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Friend Card Settings in Dissidia 012.

A Friend Card is a gameplay feature in the Communications Mode of Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Each card has a ghost player that reflects the card-bearer's own style of play. These ghost players can be battled and also viewed while in the Offline Lobby. They can also drop equipment and allow the player to battlegen the accessories they are wearing, though this capability has to be bought in the PP Catalog. Players can also battlegen one color gem, which is shown under the listed play time of the Friend Card, at the bottom right corner.

Friend Rewards are rewards that the player acquires when someone they have exchanged Friend Cards with has battled the player's ghost. These rewards can increase the maximum limit by purchasing the "Friend Reward Boost" in the PP Catalog.

Locked Cards are cards that cannot be deleted even if the player reaches the maximum number of Friend Cards, though Locked Cards have a maximum as well. To lock Friend Cards, the player has to simply select the Friend Card and choose the "Card Data: Locked" option, and to unlock, do the same except by choosing "Card Data: Unlocked".

The maximum number of Friend Cards is 46, of which up to 30 can be locked.


  • My Card: The Friend Card the player gives to others. It is always located at the bottom of the lobby.
  • Friend: Cards exchanged with the people the player battles online.
  • Visitor: Cards held by the people the player battled online. When the player meets someone who bears the Visitor Card that the player already has, these turn into Friend Cards.
  • Special: Cards gained through special circumstances, such as Mognet, Passwords, etc.

Friend Card Settings[]

To change or edit the player's Friend Card, one must go to "Communications Mode" and choose "Friend Card Settings". The icon one can choose is dependent on what icons you already have. The message display has a limit of 75 characters, with each line holding 25. The ghost player the player put in the Friend Card, as well as the character's Rank and Type, changes depending on the player's in-game performance; one can also set what Equipment Set the character is going to use.


In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Friend Cards have a second side, listing 20 possible "accomplishments" (unrelated to the 100 Accomplishments viewable from the Customization page). The methods for earning, and thereby revealing these accomplishments are as follows:

  1. Clear 012 story mode
  2. Clear 013 story mode
  3. Read all 20 Reports
  4. Clear 000 story mode
  5. Beat 000 story mode's final D.Chaos/F.Chaos
  6. Have played 5000 battles
  7. Beat all Arcade modes (beat all 3 modes in all settings: custom/preset, Easy/Normal/Hard, Lv20/50/100)
  8. Beat Time Attack mode under 500 sec (= 8min 20sec)
  9. Labyrinth mode 100%
  10. Beat a Lv 130 opponent (should get this when completing (5) above)
  11. White Belt: 1-on-1 or Group battles total 5 wins
  12. Brown Belt: 1-on-1 or Group battles total 20 wins against White Belt holders
  13. Black Belt: 1-on-1 or Group battles total 100 wins against Brown Belt holders
  14. Communications Mode - Group Battle 50 wins
  15. Obtain all Accessories (Labyrinth acc and Midgar Flower are NOT needed)
  16. Obtain all Equips (Labyrinth equips and Mognet Friend card equips are needed)
  17. Obtain all Summons
  18. Accomplishment 100%
  19. Obtain all Player Icons
  20. Get every characters rank to SSS

Special Cards[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Moogle Cards[]

Name Ghost Character Level Behavior Rare Equipment/Accessory
Stiltzkin: 1 Exdeath 45 Calm White Gem, White Drop, Star Earring
Stiltzkin: 2 Onion Knight 45 Vicious Cyan Gem, Cyan Drop, Phoenix Down
Stiltzkin: 3 Cecil 38 Survivor Blue Gem, Blue Drop, Champion Belt
Stiltzkin: 4 Bartz 31 Vicious Purple Gem, Purple Drop, Frying Pan, Kitchen Timer, Toque Blanche, Iron Apron, Phoenix Down, Dragonfly Orb, Gravitorb, Pearl Necklace
Stiltzkin: 5 Golbez 38 Survivor Green Gem, Green Drop, Cursed Blade, Phoenix Down, Dragonfly Orb, Gravitorb, Pearl Necklace
Stiltzkin: 6 Garland 24 Valiant Yellow Gem, Yellow Drop, Mythril Equipment, Champion Belt
Stiltzkin: 7 Warrior of Light 24 Tactician Orange Gem, Orange Drop, Mythril Equipment
Stiltzkin: 8 Cloud of Darkness 24 Cautious Red Gem, Red Drop, Star Earring

