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Spritework from Final Fantasy V's iOS release.

Gaelicat (ゲイラキャット, Gaira Kyatto?, lit. Gayla Cat), sometimes called Ghilacat or Cait Sith, is a recurring creature in the series introduced in Final Fantasy V. It appears as a cat wearing a flying contraption with a bell attached. Its signature attack is Cat Scratch. Commonly, a stronger variation called Flying Killer can also be found.


Final Fantasy V[]

Spritework from Final Fantasy V's original release.

Gaelicat, known as Ghilacat in the original translation, is an enemy fought in North Mountain. It often appears in groups and perform middling physical attacks, with a stronger special attack in the form of Cat Scratch. A stronger variation, known as Flying Killer is fought on the Big Bridge. Additionally, a type of Gaelicat, known as Cait Sith in some versions, appears as one of the possible transformations of the enemy Metamorph.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Gaelicat as it appears in Final Fantasy XIV.

A curious, charming creature with a feline body and the wings of a bat. Some scholars posit that it is a type of beastkin, while others insist that it is a lesser voidsent belonging to the eleventh rung of the hierarchy of twelve. One thing that cannot be denied is that it clearly possesses a keen, mischievous intelligence.

Triple Triad card description

A Gaelicat is a type of Voidsent, creatures originating from the Void, the astrally aspected lost thirteenth shard of the Source. Gaelicats occupy the eleventh rung of the voidal hierarchy and are intelligent creatures often misclassified as Beastkin or Cloudkin. They generally live in Abalathia's Spine, within the northern reaches of Eorzea.

Despite appearances, a Gaelicat's wings and garb aren't external mechanisms at all, but rather extensions of its corporeal form. Naturalists, including the renowned Atelloune, take great interest in these, though they are often spurned by the Gaelicat's scratches and kicks and kept from their study. Multiple types of plants are known to have mood altering effects on Gaelicats; catmint will attract the beasts, gaelicatnip will cause them and other feline beastkin to become playful and docile, while dried cloudcrawler will cause them to become intoxicated and compliant.

Gaelicats, despite their nature, can be domesticated much like regular cats, often attaching themselves to people and acting as pets. A clowder of Gaelicats has taken permanent residence in Ishgard's Firmament, where they are fed and sheltered. Gaelicats are an important part of Vanu Vanu culture, with the Gundu using them in fortune telling rituals from mundane things such as determining the direction their newly erected buildings will need to face to more serious matters, releasing them into the Sea of Clouds to receive omens of the future. Gaelicats in the Sea of Clouds find natural predators in Catkillers, fresh water pike that impale their dorsal-fin into any Gaelicat that approaches the surface of the water. Clan Centurio will regularly authorise hunts of Gaelicats when they become too populous.

The Gaelicat was introduced in the Heavensward expansion. They spawn at level 50 near Camp Cloudtop in the Sea of Clouds and are involved in the level 50 FATE Mint Condition Mint Condition. A variation of Gaelicat, known as Prowling Gaelicat, is involved in Levemetes in the same region. A stronger variation of Gaelicat called Flying Killer appears in Sohm Al Sohm Al at level 53. Further variations of the Gaelicat are present in the The Palace of the Dead The Palace of the Dead and the The Aquapolis The Aquapolis, known as Deep Palace Gaelicat and Polis Gaelicat respectively, both at level 60.

A Stray Gaelicat acts as both enemy and NPC, the former as part of the sidequest A Moogle by Any Other Name A Moogle by Any Other Name found in the Churning Mists and the latter as part of the repeatable Beast Tribe Quest Gaelicat's Out of the Bag Gaelicat's Out of the Bag. A Gaelicat Card Gaelicat Card for the in-game Triple Triad minigame, obtainable from Noes in New Gridania.

The Gaelikitten minion patch.

The Gaelikitten Gaelikitten is a kitten version of the Gaelicat and can be obtained as a minion from clearing Sohm Al or as a random drop from Palace of the Dead, Aquapolis and Kupo of Fortune.

The Weatherproof Gaelicat minion patch.

The Weatherproof Gaelicat Weatherproof Gaelicat is a rotund Gaelicat with a blue parka that lives in the Firmament. It can be obtained as a minion from Kupo of Fortune. A plush replica, known as Huggable Gaelicat Huggable Gaelicat is also available.

