-, Noctis meets Sol at Galdin Quay, who becomes his guide in the world of darkness and fills him in on what has happened during his decade-long absence.

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Car park[]

The parking area outside has a weapon shop.

The resort[]

The resort comprises of the restaurant, hotel, and the docks. In Windows and Royal Editions, the player can dock the royal vessel here. The player can also sit on the pier and gaze at Angelgard.

If the player speaks to the masseur, Noctis can get a massage. If the player reads the sign for the spa, his party members suggest they should do it, but Noctis will decline.

Mother of Pearl[]


Mother of Pearl restaurant is operated by Coctura Arlund, who is the local tipster for hunters. The menu is expensive but provides good buffs. Ignis Scientia can learn two recipes from eating here. Tenebraen Berry Opera is added to the menu after bringing Coctura Ulwaat Berries obtained from Tony at Cape Caem farm.

NameEffectsPriceRecipe obtainedUnlock
Galdin Gratin
Galdin Gratin.jpg
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 10): Max HP +500
Fresh icon from FFXV.png Fresh: Strength +50, Magic +50, EXP +10%
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 8900
White Fish in Tomato Sauce
(Stewed White Fish in Tomato Sauce)
White Fish in Tomato Sauce.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 16): Strength +160
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 18): Max HP +900
Poisonproof icon in FFXV.png Poisonproof: Immune to Poison
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 2800
Sea's Bounty Risotto
Sea's Bounty Risotto.jpg
Attack Boost icon in FFXV.png Attack Boost (Level 12): Strength +120
HP Boost icon in FFXV.png HP Boost (Level 12): Max HP +600
Regen Boost icon in FFXV.png Regen Boost (Level 1): HP Recovery Rate +25%
1300Fisherman's Favorite PaellaDefault
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 1800
Steamed Crab with Rock Salt
Steamed Crab with Rocksalt.jpg
Resistance Boost icon in FFXV.png Resistant: Immune to Fire, Ice, and Lightning elemental damage3200Default
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 7200
Tenebraen Berry Opera
(Ulwaat Opera)
Tenebraen Berry Opera.jpg
Magemaster icon in FFXV.png Magemaster: Magic +500, Strength becomes 012000Memory Lane PastryComplete Coctura's sidequest: Berried Memories
Patch notes: Pre-v1.02 Price: 17500


Vannath Coast Beach from FFXV.png

The beach nearby is part of Vannath Coast. The player can fish at the pier and stay at the caravan or haven, which is much cheaper than staying at the resort or eating at the restaurant here. Staying at the campsite triggers a tour with Gladiolus Amicitia. Stoneshears spawn at the end of the beach, and there is also a mineral deposit here.

A Magic Flask is found on the beach near to the resort in Chapter 15. Magic Flask in Galdin Quay in Ch15 in FFXV





Aldare's is a kiosk located by the parking lot, near the bridge that leads to the resort.

