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A fae race that inhabits the faerie kingdom of Il Mheg. Also known as water spirits, they make their home in lakes, fiercely protecting the waterfront from would-be interlopers. The sheer cruelty and tastelessness of the pranks they play on outsiders has earned them the scorn of the more playful pixies.

Fuath Triple Triad card

The Fuath are a race of frog-like fae beastmen introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Being fae, they are native to Il Mheg on The First, and are said to be created from the souls of creatures who died by drowning.

They are loyal only to themselves and the fae King Titania, whom is the only non-fuath they follow the orders of unquestioningly.

The fuath are noted to be the most dangerous, actively malicious, and chaotic of the fae races. Their pranks are notorious for being deadly, cruel, and tasteless, and they are known to alter deals they make with others. They are prone to "keeping" individuals they like, drowning them in the waters of Longmirror Lake so that their soul will form another fuath. Even the other fae races avoid the fuath, and a common saying regarding them is "the first rule of dealing with the fuath is do not deal with the fuath".

They are masters of water-elemental magic and can conjure powerful illusions that are as deadly as though they were real.


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The fuath are first encountered guarding the shell crown, a faerie artifact required to lift the seal keeping the Lightwarden Titania within Lyhe Ghiah. The fuath beckon the Scions of the Seventh Dawn into Dohn Mheg to play a game for the artifact. Fighting through the dangerous pranks of the fae, the Scions best the fuath's chieftain, Aenc Thon, and are given the shell crown as promised. However, before the Scions can leave, the fuath demand to "keep" the Warrior of Darkness, attempting to drown them in Longmirror Lake. The Warrior is able to survive thanks to the blessing of water breathing they received from the Kojin.

After the Lightwarden is defeated and Feo Ul takes up the position of Titania, they call upon the fae races to defend Il Mheg from Eulmore's army. The fuath conjure puddles deep enough to completely submerge the soldiers, drowning them. Unable to combat the magic of the faeries, the Eulmorans are forced to retreat.

During the Scions' journey through the Heroes' Gauntlet, the fuath are seen defending Il Mheg from the specters of light called by Elidibus.

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Fuath are a type of malicious spirit in Scottish folklore that are generally depicted as being aquatic in nature. The word "fuath" also means "hatred" in both Scottish Gaelic and Old Gaelic.