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Freja is a character from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. She is the blacksmith of Lostime and the Oracle of Fire with the Guardian Beast, Phoenix. When Chocobo meets her, she has forgotten about her profession and the missing Raffaello enters her memories. She is the only Oracle that doesn't have a last name. She later goes on to help Chocobo in his battle against The Destroyer.


Freja lived in the town that would later be known as Lostime. Her profession was a blacksmith, and her forge was located near the Fuego Mines. Phoenix blessed her as the Oracle of Fire, and she came to know a man named Glen.

During the town's battle with 'The Destroyer', Freja created weapons for the warriors going into battle. One such warrior was Zeke, the brave Knight of the town, who was close with Freja. He died during the battle and Freja was overwhelmed with guilt and grief because the weapon she had made failed him. When all else seemed lost, Freja, along with the other Oracles, used the power of the guardian beasts to seal the Destroyer away, sealing Memoria away from the rest of the world. This created the Bell of Oblivion, which took away the memories of the residents of Losttime. Over time, Freja forgot her role as the Oracle of Fire.

Years later, she met Chocobo at the forge, having heard about him from around the town. They met Shirma, who informed her that Raffaello was missing. Freja started to remember something, but failed to remember it when the Bell of Oblivion rang. After Chocobo retrieved her memories, the town regained the power of fire. Freja then asked Chocobo to take a bouquet of flowers to the church to put on Zeke's grave. She honed talons and saddles for Chocobo, now remembering she was a blacksmith.

After Chocobo reached the 10th level of the Guardian of the Flame dungeon and kicked the giant door (which sent him back to the entrance), Freja remembered she was the Oracle of Fire. She gave Chocobo the Fire Amulet to open the door to the dungeon's lower levels. She helped Chocobo in his missions by honing, fusing or unsealing Chocobo's talons and saddles, making them as strong as possible. Cid frequented Freja around this time, insisting on building his airship, and needing the space provided by the Hangar, near Freja's forge. Freja agreed to let Cid build the airship at the Hangar. She remarked that Cid is just like his grandfather, Glen, occupied with building the airship all day.

Chocobo returned from the Guardian of the Flame with an older Raffaello. Later that day, Freja found the fountain contaminated with polluted water and suspected the Oracle of Water could be losing power. She asked over town who the Oracle of Water was, but no one seemed to remember. She found Shirma and Chocobo, and asked them to come and take a look at the fountain. Freja told them the Oracle of Water could be losing power, and asked Chocobo to regain someone's memories in the hopes one of them would be the Oracle of Water.

Chocobo restored the memories of the Oracle of Water, who turned out to be Meja, and the water became clean again.

Later, the sky turned dark, and day did not return. Suspecting that the Oracle of Light was losing power, Freja ran over to Stella's farm to talk to Chocobo. Freja voiced her idea to Stella, who hinted she knew who the Oracle of Light was. Shirma was not feeling well and Stella promised to keep an eye on her. Freja thanked Stella and told Chocobo that Cid was close to finishing the airship. Freja pleaded with Chocobo to help Shirma, promising to do whatever she could.

Eventually, day returned when Chocobo helped restore Shirma's memories.

When the Destroyer returned and Chocobo fought him at the Floating Fortress, Freja, Meja, and Mayor Gale watched from the clocktower piazza. Meja and Freja used their powers as the Oracles to send him their memories. Freja sent Chocobo the "power of fiery courage" from the fire crystal. Shirma and Cid interrupted them, and accompanied by Shirma, the Oracle of Light, the three Oracles sent their memories to Chocobo at the same time, giving him a great advantage.

Stella joined them and the six watched the Floating Fortress fall apart and explode. Freja wondered if Chocobo had won. In fact, the airship had rescued him, and Freja and the others rushed over to meet him at Seaside Park. She, along with Gale, Stella, Meja, and Cid, applauded as Shirma and Chocobo met them at the top of the stairs. They were met by Raffaello and Croma, and Freja witnessed Gale's speech and continued her job at her forge. She congratulated Chocobo and told him that she was looking forward to seeing how strong he could become.




Freja is a courageous, cheerful, hard-working, and strong girl. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right, and she is always willing to help others who are down or in need, as demonstrated when she created weapons for the warriors who fought the Destroyer, when she constantly supported Chocobo by honing and strengthening his talons and saddles, and when she pleaded for Chocobo to help Shirma when she was not feeling well.


The residents of Losttime revered her strength and resolve. Freja's willingness to help others in need was such that she felt immense guilt when the aid she had given failed to help them. Even when the other residents turned their backs on Chocobo and refused to help him after the Destroyer returned and brought their terrifying memories back, Freja did not blame Chocobo for what happened and exhorted him not to give up. She continued to support Chocobo as she helped strengthen his weapons, knowing his heart was in the right place. Her loyalty to Chocobo and her town came into play when she, along with the other Oracles, helped Chocobo in his battle against the Destroyer by sending him her memories as the Oracle of Fire. She exemplified the power of "fiery courage" that the fire crystal represented, fighting hard even in the toughest times.

Non-Final Fantasy appearances[]

Virtual World[]

The Freja Avatar.

Users in Square Enix Members Virtual World community can make their Avatar appear as Freja.


Freja is voiced by Faye Mata in the English version of Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!.


Freyja is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death.