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The battle in the Free City.

Famous as the birthplace of Saint Ajora, this city is under direct authority of the Church of Glabados.


The Bervenia Free City (自治都市ベルベニア, Jichi-toshi Berubenia?, lit. Free City of Bervenia) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. Famous for being Saint Ajora Glabados's birthplace, this town is under the direct control of the Church of Glabados. It is located on the road between the Royal City of Lesalia and Zeltennia Castle.


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Meliadoul Tengille chooses to set her ambush for Ramza Beoulve here. The ambush fails, and Meliadoul later defects to Ramza's cause after seeing Marquis Elmdore transform into Zalera.

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Battle information[]


Front view:
Bervenia Free City 1.png
Back view:
Bervenia Free City 3.png
Side view:
Bervenia Free City 2.png
Back side view:
Bervenia Free City 4.png
Overhead grid:
Bervenia Free City OH.png
Additional info -Meliadoul will teleport away as soon as her HP reaches critical.
-One-time battle.
Conditions Defeat Meliadoul.
Weather Clear day
Enemy level Average: 33 Recommended level 34 - 36
Team capacity Team 1: 2 + Ramza
Team 2: 2
Number of teams 2
Battle Trophies Jade Armlet, Remedy x2 Hidden items Steal Defender and Chantage from Meliadoul
Terrain Soil, Grassland, Flagstone, Coffer, Roof, Chimney Geomancy Sinkhole, Tanglevine, Contortion, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Wind Blast


Name Availability Days Cost Bonus Suggestion
Endless Caverns Ch.4 12-14 8000 Artefact
Past Glory Ch.4 7-15 500 Artefact Chemist
Beddha Sandwaste Ch.4 11-15 550 Wonder
Adventurers Wanted Ch.4 8-12 100 Wonder Squire
Shadows from the Past Ch.4 12-15 3050 Wonder
The Behemoth Ch.4*(After the battles at Limberry Castle) 13-15 500 Gil Bag

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