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Moogle machinists crafted the first guns, so it is no surprise that moogle fusiliers fire them with the greatest skill.


Fusilier is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift exclusive to moogles, available after mastering one Animist A-ability.


Fusiliers wield guns, giving them the longest-range weapons (alongside Tricksters' cards), as well as safety from being able to attack from such a far distance. Regular attacks can be blocked by terrain obstructions, but Gunmanship abilities always reach their target though can still miss. Gunmanship abilities offer both negative status effects and elemental attacks.

Fusiliers' guns have the longest range making them highly suitable as rearguards. Guns share the longest attack range of 8 panels away with Tricksters' cards. The exception is the Silver Cannon, which has 7 panels range. Fusilier's Concentration support ability allows for increase in attack accuracy and chance to inflict debuff (additional 5% chance for debuffs). This doesn't affect abilities with halved accuracy such as Moogle Charge and Undo, but can still "reduce" the target's Evasion from the calculated hit chance.

The Moogle Knight's ability, Ultima Charge, can be used at range by a Fusilier, making a Fusilier/Moogle Knight a potent combo. Abilities, such as Moogle Rush, also work at long range with this job.



The abilities of the FUSILIER enchant their shot, with a variety of effects.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Fireshot Aiot Gun Weapon range 150
An attack that explodes in a ball of flame on impact. Deals fire damage.
Boltshot Riot Gun Weapon range 150
Send lightning leaping down at the target. Deals lightning damage.
Iceshot Giot Gun Weapon range 150
An attack that impales its target on a glacial shard. Deals ice damage.
Confushot Chaos Rifle Weapon range 400
A percussive attack that delivers a powerful shock. Damages and CONFUSES target.
Charmshot Peacemaker Weapon range 400
A beguiling attack that robs the target on its senses. Damages and CHARMS target.
Blindshot Silver Cannon Weapon range 200
An attack that leaves the target in darkness. Damages and BLINDS target.
Silenceshot Lost Gun Weapon range 200
An attack that paralyzes the target's throat. Damages and SILENCES target.
Stopshot Outsider Weapon range 450
An attack that halts the target in its tracks. Damages and STOPS target.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Concentration Longbarrel Focuses the user's thoughts. Increases chance to hit. 250

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Fusilier TCG.png

Fusilier appears with an Earth-elemental card.



Fusiliers is a name given to various kinds of soldiers; its meaning depends upon on the historical context. While fusilier is derived from the 17th century French word, fusil—meaning a type of flintlock musket. Additionally, in French, the word literally means "fusil wielder" while the word fusiller means "to shoot". An alternate spelling of the word is "Fusileer".

A Fusilier's basic gun, called Goug Mk 29, is a small gun resembling the Smith and Wesson Model 29 and is likely a reference to it.