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Who are my men this time?

Forz to the Neo-Rozarria faction.

Sir Forz is a character from the Final Fantasy XII manga, first appearing in Vol. 1, Chapter 2, Eternal Vow. He is the General of the Nabradian army. Princess Ashe first sees Forz conversing suspiciously with her fiancé, Lord Rasler, and begins to question his motives and political allegiance.


Forz arrives at the Royal Palace of Rabanastre alongside his Prince, Lord Rasler of Nabradia, preceding Rasler's pending engagement to King Raminas's daughter, Princess Ashelia. When Rasler tells Ashe he cannot marry her, he later goes to convene with Forz and discuss their plans for their stay. Ashe overhears them suspiciously whispering in the Palace courtyard and hears her father's name mentioned. Curious, Ashe follows the mysterious Forz down into a closed-off area of the Palace, which is sectioned due to extensive construction work.

Forz arrives at his destination within one of the Palace rooms, unknowing that Ashe is listening intently from the other side of the door. Forz is inducted as a "guest of honor" to the Neo-Rozarria faction's meeting. There, he discusses leading an internal assault on the Palace to King Raminas's bed chambers, and to kill him as he sleeps. He rallies the faction into revealing their motives; that Dalmasca requires Rozarrian protection, not Nabradian.

The meeting is interrupted by a noise from outside; Ashe, thinking then due to Forz's actions that Rasler is the conspiracy leader, falls over and knocks over some boxes. Forz is sent outside to investigate, but Ashe has already escaped.

Despite telling the faction that there is no one around, they send two members to patrol the area. As he returns to the meeting, an even louder noise interrupts them (Ashe and Rasler falling down into the Garamsythe Waterway), but the faction leader assures Forz that it was simply a coincidence due to the area's need for extensive reconstruction.

When Ashe and Rasler make their way back to the Palace, they manage to interrupt the assault Ashe overheard Forz discussing. However, to Ashe's surprise, it is not Forz behind the leader's mask, but rather Marchioness Argas.

Argas's assassination attempt is foiled by Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg leading the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca. As the Order storm the scene, Rasler introduces Forz to Ashe, revealing him to be a spy of Nabradia, placed into the faction to help lead the Order to a counter-assault.