Item Gil Type Info
Potion 50 Items Restores half of HP.
Hi-Potion 100 Items Fully restores HP.
Elixir 400 Items Fully restores HP and MP and regenerates half of maximum HP.
Hi-Elixir 800 Items Restores maximum HP and MP.
Phoenix Down 1000 Items Brings fallen party members back to life. Temporarily increases HP and MP recovery rate.
Antidote 10 Items Cures Poison.
Gighee Ham 30 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame and Multi-Meat Sandwich
Luncheon Meat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Mystery Meat Sushi and Cannedwich.
Birdbeast Egg 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Croque Madame, Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry, Creamy Crustacean Omelette, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Golden Egg Galette, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, and Golden Chocobo Tart.
Sheep Milk 10 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Creamy Milk Risotto, Taelpar Harvest Galette, Kupoberry Cheesecake, Golden Chocobo Tart, Keycatrich Salad, and Moogle Mousse with Kupoberry Sauce.
Anak Meat 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Breaded Cutlet with Tomato, and Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Dualhorn Steak 160 Ingredients Used for cooking Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Quillhorn Soup, Meldacio Meat Pie, and Horntooth Meat Pie.
Lucian Tomato 200 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Breaded Cutlet with Tomato, Classic Tomato & Egg Stir-Fry, Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew, and Keycatrich Salad.
Wild Onion 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish, Quillhorn Soup, Hunters' Krazy Kebabs, Creamy Bisque, Anointed Allural Sea Bass, and Hearty Stir-Fry.
Cleigne Wheat 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Grease Monkey's Schnitzel Sandwich, Fried Frontier Skewer, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Fluffy Chiffon Cake, Cannedwich, Meldacio Meat Pie, Crispy Fish Fritterwich, Beanball Croquettes, Golden Egg Galette, Garulessandwich, Horntooth Meat Pie, Karlabos Cream Croquettes, and Fishsticks on Sticks.
Saxham Rice 200 Ingredients Used for cooking Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Egg-Fried Crustacean Bowl, Garden Curry, Triple Truffle Risotto, Free-Range Fowl over Rice, Creamy Milk Risotto, Fried Rookie on Rice, Fisherman's Favorite Paella, Paella de Pollo, Mother & Child Rice Bowl, Royal Road Paella, Papa Bird & Baby Bowl, Hearty Cutlet on Rice, and Roc of Ravatogh Rice.
Trevally Fillet 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Oil-Drizzled Steamed Fish, and Grilled Wild Trevally.
Trout Fillet 240 Ingredients Used for cooking Skewered Wild Trout.
Leiden Potato 40 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Dish and Chips, Dry-Aged Tender Roast Stew, Battered Barramundi, Ace Hunter's Schnitzel, Garden Curry, and Meat-and-Beet Bouillon.
Funguar 80 Ingredients Used for cooking Veggie Medley Stew, Creamy Fowl Sauté, Triple Truffle Risotto, and Croaker in Brown Sauce.
Chocobean 100 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Beanball Croquettes, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, Miss Mercenary's Cassoulet.
Leiden Pepper 20 Ingredients Used for cooking Prairie-Style Skewers, Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak, Grilled Wild Trevally, Peppery Daggerquill Rice, Crown City Dive-Style Dumplings, Robust Bean Soup, Toadsteak Drumsticks, Skewered Wild Trout, Creamy Bisque, Devilfin Soup, Crown City Roast, Legendary Herb-Grilled Whopper, and Broiled King-on-a-Stick.
Sweet Pepper 50 Ingredients Used for cooking Burly Bean Bowl, Fried Rookie on Rice, Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab, Green Soup Curry, Blazing Braised Gizzard, Fire-Sauce Fillet, Sweet Saltwater Crustacean Curry, Plump 'n' Pungent Tofu, and Pit Crew's Meat Wraps.
The Beast 2000 Auto Parts Decal set with a monster theme.
Racing Stripes IV 500 Auto Parts Racing stripe decal.
Racing Stripes V 500 Auto Parts Racing stripe decal.
Memories of FFV 100 Auto Parts Adds music from Final Fantasy V to the music player.

Culless Munitions - Galdin[]

Culless Munitions - Galdin.


Culless Munitions is a weapon and accessories vendor operating from a black van at the Galdin Quay parking lot.

Item Gil Type Info
Broadsword 150 Swords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 42 MP+6
Makes it easier to land critical blows when attacking in succession.
War Sword 150 Greatswords-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 78 HP+65
Inflicts stunning blows that deprive foes of their defense.
Javelin 150 Polearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 18
In low health, delivers critical strikes.
Avengers 150 Daggers-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 43 MP+4 Magic+5
In low health, delivers critical strikes.
Cocytus 150 Firearms-ffxv-dmgtypeicon.png ATK 45 Spirit+7
Inflicts ice damage.
Bronze Bangle 500 HP+50
Soldier's Anklet 1000 Vitality+40
Potpourri 500 Spirit+40

Bob's Bait Emporium[]

Bob's Bait Emporium.

Fun for big fish and small fry.


Bob's Bait Emporium is by the Vannath Coast fishing spot at Galdin Quay. It is always open.

Item Cost
Spider Silk 30
Super Baleen 100
Poppeck: Chocobo 50
Poppeck: White Chocobo 50
Poppeck: Red Chocobo 50
Sweet Jamming: Custard 50
Sweet Jamming: Flan 50
Sweet Jamming: Mousse 50
Bomber: Bomb 50
Bomber: Ice Bomb 50
Bomber: Thunder Bomb 50



Murk Grouper lurks underwater.

There are two fishing spots in the area: one at the beach overlooking the hotel building (Vannath Coast), and a secluded one at the north end of the beach (Galdin Shoals). This was added in the v.1.02 patch.

Angler's Nightmare completed.

Navyth Arlund's last fishing quest, "Angler's Nightmare", has Noctis catch the "Devil of the Cygillan" (Murk Grouper). Navyth is found on the beach at Galdin Quay. It is best to be at least level 7 in fishing. The fish won't be visible on the minimap, but it can be found on the fishing spot nearest to Navyth during daytime by casting the line to the middle of the fishing area, or a little to the right. If the player spots a giant fish lurking under the surface, they have found it.

Suitable lures are the ones that sink, but an especially good fit is the Burrower: Abyss Worm. It will be a tough battle to reel in the fish, as it will struggle a lot (water is splashing and the controller vibrates). The player must not reel when the fish struggles, but there might only be short windows for reeling as the fish fights back most of the time. Tapping the reel button tends to work better than holding against fish that struggle a lot. Because the fish is so big, it wears down the line fast, and thus the player needs good technique and equipment to catch the fish.

Completing the quest yields 5000 EXP along with the Tranquility rod (290 defense).


