A group of adventurers fighting a notorious monster during a F.A.T.E.

Full Active Time Events, also known as F.A.T.E. or FATE, are a special kind of event that may occur at random while exploring the world in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

FATEs are indicated on the map by a purple circle; players that get close enough to the FATE area get a message informing that a "FATE has been found nearby", while entering the actual fate zone automatically joins the event and places it on the Duty Finder. A few high level FATEs are not displayed on the map at all.

The most basic FATE type is simply a fight against hordes of weak enemies. However, some fates may include stronger Notorious Monsters or other objectives such as collecting itens and delivering them to a nearby NPC.

Players become eligible for a reward simply by participating in the battle in any way: Killing enemies, healing, collecting the objective items, using buffs and debuffs, etc. Rewards are divided into three tiers depending on the player's participation. However, if one's level is too low, his contribution will not be weighted as heavily, and players with a level too high must use the Level Sync feature to participate in the battle.

While most FATEs begin automatically, some may need to be initiated by interacting with the environment or talking with an specific NPC. Each zone has between 5 and 10 FATEs, and multiple FATEs may happen at the same time.

Some FATEs "chain" into different FATEs based on the outcome of the battle. For example, if players successfully fend off a beastmen attack against an encampment, a new FATE with stronger beastmen may start right after the previous battle as a continuation of the previous attack. But, if the first FATE fails, the second battle may change into a rescue mission for the camp NPCS, or even break the chain completely and stop new FATEs in the area for a while.

The rewards for completing FATEs are generally gil, experience and grand company seals, but some of the FATEs give unique item rewards or achievements, such as those related to Behemoth and Odin.

Lightning, the main protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII will make an appearance in one of the FATE as a non playable character. The players can fight alongside Lightning to earn the prizes of this FATE, which are Lightning's costume, Snow's costume, and many types of weapons from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.



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