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These sprawling flatlands are covered by low grasses and battered by fierce winds from the Rhana Straight.


The Fovoham Windflats, also known as Fovoham Plains (フォボハム平原, Fobohamu-heigen?) is a location from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is located east of Ziekden Fortress, and is the location of the Windflat Mill, also known as Windmill Hut.

Windmill Hut Edit

Wiegraf Windmill Hut

Tietra being held hostage in the hut.

Located on the Fovoham Windflats near Ziekden Fortress, Tietra Heiral was held captive following her capture by Gragoroth Levigne. Her brother, Delita, and Ramza Beoulve, attempt a rescue, but when Milleuda Folles died at the Lenalian Plateau, her brother Wiegraf, the leader of the Corpse Brigade, had Tietra taken to Ziekden Fortress where she would later die. Wiegraf fights his first battle against Ramza on the Windmill Hut, losing and being forced to flee.

Battle information Edit

Windflat Mill Edit

Windflat Mill
Front view:
Windmill Shed 1
Back view:
Windmill Shed 3
Side view:
Windmill Shed 2
Back side view:
Windmill Shed 4
Overhead grid:
Windmill Shed OH
Additional info The player need not actually defeat Wiegraf, simply reduce his HP to below 10% to end the battle.
One-time location.
Conditions Defeat Wiegraf
Weather Clear
Enemy level Average: 7 Recommended level 9 - 11
Team capacity 3 + Ramza Number of teams 1
Battle Trophies Hi-Potion Hidden items
Terrain Soil, Grassland, Flagstone, Stone Outcropping, Brick, Roof Geomancy Sinkhole, Tanglevine, Contortion, Tremor, Wind Slash, Wind Blast

Wiegraf possesses the same Holy Sword skills as Agrias does, using powerful Area of Effect attacks. Boco cannot die during this battle, as he reappears later in the game.

Fovoham Windflats Random Battles Edit

Random Battle at Fovoham Windflats
Front view:
Fovoham Plains 1
Back view:
Fovoham Plains 3
Side view:
Fovoham Plains 2
Back side view:
Fovoham Plains 4
Overhead grid:
Fovoham Plains OH
Possible enemies Terrain Ocean, Grassland, Stone Outcropping
Geomancy Torrent, Tanglevine, Tremor
Hidden items

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Enemy Archers that spawn as random enemies on the Fovoham Windflats can spawn without any equipment at all; no weapon, no armor, no accessory.
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