Peace to the BeachGaldin Quay1
Yellow Hunt Icon.png
Rubyshears x3Vannath Coast (All Times)111,950 gil, Hi-Elixir★★
The Gourmands of VannathGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Sparkshears x3Vannath Coast (All Times)173,040 gil, Megalixir★★
Stealers of LivesGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Glamhoth x7Vannath Coast (Nighttime)173,070 gil, Fencer's Anklet★★
Footfalls in the DarkGaldin Quay3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Hobgoblin x5Vannath Coast (Nighttime)203,250 gil, Megalixir★★
A Nightmare Came by FerryGaldin Quay3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Seadevil x5Vannath Coast (All Times)284,250 gil, Carbon Bangle★★

Cat quest[]

Noctis spots a hungry cat.

The party can find a hungry cat on the path to the main building. Interacting with it has Noctis promise to feed it with fish he has caught himself. The player can fish at the local fishing spots if they don't have any fish yet. The cat rejects the fish however, but talking to the chef at the restaurant has her cook the fish for the cat.

The player can later find the same cat at Cape Caem, again hungry. The player can either feed it premium cat food bought from a shop or return to Galdin Quay to have Monica Elshett cook another fish.

Dino's quests[]

The player can access Dino's sidequests from Chapter 2 onwards by returning to Galdin Quay and talking to him. Completing the quests he gives out yields accessories that boost Strength.


Photo spot.

The player can take a group photo on the parking lot facing toward the resort building.

"Eye for Islands" is a quest for Vyv Dorden at Lestallum that becomes available after completing "The Perfect Landscape". Vyv requests a photo of Angelgard taken from Galdin Quay. Completing the quest yields 1,500 EXP and 7,500 gil.

Photo Op: Quay becomes available in Chapter 3; when the player drives near Galdin Quay in the Regalia, Prompto will suggest taking a group photo on the hill overlooking the quay.

Photo Op: Restaurant is a quest in Windows/Royal Editions of the game, where the player can take a photo off the coast of Galdin Quay from the deck of the royal vessel.

New recipes[]

Memory Lane Pastry.

Reading Orienteering Checkpoint F a few steps to the south of the arms vendor on the bulletin board teaches Battered Barramundi.

Eating Sea's Bounty Risotto at Mother of Pearl teaches Fisherman's Favorite Paella. Eating Tenebraen Berry Opera (after completing Coctura's quest for Ulwaat Berries, which are obtained from Caem farm in Chapter 8) teaches Memory Lane Pastry.

Entry 4: Partners of Oric's Culinary Chronicles is on a bench near the arms vendor at the edge of the parking lot. It teaches Fishsticks on Sticks recipe.

Artist in Altissia[]


There is a drawing of Coctura on the counter of her restaurant, drawn by the artist in Altissia.


Before the long night

There are two Oracle Ascension Coins to obtain: The Mysterious Stranger throws one to the party in a cut scene, and the player can pick another one up from a small table on the side of the deck.

  • Sharp Bone (beach north from the Vannath Coast fishing spot)
  • Fossil Shell x2 (by the palm trees and canoe next to the bridge leading to the resort and on the beach south from the bridge)
  • Debased Coin (under the bridge leading to the resort)
  • Metal Scrap x2 (on the bridge and near the north hotel room)
  • Rusted Bit (pier at the end of the resort)

The procurement points around yield Aegir Root and Funguar.

The newspaper the party reads at the morning of the mandatory stay at Galdin Quay in Chapter 1 enters the player's key items inventory, and is the means of discovering the date: May 17.

Chapter 14

In Chapter 14 the player can find a Mega Phoenix in the hotel room and a Power EX at the end of the pier on the beach.

Post game

In Chapter 15/New Game Plus there is a Organyx north along the road Organyx-Ch15-Galdin-Quay-Location-FFXV, and a Magic Flask on the beach Magic Flask in Galdin Quay in Ch15 in FFXV.


The only enemies around are the Stoneshears on the beach. They spawn both day and night. There are no daemons, and no assault craft in the area.

Enemies roam the resort in Chapter 14. The player will fight them with Noctis alone.

Musical themes[]

The background theme to Galdin Quay is simply called "Galdin Quay". It has a "seaside" version and "restaurant" version, the music transitioning seamlessly when the player steps into the restaurant. The transition is based on musical timing, and is set to be in sync with a specific musical accent. This is done so that it wouldn't sound like a simple crossfade, but as if the pianist and drummer were playing the music and made the change organically.[2]

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

FFAB Galdin Quay FFXV Special.png
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Behind the scenes[]

A bungalow over the water artwork.

The developers aimed to make Galdin Quay feel like exploring a floating hotel.[3]

Noctis's bachelor party at Galdin Quay was in the plans, but Director Hajime Tabata wanted it cut, deeming that it would not be fitting because of the world events surrounding the party's stay there.[4]



A quay is a structure parallel to the shore where ships can dock. Its English name sounds like "golden key".