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Galdes is the main antagonist in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, Hierophant of the Crystal Temple at Rebena Te Ra. In reality, Galdes is the Lunite King, plotting to harness the power of the Great Crystal through Starsingers like Chelinka and Princess Tilika to recreate the world in his own image.




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Galdes works behind the scenes for most of the game; it is not discovered what his true motives are until the party besieges the Crystal Temple, where he reveals his plan of using a lunar eclipse to gain the power of the moon and become the Moongod. However, his plan begins to fail when Yuri and the party make their way to the apex of the temple and corner him. After his first defeat, he warps Yuri to another world, yet Yuri makes his way back to the temple without the rest of the party.

However, his plan to separate Yuri from Chelinka fails also, due to a lack of a parallel world where the boy is without his friends. Refusing to accept defeat after the final battle, Galdes tries to use his power to reverse the event and get the upper hand. However, Yuri arranges it to be a never-ending loop of Galdes declaring "My power can undo this! Over and again!", with the villain forced in to only go back a few seconds and repeat the process to his horror. Eventually, Yuri and Chelinka create a world without him in it.

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Galdes is fought twice, once at the summit of the Crystal Temple, and again as the final boss.

Musical themes[]

Galdes theme is titled "Pope Galdes" and plays whenever he appears. During the final battle with him the song titled "Final Decisive Battle" plays.

Other appearances[]

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