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Gaia is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. She appears in the Shadowbringers expansion as a relevant character for the Eden raids' storyline.

Story Edit

Shortly after Ryne reactivates Eden, Gaia attacks it from above under the embrace of a voidsent. The Warrior of Light defeats her, but Gaia rises again, only to be unaware of her current location before collapsing. Thancred Waters takes her into their custody and interrogates her. After the Warrior defeats versions of Leviathan and Titan based on their memories and Ryne's interpretations before leaving the Empty to recuperate, Thancred and Urianger Augurelt discuss her presence.

Gameplay Edit

Gaia, as the Voidwalker, is fought as the boss in the Eden's Gate: Descent raid, as well as its Savage mode.

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