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Fungo is a minor character in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. He is a peculiar person, possessing instincts that border on precognition; feeling events before they occur. He usually serves as a warning to the others that danger approaches.


Little is known of his history or his race, but they seem to possess a powerful instinctive function; such as Fungo's ability to perceive events before they occur, his knowledge of languages he has never encountered before and knack for turning up when needed.

He makes his first appearance in Fruit: The Town of Sweet Scent, where in he steals Ai's handbag. In the next episode, after the subway has left Ai, Yu, Lisa and Chobi behind, he reappears, revealing that he has eaten the bag, and leads them to the Comodeen. He is next encountered when the protagonists are stranded once more, after the subway was destroyed, where he leads them, once more, to the Comodeen shortly before their departure aboard Jane, the submarine.

From then onwards he is seen aboard Jane, largely as a background character except when his instincts warn him of impending danger. In the climax, he is amongst those thought to be dead after Jane is destroyed, but as the credits roll, he is seen aboard the airship Silvia.

Musical theme[]

Fungo has his own theme, "謎の少年ファンゴ" (nazo no shounen Fango, "Mysterious Boy Fango"). The theme is played when he makes his first appearance. Composed by Shirō Hamaguchi, it is the third track in Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Music Adventure Verse 1.