The map of Final Fantasy VIII, with the Galbadia continent on its leftmost side.

The Galbadia Continent is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. It is the most populous continent in the game and is where the majority of Disc 1 takes place. Its name comes from the most powerful nation on the continent, and was formerly known as the Dollet continent for the same reason.

It is the only continent in the game that encompasses more than one country. Galbadia, Dollet, Timber, and Winhill are all located on this continent, along with Galbadia Garden. Roads and railroads can be found across the continent, connecting every country except Winhill and also connecting to Balamb (via an underwater tunnel) and Esthar (via the Horizon Bridge).

Galbadia Continent Locations[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Dollet[edit | edit source]

  • Hasberry Plains form most of the country, including the city of Dollet.
  • Holy Glory Cape is to the North, inaccessible by foot.
  • Long Horn Island extends from just off the northern shore.
  • Malgo Peninsula is west of Dollet, and almost connects to Galbadia.

Galbadia[edit | edit source]

Timber[edit | edit source]

  • Lanker Plains is the central area of the country, where the city of Timber is located.
  • Mandy Beach lines the eastern coast.
  • Nanchucket Island is a large island to the southeast, near the Horizon Bridge.
  • Obel Lake is home to an unseen creature that the party can talk to.
  • Roshfall Forest is the heavily wooded area northeast of the city. Mr. Monkey is here.
  • Shenand Hill is in the southwest, near Winhill.
  • Yaulny Canyon connects Timber to Galbadia and Dollet.

Winhill[edit | edit source]

  • Humphrey Archipelago is a pair of large islands off the southwest coast.
  • Winhill Bluffs make up most of this region, and contain the town of Winhill.
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