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Freya is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. She uses abilities typical to a Dragoon and has high physical stats and low magic stats. Her special ability is Jump, which allows her to leap in the air, avoiding damage and deal more damage when she lands on an enemy. Her skillset is Dragon, which includes attacking, healing, and status-changing effects, though her low MP limits her. When she first joins the party, she is in the back row, as damage from her Jump does not depend on row position. Freya specializes in killing dragon-type enemies. Her victory pose is to stand straight and rest her spear on her shoulder.


Support abilities[]

Freya is a melee fighter and learns all Killer abilities and Counter. Her unique abilities are High Jump, Initiative, and Dragon Killer. She is the only character to learn both HP+ and MP+ abilities.

Name Learned From AP
Auto-Reflect Reflect Ring 95
Auto-Float Feather Boots, Venetia Shield 20
Auto-Haste Running Shoes 75
Auto-Regen Carabini Mail, Angel Earrings, Maiden Prayer 25
Auto-Life Rebirth Ring 125
HP+10% Chain Mail, Germinas Boots, Aquamarine 30
HP+20% Defense Gloves, Black Belt, Genji Helmet, Battle Boots 75
MP+10% Magician Shoes, Extension, Emerald 35
Accuracy+ Diamond Helm, Genji Armor, Lapis Lazuli 30
Distract Shield Armor, Reflect Ring, Diamond 25
Long Reach Protect Ring 210
MP Attack Cross Helm, Battle Boots, Power Belt 20
Bird Killer Bronze Armor, Chain Mail, Yellow Scarf 30
Bug Killer Mythril Gloves, Bronze Helm 25
Stone Killer Platinum Helm, Gold Armor 20
Undead Killer Silver Gloves, Plate Mail 20
Devil Killer Thunder Gloves, Cross Helm 30
Beast Killer Platina Armor, Black Belt, Moonstone 25
Dragon Killer Javelin, Barbut 70
Man Eater Mythril Gloves, Coral Ring 20
High Jump Dragon Mail 75
Add Status Thunder Gloves, Glass Buckle 25
Gamble Defense Barette 20
Chemist Grand Armor, Madain's Ring, Barette 35
High Tide Genji Gloves, Grand Helm, Demon's Mail, Sapphire, Minerva's Plate, Partisan 20
Counter Venetia Shield, Black Belt, Anklet, Power Belt 85
Cover Gauntlets, Linen Cuirass, Mythril Armor 30
Eye 4 Eye Kaiser Helm, Rubber Suit 35
Body Temp Genji Armor, Madain's Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond 20
Initiative Obelisk, Battle Boots 95
Level Up Iron Helm, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings, Pearl Rouge, Extension 40
Ability Up Diamond Gloves, Diamond Armor, Cachusha, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli 65
Insomniac Coral Ring, Diamond Helm, Mythril Helm 30
Antibody Mythril Helm, Glass Buckle 15
Bright Eyes Iron Helm, Cachusha 20
Restore HP Promist Ring, Grand Armor, Minerva's Plate 85
Jelly Dragon Wrist, Dark Gear, Mythril Armor 30
Auto-Potion Mythril Vest, Running Shoes, Gold Choker, Extension 30
Locomotion Plate Mail, Anklet 25
Clear Headed Gold Helm, Magician Shoes 35

Jump and Spear[]

Freya's Normal Jump.
Trance Jump.

Normal Jump (top) and Trance Jump (bottom)

Freya uses Jump to momentarily exit the battle and soon descend upon her opponent to deal 150% of her normal Attack as physical damage. When she Trances, she stays in the air longer and attacks all enemies by throwing spears several times until her Trance bar empties, or until the battle is won. She can equip the High Jump support ability, dealing double the damage of her normal Attack with Spear. Before Freya returns to the ground, Spear will be the name of the attack in both the Trance and un-Trance version of the Jump attack.


Freya uses Lancer.

Freya's Dragon skills offer a range of attack, healing, and status-changing effects, making Freya a versatile character, although her low MP pool limits the use of these skills. This can be counteracted once she learns the White Draw command to absorb MP from enemies. Freya's Dragon's Crest powers up the more dragons the party has felled, potentially making it one of the most useful attacks in the game as it deals fixed damage.


Freya in Trance.

When Freya Trances, she stays in the air instead of landing after a Jump, and while airborne, rains spears on all enemies on her turn. If her Trance gauge expires before the battle ends, she performs a final attack and lands. As she stays out of harms way during her Trance, she is a good party member to take along to some tough challenges, like the final battles.


Freya has good stats across the board.


Javelin artwork.

Freya can equip spears and heavy armor, as well as some female-exclusive equipment outside of heavy armor class. Her ultimate weapon, Dragon's Hair, is found in a hidden chocobo treasure on the Forgotten Continent. A powerful endgame gear combination is to equip a Mythril Helm and the Holy Lance, as the former boosts all Holy-elemental damage by 50%.


Epitaphs in Oeilvert create mirror copies of the player's current party members, and so they may end up fighting a mirrored Freya if she is brought along there. The mirror Freya will deal maximum damage to Freya, but normal damage to others.


Freya is met in Lindblum. The first time she can be in the party is during the Festival of the Hunt against the Zaghnol. She joins Zidane's party as they depart Lindblum toward Gizamaluke's Grotto, and stays with the party until the return to Alexandria where she stays behind when Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet escape. Freya rejoins the others when they return from the Outer Continent, and ventures to Treno with Zidane's party. She will stay with the party from here on out, though when the party splits, the player can choose to either send her to Oeilvert, or to let her stay in Desert Palace.During the time the party splits to tackle all elemental shrines simultaneously, Freya and Amarant head to the Fire Shrine and face the Fire Guardian. However, the scenario is not playable.Du ring the "You're Not Alone" segment, Freya and Amarant join Zidane for the set battle against Amdusias.

Festival of the Hunt[]

Freya in the Festival of the Hunt.

Freya competes in the festival, requesting an add-on for a reward. If Freya wins, the player gets the useful Coral Ring; this is likely the most useful reward the player can get, as Zidane's reward is 5,000 Gil and Vivi's is the Theater Ship Tetra Master card. Freya will win unless the player (as Zidane) goes out of their way to defeat the Zaghnol that appears in the Business District fountain area when there is less than 4:30min time left on the clock; Freya joins the battle, but promises Zidane can get the points should he prevail. If the Zaghnol defeats both Zidane and Freya, Vivi will win.

For a guaranteed Freya win, Zidane can be defeated any time prior to the Zaghnol battle. To obtain the Zaghnol's steals and guarantee a Freya win, Freya must be alive and Zidane must be KO'd when the battle with the Zaghnol ends (the timer runs out or Freya defeats it). In some versions of the game, Zidane must be KO'd for Freya to slay Zaghnol, otherwise it will not fall regardless of how much HP it should have left.

Freya is also guaranteed to win if Zidane just lets the timer run down, or does not re-take the lead after she gets her final set of points. Freya can still win if Zidane defeats the Zaghnol, as long as Zidane does not overtake her in points then or in the following battles (Freya's points gain will freeze following the battle).