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The Forum is the main governing body of the island nation of Sharlayan in Final Fantasy XIV, presiding over its nation's policies. Its members are popularly elected, but are invariably some of the most elite scholars in the world. Since its inception, the Forum has worked stubbornly to preserve its central policy of non-intervention in the other nations' affairs and history. Though mentioned throughout, the group as a whole was first seen in person in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.


The Forum functions as Sharlayan's parliament, responsible for enacting laws and policies as well as deciding on courses of action to carry out those decisions. It charts Sharlayan's domestic and foreign policies as a nation; organizes research projects in Labyrinthos; sets quotas for the nation's gleaners; and can also function as a judicial body in matters of national security.

Decisions in the Forum are taken according to majority vote, most commonly by show of hands, at the request of individual members after proposing a motion.

Currently, the Bibliothec political party maintains an overwhelming majority on the Forum; their policies advocate the hoarding of knowledge for Sharlayan's benefit and refraining from interacting with other nations. Few individuals who feel differently remain members of the Forum, often getting into long and heated debates with their counterparts.


In his wisdom, Nyunkrepf Nyunkrepfsyn saw that each citizen of Sharlayan be allowed a voice in matters of their community. The city was initially governed by an assembly called the Ecclesia according to his vision.

By around the 150th year of the Sixth Astral Era, however, the city had expanded considerably. Too many voices cluttered the Ecclesia with debate, and reaching consensus on anything, no matter how small, seemed to take an age. Though it was clear a new system was needed, the Sharlayans clung to their tradition.

In 201, it was finally decided the city's paralysis could not stand, and the Sharlayans enacted a new form of governance. The nation would be led by the Forum, a more selective and streamlined body of ninety-nine members. Each Sharlayan of age would cast a vote to elect members from among their peers.

In its early days, the Forum met in a public square, from which its present name is taken.