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The Freelancer is a job in Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. If a character loses all her dresspheres, she'll revert to the Freelancer job, which makes her weak defensively and offers little offense, though it does increase her level.


As a Freelancer, the girls wear simplified versions of their original clothes. Yuna wears a white cropped tank top with the Zanarkand Abes logo on the front. She wears light blue hot pants and has a yellow ribbon wrapped around her waist. She wears knee-high black boots with white laces.

Rikku wears a pink bra under a see-through yellow top and pink underwear under see-through yellow shorts. She wears blue and white ankle boots and a blue headband.

Paine wears a black bandeau top and black shorts. She has red suspenders over each shoulder which go under her top and attach to her pants. She wears knee-high black boots.


When the HP of all equipped dresspheres is reduced to 0 in the Iutycyr Tower, the girl becomes automatically equipped with the Freelancer dressphere.


Freelancer doesn't possess any abilities, and the character can do nothing but punch and kick opponents.