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Recover from KO with full HP.


Full-Life is a Wht Mag spell in Final Fantasy IX for Eiko and Beatrix, used to restore a KO'd ally back to life with full HP both mid-battle and in the menu, or for instantly defeating the undead. It costs 24 MP to cast. Full-Life responds to Reflect if the KO'd character has Auto-Reflect (even if the visual of Reflect effect is absent), and the spell would work with Return Magic were enemies to use it on the player party, but no enemy does.

Full-Life has the same animation in battle as Phoenix Down and Life.


Eiko learns Full-Life for 90 AP from Siren's Flute and Light Robe. Siren's Flute can be bought for 7,000 gil at the Black Mage Village (endgame) and stolen from Lich in the final dungeon. Light Robes can be synthesized at the Black Mage Village (endgame) for 20,000 gil, Magician Robe, and Glass Armlet, stolen from Kuja atop Pandemonium, and found in the "Ocean" Chocograph treasure.

The earliest Eiko can have Full-Life is from the "Ocean" treasure through the Chocobo Hot and Cold after the party can traverse the seas on the Blue Narciss.

Beatrix knows the spell natively.


Full-Life restores a KO'd party member's HP to full. On an undead unit, the effect is reversed and they are killed outright, though it has a small chance of missing.

The support abilities that affect Full-Life are Reflect-Null, which allows Full-Life to pierce ally's Auto-Reflect or enemy's Reflect, and Concentrate that doubles the health Full-Life revives an ally with (though Full-Life already restores to full health, making Concentrate redundant).

In Eiko's Trance, Wht Mag turns into Dbl Wht where Eiko can cast two spells on her turn. The spells cost MP and expend the Trance gauge independently.


Full-Life revives one ally at perfect health, making it the superior revival method compared to using a Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion, or Life. The only times the player may want to revive mid-battle with something else is if setting Quina up for Limit Glove, when Eiko lacks the MP to use Full-Life, when there are multiple KO'd allies and Eiko has access to Phoenix, or when the KO'd ally has Auto-Reflect and Eiko is not equipping Reflect-Null.

In Eiko's Trance, she can use two spells on her turn, and could revive two allies or first revive and then support the party or attack with Holy.

Full-Life can be used offensively to dispatch undead enemies in a single cast, but as the effect is identical to simply using Life, the latter is preferable for its lower MP cost.


In the Japanese version, the spell name is intended to apply the prefix "A" to indicate the higher tier of Raise (as opposed to apply suffix "ra" or "ga" for the similar purpose) instead of actually romanizing the English word "Arise". Arise is the only example of the affix "A" that still makes its appearance constantly.