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The Fractal Continuum is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It is one of the two Expert dungeons added in 3.0, the other being Neverreap.


Wedge is a man with a dream─a dream that Gilly, the kindly guidance node who escorted you through the aetheric wastes of Azys Lla might be restored to life, to blip to him once more. To that end, he'll need you to fetch her a new nacelle from the Fractal Continuum, a museum of Allagan technological creations that will open its doors to welcome its first visitor in some five millenia...

In-game Description


  1. Clear the History Gallery: 0/1
  2. Defeat the phantom ray: 0/1
  3. Clear the Soldiery Gallery: 0/1
  4. Defeat the Minotaur: 0/1
  5. Clear a route to the Security Deck: 0/1
  6. Activate the violet control unit: 0/1
  7. Activate the crimson control unit: 0/1
  8. Activate the emerald control unit: 0/1
  9. Defeat the Curator: 0/1


XIV Fractal Continuum.png

The party starts in a hallway. As a force field initially blocks the way to the Security Deck, they must take a teleporter to the History Gallery. As they pass the exhibits, they must fight through various Allagan automatons. The final exhibit room contains the first boss, the Phantom Ray, a mechanical multi-armed samurai. Defeating it allows access to the Soldiery Gallery.

This exhibit hall contains many chimerical monsters, some patrolling the halls. Defeating their way through shabti, empuse, ixsalion, nagas, and a chimera allows access to a room containing a Minotaur. This second boss fights with an axe, and the party must distract it by freeing nearby failed creations if it tries to use 1000-tonze Swing.

Once the Minotaur is defeated, a teleporter takes them back to the entrance hall, where the force field has shut down. Now in the immense security deck, they can reach the target platform in the center by defeating security forces and using control panels to disable the force field. At the center lies the last boss, the Curator, a robotic griffin-like entity. Defeating it completes the instance.


  • Immortalized Clockwork Knight
  • Immortalized Clockwork Soldier
  • Immortalized Clockwork Dreadnaught
  • Manikin Marauder
  • Manikin Pugilist
  • Manikin Conjurer
  • Phantom Ray
  • Iksalion
  • Shabti
  • Flawless Empuse
  • Flawless Naga
  • Flawless Chimera
  • Minotaur
    • Continuum Conservator
    • Flawed Shabti
    • Flawed Naga
    • Urstrix
  • Clockwork Predator
  • Retooled Enforcement Droid
  • Immortalized Death Claw
  • Immortalized Colossus
  • Immortalized Interceptor Drone
  • Clockwork Reservoir
  • Curator
    • Clockwork Alarum


  • The Security Deck resembles Dalamud, particularly the replica seen in Final Coil of Bahamut - Turn 2.
  • A miniature model of the Crystal Tower can be seen in the History Gallery.
  • An exhibit in the Soldiery Gallery strongly implies the Ixal beast tribe were originally descended from a chimerical creation of ancient Allag.