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Gadot to Snow

Gadot [ɡado] is a temporary party member from Final Fantasy XIII, who also appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2. He is a member of the resistance group NORA under his childhood friend Snow Villiers, along with Lebreau, Maqui, Yuj, and others.



A childhood friend of Snow, Gadot is one of the founding members of NORA. With his impressive frame, he sees himself as the group's shock trooper.
Raised almost like a brother to Snow in a Sanctum facility, he knows the NORA leader better than anyone. Despite his often blunt comments and rough behavior, he is devoted to Snow's ideals of compassion.


Gadot is a dark-skinned, muscular man with fiery hair and teal clothes. He wears a chain with the word "posse" engraved on it. His design is said to be inspired by NBA and hip-hop fashion.

Character designer Nao Ikeda described Gadot as such in a Dengeki PlayStation interview:

Gadot was required to be 'shorter than Snow, but more macho. On the young side for age, and not as big as FFVII's Barret' and I had a lot of trouble with that. In the end he became in-between the two, and has a reverse-triangle type body. Also like his hair and his tattoo represents, his motif is 'fire', and he is supposed to be opposite of Snow who has a motif of ice. They both are hot-blooded, so I can't really say they're truly opposite though... (laughs)

Nao Ikeda, Dengeki PlayStation



Gadot is brash and sometimes blunt, but he has a soft and caring side. He can also be temperamental and even confrontational at times, which is shown through his defensiveness towards Noel and how he looks out for Serah to the point of being overprotective. He is Snow's best friend and right hand man. He is very loyal to Snow, calling him 'boss'.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

Gadot at the Hanging Edge.

Aiding Snow and the Purgees, Gadot survives when the bridge they were holding their ground on collapses. After giving Snow a scare by pointing his gun at him, Gadot joins him in acquiring rides to make their way to the rest of the team. As Snow leaves for the Pulse fal'Cie, Gadot is placed in charge of the refugees shortly before having his air craft stolen by Hope and Vanille.

Final Fantasy XIII Gaiden Shōsetsu: Yumemiru Mayu, Akatsuki ni Otsu tells the story of what happened to NORA after Snow left for the Pulse Vestige. NORA guided surviving Purgees to take refuge in a crevice in the ground. After breaking through PSICOM's defenses they escaped the Hanging Edge and hid inside an ancient Pulsian building inserted between the layers of Cocoon's outer shell during its construction, a large vestige that "shouldn't" exist and the perfect place for the Purge survivors to lay low and wait out the army's search efforts. Gadot led a combat team to ensure everyone's safety and food and supplies were sent through Lenora's Garage, a shop maintained by Maqui.

By hacking the Sanctum's information channels through his own network, Maqui tapped into a live feed and projected a hologram of a broadcast from Palumpolum being captured by a military surveillance camera. The footage depicted a plaza turned into a war zone as a pillar of ice conjured by magic froze everything, and a Pulse l'Cie. NORA recognized the l'Cie as their leader, Snow. Having been worried about Snow since the Pulse Vestige plummeted into Lake Bresha, the news of his survival brings relief to NORA who begins planning their next step as Snow's appearance was the sign they needed to build a resistance movement to help him. As the Sanctum's troops are concentrated around Palumpolum, leaving holes in the security around the Hanging Edge, NORA and the refugees would be able to escape, and they leave their shelter and set out for Eden, the capital of Cocoon and the Sanctum's seat of power.

When Snow and the party are making their way through Eden NORA opens a jammed door for the heroes. After wishing Snow well, Gadot and the others stay behind and help the civilians as they can as the party makes their way toward Orphan's Cradle.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Gadot confronts Noel.

After Snow left New Bodhum to look for Lightning, Gadot assumed the de facto leadership of the group and became overprotective of Serah. Years later, along with other NORA members, he defends the village when monsters attack the town. When Noel Kreiss saves Serah and offers to take her to Lightning, Gadot lashes out at him before Serah dissuades him. Gadot, like everyone else, believes Lightning to be dead and doesn't initially trust Noel.

After Noel reveals the Time Gate Gadot finally believes that he truly is from the future. Serah and Noel embark to find an artefact to activate the gate, and during their quest come across Lightning's survival knife on the beach.

When Serah, Mog, and Noel prepare to leave through the time gate after having found the artefact, Gadot, Maqui, and Yuj are caught eavesdropping by Lebreau. Gadot admits then that he sharpened Lightning's knife excusing himself by saying that "she would get mad over a 'poorly maintained weapon'".

Serah and Noel can return to New Bodhum any time they wish, and the first time they do so they encounter Gadot who is astonished how fast the two returned. He puts it down to time travel, where mere hours for him means that days have passed for Serah and Noel, and tells the two they are welcome back any time.

When Serah is defeated in the Void Beyond she enters a dream world composed out of her memories and wishes. A dream version of Gadot is met in this world, but after Serah begins to doubt the dream world he disappears along with every other dream inhabitant. After escaping from the dream worlds, and their reunion with Lightning, if Serah and Noel talks with Gadot and the rest of NORA in New Bodhum before the final battle with Caius in Academia 500 AF, they will reveal that they sense a final showdown about to take place, and lends them their support by wishing them luck.

Final Fantasy XIII: Reminiscence -tracer of memories-[]

A photograph of NORA.

NORA members' souls found their way to the new world where they were reincarnated and established a restaurant, the "Nora House". One day, a reporter investigating the stories of people having memories of a past life in another world visits the restaurant and orders the Nora Special. The taste triggers a flood of memories, and the reporter recalls her past life: she was Aoede, a reporter caught up in the Purge who helped expose Sanctum's lies by airing Purge footage with the help of broadcast hacks by Maqui. The members of NORA remember Aoede and Lebreau tells her where to find Serah.

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Gadot's weapon.

Gadot is a temporary party member in Chapter 1 who fights with a machine gun. Unknown to the player, Gadot's Attack command cost three ATB segments to execute compared to the main cast, where it only cost them one ATB segment. Due to him being a temporary character, his status, abilities, and inventory cannot be viewed on the main menu. His HP is shown as ???, but is fixed at 420. Gadot's battle pose appears to based on that of Amarant Coral from Final Fantasy IX.

By using an Xbox 360 hack, Gadot can be made playable beyond his stint in the Hanging Edge. This hack exists on the 360 port, and is later possible on the PlayStation 3.

Although Gadot himself does not appear in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, different versions of his tattoo can be obtained as adornments.

Other appearances[]

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

Mobius - Gadot FFXIII R4 Ability Card.png

Gadot appears on an ability card.

Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Gadot appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire-elemental Forward cards.

Triple Triad[]

260a Gadot.png

Gadot appears on a Triple Triad card in the version playable via Final Fantasy Portal App.