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Gadgeteer who carry tricks in Pandora boxes.

Gadgeteer is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance available to moogles. Gadgeteers rely on the tricks held within Pandora's Box, learned by knuckles, for their special abilities. There is a catch: the Pandora action ability may affect all members of the player's team or the enemy team.

What side is affected is determined by the coin that comes out of the Gadgeteer's box. If the coin's face is a sun, the ability will affect the player's team. If the coin face is a crescent moon, the ability will affect the opposition. To guard against hurting one's own allies, using equipment that blocks ailments is advisable, among them the very useful Angel Ring, which nulls Darkness, Poison, and Doom, three out of four offensive Pandora abilities.


The Gadgeteer is the most defensive moogle job. Its Defense stat ties with the Mog Knight, while its Resistance ties with the nu mou Black Mage for highest Resistance. It also ties with the Animist for highest HP in a moogle job, making it the ideal tanking job for moogles. However, its Attack, Magic Power and Speed, while not horrible, leave something to be desired.

HP MP Atk Def Mag Pwr Mag Res Spd
7.2 B- 2.4 D 8.2 B- 9.6 A 8.3 B- 10.2 S 0.9 D-



Gadgeteer command. Pull something from your box.
Skill Equipment Effect AP
Red Spring Rising Sun Works like "haste"... but who will it hit? 200
Blue Screw White Fangs Works like "dispel"... but who will it hit? 200
Green Gear Sick Knuckles Inflicts poison... but who will it hit? 200
Silver Disc Hard Knuckles Inflicts darkness... but who will it hit? 200
Gold Battery Cat Claws Heals HP... but whose? 200
Black Ingot Death Claws Inflicts doom... but who will it hit? 200
Chroma Gem Dream Claws Induces sleep... but who will it hit? 200
Yellow Spring Survivor Works like "barrier"... but who will it hit? 200

Gold Battery has a Magic Power of 40.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Auto-Regen Gaia Gear Automatically regenerates HP when you take damage. 300
Damage > MP Judo Uniform Converts HP damage to MP. (Doesn't work if MP is 0) 300


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Gadget Combo Mythril Claws Long-ranged combo ability for gadgeteers. 100

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  • The Gadgeteer's Pandora's box item is likely a reference to the Greek myth of the same name, where the first woman, Pandora, opened a container (actually a large jar) that released all the evils of the world.
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