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Four As One was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


This event focused on instances in the source game that required significant teamwork:

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  • In order to assist Galuf with his duties subduing Exdeath, the remaining three Warriors of Light work with Cid and Mid to create a warp gate that will send them to Galuf's world. Four monsters, however, also draw energy from the meteorites that Galuf and his companions used in their failed bid to save the Crystals of Bartz's world. Now, the trio must beat them back.
  • On Galuf's world, Xezat, last of the Warriors of Dawn, concocts a plan to disable the barrier surrounding Castle Exdeath so that he and the others can continue their assault on the fortress. As Xezat deciphers the control room below the Barrier Tower, Bartz and his party must ascend to the top, where Atomos waits for them.
  • The party later faces the Crystals hidden in the Great Forest of Moore, where Exdeath has imbued them with his dark energy. Although they manage to weaken the Crystals, Exdeath's own powers prove more than a match for all but Galuf, whose sheer force of will allows him one last great battle with his warlock nemesis. Galuf falls, but Krile continues in his stead, motivated by her grandfather's unshakeable spirit as it passes into the beyond.
  • Having conquered Exdeath's lesser minions, the new Warriors of Light and their allies forge into the Interdimensional Rift in their final push against Exdeath himself. Necrophobe stands at Exdeath's door to stop our heroes, but Gilgamesh joins the fray.
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Musical themes[]

"Four Valiant Hearts", the overworld theme of Bartz's world, served as the main theme for this event.


  • There were two global title cards issued for this event. The difference between them is the capitalization of the word "As". Some varieties of English prefer uppercase over lowercase for small words in a title.