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Who's the best final fantasy 4 character? I think it's Rydia.
{{BfD|time=22:50, 23 March 2009 (UTC)|text=Kain. Highwind.

FACT: When Zidane gets mad, he turns into his Trance form. When he gets really mad he turns into Kain Highwind.


{{I like Rosa and Rydia, Tellah is the worst(He should retire plus everyone else who can cast METEOR does'nt DIE!!!. I think Edward has rubbbish stats so he is worst as well!

THIS FORUM IS RIDICULOUS!! Whoever came up with this forum is a moron. Everyone on here knows that the majority of the people will pick Kain or Rydia already....and plus where's Edge?


  1. C,mon people cecil good as well!!!!
  2. He's the main charter(I know I spelt it wrong!)
  3. He's in Dissidia
  4. No one can match the "Superman" of final fantasy.
  5. Look at all the other reasons as to why he is the best hero comments.


  1. That thing at the back of his head is pony tail I thought it was a some cape or somthing!!!
  2. I hate Kain he just goes off and turns bad then good then bad again it stupid!
  3. Go 2 Kain Highwind facts it's so funny here are some of them

Kain Highwind is allergic to Potions. Not that it's ever come up. Kain Highwind jumped over the Cultists' Tower once, while having a little obstacle race. Kain Highwind knows something of cages. When Zidane gets mad, he turns into his Trance form. When he gets really mad he turns into Kain Highwind. Last year, Kain got bored and decided to do some random encounters. The result: FFXII has no random encounters. Mind-controlled? Kain was only trying to bone Rosa! And the real reason Ultimecia was trying to compress time was to finally do more than "play" Rosa. Kain Highwind has a higher edit count than any user here. You better believe it or else. The reaper is always just a step behind Kain Highwind... Kain Highwind knocked you all down. You need helluva lot more than balls of steel to challenge Kain Highwind. Kain Highwind's got Rydia whipped. Antlions are quite tame. If you're Kain Highwind. "You should not have come here. In the name of all dragonkind, I shall grant you the death you desire. I am the dealer of destruction...I am the font from which fear springs... I am Kain Highw- er,I am Kaiser...And your time is at end." Aeris, Aerith, it doesn't matter. Kain does them both. Teamwork means staying out of Kain Highwind's way. "BADASS" -Fujin, on Kain Highwind. Kain Highwind will shatter your delusions of grandeur. And your caps. And your shins. Kain Highwind could've stopped Odin and Bahamut himself, but he was too busy rebuilding Burmecia by hand. "World very simple place. World only have two things: things Kain can kill and things Kain already killed." Kain Highwind once killed a hundred knights single-handedly, while at the same time having the eggs and bacon Beatrix made for him for breakfast. Kain Highwind is the trouble maker, after all. Kain Highwind is the leading man. Curiosity didn't kill Cait Sith. Kain did. Each time Sephiroth calls for his mommy it's because he feels Kain Highwind is near. Sephiroth was really trying to summon Kain Highwind, but all he got was Meteor.

  "God creates Earth in 7 days. Kain destroys it in 7 minutes" 

Sora killed 1000 heartless kain kiled them all!!!


  1. Rydia's hair is green!!! that's just SO COOL


  1. Edward sucks!!!!!!!!