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The party in Fury status, indicated by the red Limit bar.

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Fury (いかり, Ikari?), also known as Rage, is a status effect in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VII[]

The Fury status reduces the character's hit rate for both physical and magical attacks by 3/10, but also doubles the rate at which a character's Limit gauge fills; it can be a positive or negative status effect depending upon the situation. It can be achieved by using a Hyper, or through an enemy attack.

The status is opposed by Sadness, and any ability that grants Sadness (such as the Tranquilizer item) will first neutralize Fury. Tranquilizers and Hypers can be bought in shops all around the world.

This status is healed by, Remedy, Esuna, and Aeris's Breath of the Earth Limit Breaks.

Fury affects Hit% in the following formula:

Fury status can also affect enemies, but this is difficult since Hypers cannot normally be given to enemies, and there are no attacks in the player's possession that can inflict the status to opponents. If a character chooses to use a Hyper, but is then immediately confused, they will use the Hyper on the enemy party instead. If enemies are afflicted by Fury their Hit% is negatively affected, making the Fury status the only way to do this, as the Darkness status is broken in that it doesn't hamper enemies' hit chance at all, only the player party's.

Game Element Type Effect
Extreme Bomber Enemy Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Fury.
Flaming Peck Enemy Attack Inflicts minor non-elemental damage and Fury.
Guitar Slap Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Fury.
High/Low Suit (alternate version) Enemy Attack Inflicts Fury. Used twice in a row, but due to a bug in Christopher's AI, is never used.
Rage Bomber Enemy Attack Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage and Fury.
Repeating Slap Enemy Attack Inflicts major non-elemental damage and Fury.
Slap Enemy Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage and Fury.
Spaz Voice Enemy Attack Inflicts Fury.
Peace Ring Accessory Prevents Fury, Sadness, and Berserk.
Hyper Item Cures Sadness, but inflicts Fury if used while in normal status.
Tranquilizer Item Cures Fury, but inflicts Sadness if used while in normal status.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Fury. Fury quickens a character's limit gauge build-up, but causes them to take 50% more damage.[1] It is opposed to Sedate, overwriting an existing Sedate status, and vice versa. The status is healed with a Sedative.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

The Rage (怒り?) status affects only enemies and is identified by a golden aura over the target. It bestows Aura, Haste, and Endure, but after a period of time, the effects wear off and the target is inflicted with Killsight, which will also wear off after six seconds.