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Fye is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV.


Fye is the younger sister of Dunstan, a Wood Wailers who suffered a greenwrath for fighting the imperials. Fye became friends with Khrimm, who had also lost his parents to the greenwrath for the same reasons. Fye believed that her brother became a wildling due to Dunstan's mask breaking and she leaves the mask in the forest for the moogles to repair in a hope of purifying him. Afterwards, a moogle asks the adventurer to take a message to Fye, saying that it would not be possible to repair the mask because it was not broken.[1]

Khrimm refuses to believe in the existence of the elementals and claims to have seen Fye's brother and his parents in the forest, and that they were not wildlings.[1] After nobody believes his words, Khrimm tries to prove his claim by awakening the greenwrath in himself and ends up petrified.[2]

Upon hearing about the incident, Fye feels responsible for thinking that Khrimm was in the forest looking for his brother instead. While O-App-Pesi analyzes Khrimm's condition, Papalymo and Yda return from the wood with Dunstan. E-Sumi-Yan orders a great purification ritual, but fears that saving young Khrimm may demand that Dunstan give his life. Fye tries to see Khrimm, but fearing that Khrimm's greenwrath would be transmitted to Fye, O-App-Pesi denies the visit and instead asks him to warn Fye that her brother has returned to Gridania. Once the purification ritual is performed and Khrimm is effectively healed, Fye can be reunited with both.[2]

At present, Fye's whereabouts are unclear, Sansa says that they met Fye in the forest and that she was saddened that the elementals really exist. At another point, a moogle entrusts the adventurer with a message from the elementals asking Fye to stop wandering through the forest.[1]




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