Friend Card Passwords[]

Name Ghost Character Level Behavior Rare Equipment/Accessory
Matoya Warrior of Light 100 Survivor Purple Gem, Crystal Eye, Earthbreaker
DeathMachine Garland 52 Vicious Cyan Gem, Warp Cube, Ogrekiller, Diamond Equipment, Champion Belt
Minwu Firion 100 Vicious Yellow Gem, Wild Rose, Fire Book, Phoenix Down, Dragonfly Orb, Gravitorb, Pearl Necklace
Behemoth The Emperor 74 Tactician Cyan Gem, Wyvern Egg, Blade of the Damned, Star Earring
Ninja Onion Knight 100 Valiant Green Gem, Noah's Lute, Onion Sword, Phoenix Down
Ahriman Cloud of Darkness 52 Tactician Purple Gem, Gnomish Bread, Calcite Staff, Star Earring
Red Wing Ace Cecil 94 Calm Red Gem, Carnelian Signet, Lustrous Sword, Champion Belt
Fusoya Golbez 100 Cautious Yellow Gem, Whisperweed, Gungnir, Adamant Equipment, Dragonfly Orb, Gravitorb, Pearl Necklace
Gilgamesh Bartz 100 Calm Yellow Gem, Dragon Seal, Genji Equipment, Dragonfly Orb, Gravitorb, Pearl Necklace
Omega Exdeath 100 Cautious Purple Gem, Omega Badge, Nirvana, Star Earring
Ultros Terra 100 Cautious Red Gem, Delicious Fish, Maduin's Horn, Super Ribbon, Star Earring
Siegfried Kefka 100 Tactician Cyan Gem, Tintinabulum, Dancing Mad, Super Ribbon, Star Earring
Yuffie Cloud 45 Vicious White Gem, Snowboard
Cait Sith Sephiroth 66 Valiant Orange Gem, Shinra Card Key, Crystal Equipment, Champion Belt
Laguna Squall 24 Vicious White Gem, Occult Fan, Machine Gun, Mythril Equipment, Champion Belt
Seifer Ultimecia 100 Survivor Green Gem, GF Eden, Shooting Star, Star Earring, Phoenix Down
Steiner Zidane 100 Calm Green Gem, Chocograph, Excalibur II
Vivi Kuja 100 Calm White Gem, Strategy Guide, Nirvana, Star Earring
Wakka Tidus 100 Cautious Blue Gem, Sphere, World Champion
Auron Jecht 100 Valiant Blue Gem, Al Bhed Primer, Premium Heart, Champion Belt
Shantotto Shantotto 31 Tactician Blue Gem, Automaton Parts, Phoenix Down, Star Earring
Basch Gabranth 100 Survivor Orange Gem, Nethicite, Chaos Blade, Phoenix Down

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Mognet Cards[]

Name Ghost Character Level Rank Behavior Rare Equipment/Accessory
Outing Mog Bartz 36 B Vicious Purple Gem, Silver Hourglass, EX Mode
Shopping Mog Laguna 48 A Survivor Blue Gem, Ras Algethi, HP = 100%
Wise Old Mog Tifa 56 A Valiant Yellow Gem, Grounded, Far from Opponent
Farplane Mog Yuna 100 SS Vicious White Gem, Blue Gem, Fire Book, Rebellious Soul, Back to the Wall, First to Victory, Hero's Seal, Smiting Soul, Pre-Evasion, Easy Come Easy Go
Famed Moogle Vaan 100 SSS Cautious Green Gem, Fixed Dice, Thief's Cap, Safety Bit, HP = 1
Karmic Mog Garland 100 SSS Survivor Cyan Gem, Blue Gem, Apocalypse
Evening Mog Lightning 100 SSS Cautious Red Gem, Full Assist Gauge, Assist, Silver Rifle
No. 1 Moogle Kain 100 SSS Tactician Orange Gem, Smiting Soul, Excalibur II