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What I'm about to say isn't written policy, however it seems to be in a fair bit of use. But I don't believe everyone does it. So I will explain what I am talking about, and then people can read and abide, or if people do not agree we can have a discussion. So...

I noticed that on location pages, in items/shop lists, we often in the past did one of two things: Link all recurring items to their parent, and either link the remaining without parents to their List of Items page or not at all. I think most of us can agree that "not at all" isn't helpful to a user since we have information we should be linking to. But I don't understand why we'd link to recurring-item parents.

For starters, recurring-item parents have to have a specified amount of appearances. Somehow items have to have a specified amount of appearances before we can cover them? No. We cover everything, but we do so in lists because it makes sense.

Now if we're talking about Potions in FFVII, we should link to "Final Fantasy VII items#Potion". This is where the most specific information about the Potion is. If it isn't then I think we should start covering items for one appearance. The list also links to the recurring item page, so it's still only two clicks to get to the recurring page-- but if they're clicking on the word "Potion" in the VII section it will likely be more immediately helpful. I liked it to linking to Princess Sarah when talking only about Princess Sarah in the original Final Fantasy-- it's not as helpful.

On item, weapon, equipment, ability, et al parents, we link on the first word. We didn't used to do that until I enforced it. In most other cases we'd use main, but I didn't do that because parents often cover multiple things. In any case, it essentially is a main link.

So, if we're editing an FFVII page then we should always link to the VII pages. Final Fantasy VII items#Potion, not Potion (Item). Omnislash (Final Fantasy VII), not Omnislash. etc. In the case of Buster Sword the list of weapons article should only be linked to if we're specifically talking about the equippable weapon.

But then we get into harder territory. For example, for FFX and FFXII every ability gets a page. So we link to Extract Mana or Skill (Final Fantasy X)#Extract Mana? And that's where I'm at a loss. Because as soon as Extract Mana appears in another game the page becomes a recurring ability page. And then everything I previously said means nothing. In a sense, the "Extract Mana" page is redundant because it doesn't parent and it has all the information at the Skill (Final Fantasy X) page.

On a recurring page we'd link to the recurring feature in the intro, and the specific in all other sections. So say there is a recurring ability that inflicts Poison. In the intro we'd say it regularly inflicts Poison (Status), and in IV's section we'd say that it inflicts List of Final Fantasy IV Statuses#Poison.

Right. 10:20, January 23, 2013 (UTC)

I think most of the people who link to parents (or disambigs for that matter) are generally newer and don't know how to anchor links. C A T U S E 01:45, January 24, 2013 (UTC)
I guess I'm guilty of linking to recurring pages. I tend to link to the item/etc's game's specific section on the item/etc's recurring page since that usually has far more info than the list pages (it shouldn't), and link to the actual lists# for items/etc's without recurring pages when I remember to.
Then again, I also have what is an assuredly unpopular belief that we should, in fact, have pages for every item/weapon/armor in each game of the series, just like we do for every monster in the series. There is usually as much objective data for each item as there is for each monster (for example, FFVI has 35 unique dimensions I can come up with for each item, and only 34 dimensions I can come up with for monsters) so I don't really see why we relegate one to lists and individual pages for the other. List pages make sense for a place to start and link back to when we need a list, but there are plenty of times I've tried looking for info on an item and come up empty simply because it doesn't have it's own page and the list page only has the most rudimentary info.
For example, I recently had the enjoyable experience of hunting the colored tails in FFIV:TAY. This wiki was absolutely useless in helping me in that regard, and I had to resort to gameFAQ's just to find out basic info on the how's and where's of the tails and their associated equipment. Most of that info is here, but you really have to get to it in a roundabout and piecemeal way. Ideally, if I am looking for info on the Green Tail (The After Years), I should be able to type that into the search bar and be taken to a page detailing all the info I need to know about said Tail, from what it exactly is and what it is called in other versions of the game, to where and when and how I can get it, to optimal strategies for acquiring it, to where and when I can trade it in, to what I can get for trading it in (with a page linking to that item in all its statistical glory as well). And all that is for a key item without any actual stats! Real items like weapons and such could have pages at the very barest minimum just as robust and useful as any monster page. But, I know that's a horribly unpopular idea and even if it wasn't, it would require a lot of work from a lot of people to get the wiki up-to-date, so I just shrug and keep working on my own databases on my own computer, doling out the info on-demand as needed wherever I go~ Espritduo (talk) 03:01, January 24, 2013 (UTC)
I agree to an extent. I definitely want to expand the List of Enemy Abilities and List of Items tables to give more information on each one. With Oasis this is made difficult due to a 660px width, and the sortable code we use means using rowspan screws sortable up. FFOnline had a cool sortable JS and there table entries spanned a few rows, but I never looked into it in great detail.
I also do know about the wiki's lack of information in many aspects. Bar a list of enemies and items, location pages used to practically only give story information, and the reform to include "Locations" and "Quests" sections is far from complete. I imagine there also plenty of sidequests not covered, and that in tables on "List of pages"-- relevant information probably isn't linked to.
When you say to give every item a page, do you mean put them on a recurring page or their own page per appearance. Because parent pages primarily serve the purpose of... well, parenting. From a parent page users can compare the function of a thing in each game, and also get some other basic information. We don't list all the individual stats because that information is only relevant to a player of the game (and thus would be mentioned on a list of the game's enemies if we included stats on those). 10:04, January 24, 2013 (UTC)
I really do mean a single, whole page for every item in the series. The Dirk from FFVI would have a page, with an info box, summary, gallery, etymology, how to acquire, related weapons and all that jazz. The Excalibur from FFI would also have a page. The Excalibur from FFV would have a page. And so on for the several thousand items in the series. Just like we do for the enemies. That's the thing. Why do we have a page for every single grunt in the series, but we don't do the same for items, when the actual amount of information is basically the same and of the same kind (like I said, I have 35 unique things I could say about FFVI's Dirk, and 34 unique things I could say about the Were-Rat.) I know it's horribly unpopular, but I guarantee people look for how to get some item just often as they look for how to beat some enemy. Espritduo (talk) 01:23, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

Bump: Other people's opinions welcome! JBed (talk) 20:06, June 11, 2013 (UTC)

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