Icon for Gaelicap.

A replica Gaelicat headgear, known as Gaelicap Gaelicap, was awarded to winners of certain contests in the 2016 Fan Festival and the digital 2021 Fan Festival. Additionally an NPC known as Nekobunyo is seen wearing this hat in some events.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia[]

Gaelicat as it appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

Gaelicat is an enemy type that appears in various locations in the game. The regular Gaelicat is a flying enemy and is resistant to physical melee attacks until their BRV is broken, causing it to suffer the affliction Grounded. While Grounded, Gaelicat is no longer resistant to melee attacks and can use the attack Cat Scratch, a melee BRV attack. Upon usage the Gaelicat will return to flight, recovering its resistance. Besides this, Gaelicat is resistant to earth elemental attacks, and is weak to wind elemental. Gaelicat can also use the wind magic BRV attacks Aero, Aerora and Aeroga depending on their level.

The other type of Gaelicat is Evil Gaze (イービルゲイズ, Ībirugeizu?). Unlike other types of Gaelicats throughout the series this one is not a cat but a winged demon. Two Evil Gazes act as the bosses of the event The Power of Knowledge CHAOS.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Gaelicat.png

Both Gaelicats and Flying Killers appear in Pictlogica Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Gaelicat in Final Fantasy All the Bravest.

Gaelicat is an enemy fought in Bridge of Moore and Interdimensional Rift. It is based on the Final Fantasy V version of the enemy.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Gaelicat in Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Gaelicat is an enemy fought in Final Fantasy V realms. They are immune to earth elemental attacks and will perform Cat Scratch for medium physical damage.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]


A cat-like monster which appears on the Big Bridge, located in a world far away. The large purple wings on its back aren't actually growing from it, it is simply carrying them. Not possessing much in the way of flashy attacks, they are not difficult to deal with. They are often seen in groups, flowing at low altitude over the water.

Bestiary description

Flying Killer is an creature featured in the Event The Big Bridge, where it is a common enemy found in many of the static encounters throughout the bridge. Their levels vary by difficulty, ranging from level 1 in Beginner to level 50 in Elite. They are immune to earth elemental attacks and are resistant to water elemental attacks and weak to lightning elemental attacks.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

★5 Gaelicat ability card

Gaelicat: FFV is an ability card that grants the ability Cat-astrophe to a Monk-type Job. It is a wind elemental card that can range from ★3 to ★5 in rank. It can be obtained through Card Summon or Boosted Greater Summon. Despite being called Gaelicat: FFV the design in the card art more closely resembles that of Final Fantasy XIV's gaelicats rather than those from Final Fantasy V.

Triple Triad[]

Gaelicats from Final Fantasy XIV appear Triple Triad cards in the version playable via the Final Fantasy Portal App.

Final Fantasy Lost Stranger[]

A gaelicat, named Lukahn, belongs to the Mysidian princess, Sara Mysidian. Sara claims he was a gift, a new kind of species. Unlike gaelicats in other media, Lukahn does not have wings but is drawn to attempting to make wings for himself. Having escaped from the royal palace, Lukahn pilfered cloth and clothes hangers and attempted to fashion them into wings.

As a gaelicat, Lukahn can cast Float.



The Japanese name, ゲイラキャット (Gaira Kyatto?, lit. Gayla Cat) is a play-on-words of "Gayla kite" (ゲイラカイト, geira kaito?), keel-stabilized kites which were popular in the 1970s for their innovative delta wings and their triangular bat-like designs. Their English name, Gaelicat, is phonetically similar to their Japanese name, but it's altered enough to be a portmanteau of "Gaelic" and "cat", and instead alludes to the Celtic fairy cat, cait sith.

The Cat sìth (pronounced "Caught Shee") is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands. It literally translates to "mound cat", referencing the fairy forts commonly held to house fairies of all kinds. English speakers may be familiar with its usage in the term bean sí, banshee.

Some common folklore suggested that the Cat Sìth was not a fairy, but a witch who could transform into a cat and back up to nine times. After the ninth transformation, they would be unable to return to human form. This is speculated to be the origin of the proverb "a cat has nine lives", as opposed to some other number.