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The Fum Caravan is a group of Crystal Caravanners that consists of four Clavats from the Fields of Fum in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. When met, they sometimes comment about how plants are not affected by the Miasma and at other times they offer the player food.


  • Jake - The leader of the Fum Caravan.
  • Sheula - A Female Clavat.
  • Andy - A Male Clavat.
  • Lulie - A Female Clavat.


When the player first meets the Caravan from Fum, they all introduce themselves and tell him/her about their life in the Fields of Fum. The second time s/he meets them, they will invite him/her to have a quick snack with them and s/he will receive the snack as leftovers.

After the third year, when the player meets them along the road, they will discuss the complexity of farming fruit. After the chat, they send a Fruit Seed home to his/her family. Sometime after the third year, when the player meets the Fum Caravan once again, they will offer to trade various items for gil. S/he can raise or lower the price and if one doubles the price of the item they are offering, they will give two of them.