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As the only country to own long range missiles with the exception of Esthar, they pose a major security threat to the world. It is believed that the missiles are armed with a target-lock mechanism. The details are unknown.

Information section

Weapon specs from the Missile Base console panel.

Galbadian Army Cruise Missile BAG0003A (ガルバディア陸軍巡航ミサイルBAG0003A, Garubadia Rikugun Junkō Misairu Bī Ē Jī Maru Maru Maru San Ē?) is a weapon of the Galbadian army in Final Fantasy VIII. The intercontinental cruise missiles are launched from the Missile Base, a remote military installation on a desert near to Deling City.

The missiles home in on pre-programmed targets. Perhaps due to the worldwide radio interference, it does not appear to be possible to interact with, change course, or intercept the missiles once they have been launched. Precisely how the missiles locate their targets is unknown as radiolocation or GPS should not be possible due to the radio interference, but during close-ups the cruise missiles are shown to scan their surroundings with a red "eye".[note 1]

The player can view the weapon specs of the missiles from the Missile Base control panel used to set the missiles' error ratio. A different model of cruise missiles is also shown, called CGR4083B (ガルバディア陸軍ミサイルランチャーCGR4083B, Garubadia Rikugun Misairu Ranchā Shī Jī Āru Yon Maru Hachi San Bī?), but the player can't change the weapon used. The weapons' specifications are too small/blurry to make out in detail.


Missiles launched at Trabia Garden.

After Sorceress Edea usurped power in Galbadia, she ordered Trabia and Balamb Gardens destroyed by the nation's long range missiles. Squall Leonhart's SeeD party learned of this while imprisoned in D-District Prison, and after escaping, they witnessed missiles being launched in the horizon toward Trabia Garden. Selphie Tilmitt made it her mission to stop the next launch while Squall led his party to warn Balamb Garden.

Selphie's team infiltrated Missile Base in disguise and tried their best to sabotage the launch. The launch went on ahead even if Selphie's team turned off power to the complex, maximized up the missiles' programmed error ratio, and defeated the base leader, setting the base to self-destruct afterward.[note 2] The defeated soldiers started the launch even as the base was being evacuated, and a salvo of missiles was sent toward Balamb Garden.

Balamb Garden Area 3.jpg

Squall's team reached the Garden in time to warn them of the threat, and Headmaster Cid told them of the building's origins as a Centra shelter. Squall's party descended to the Garden's bottom floors to activate its mobile functions, and as the missiles arrived, the Garden moved away from the spot the missiles were programmed to target. The site was destroyed, but Balamb Garden rode the blastwave to safety.



  1. Though this is never mentioned in the game, if the missiles do home in on based on sight or gathered optical information, Esthar City being made invisible through a cloaking device could be a deterrent to the Galbadian cruise missiles.
  2. If Selphie's team runs out of time escaping the Missile Base, or fails to set the missiles' error ratio to maximum, the missiles destroy the stationary Balamb Garden and the player gets a Game Over. Even with the error ratio set to maximum, the missiles home in on Balamb Garden, which barely avoids them due to Squall's party's efforts.