This game is moderated by 8bit BlackMage. Roleplay will be based around the Kingdom Hearts' series of games. Refer to Forum:Wanna play Mafia?, the main Mafia page, with the basic rules that are followed in any Mafia game.

Game-specific Rules[edit source]

  • Keeping with the Kingdom Hearts roleplay, each player will be assigned a member of Organization XIII to act as. Signups are below. If you are not familiar with the series, check out the Kingdom Hearts Wiki, especially the section on Organization XIII.
  • We are aiming for 10 or 12 players, not including the moderator. If we have ten, two of these will be Mafia, and if we have twelve, three of these will be Mafia. One of the innocents will take on the role of "Illusionist", traditionally known as the "Doctor". This role has the ability to protect a player of their choosing every night round, potenially preventing them from being killed by the Mafia.
  • Format will be almost entirely identical to Game 2.

Communications[edit source]

Current Assignments[edit source]

Nighttime Messaging[edit source]

Your encrypted messages to me during Night phases are what drives the game, and each role must explain their action in the most precise way possible. Therefore, messages must be standardized by role, and


Remember, spaces count as characters! You can fill up dead space with gibberish or excess periods if you want, but please make them 24 characters in length. This is so everyone's message is in the same length and none looks more suspicious than the other.

Townspeople[edit source]

Townspeople don't need to send anything special to me at night, anything will do as long as it's 24 characters. Send "NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM " if you so choose.

Illusionist[edit source]

The Illusionist must send the name of the person they wish to "save" for the night. This can be anyone, even the Illusionist themself.

Mafia[edit source]

Mafia have the most complicated message. They must send a list of townspeople they wish to kill and rank them by priority. The first name listed is highest on the priority list, the last is lowest priority. You do not need to list every townsperson, but you must list at least two. All Mafia's lists will be compiled, and the highest ranking townsperson will be killed.

Please use the first three letters of the Nobody when making lists.

Communications Table[edit source]

The current phase is Day III.

– C O M M U N I C A T I O N S T A B L E –
All messages should be encrypted using the player's given encryption key. Messages from the moderator to a player go in that player's "Inbox", while messages sent to the moderator go in the "Outbox". The encryption site can be found here. In order to avoid potential wiki markup parsing problems, you must place <nowiki></nowiki> tags around all coded messages that are put in this table. Also bear in mind that the encryption keys are case-sensitive, and are all exactly ten characters in length.

If you receive a message which contains any newline (¶) characters, you are advised to go into page editing mode and copy the message from there. This is because the newline breaks caused by the width constraints on the cells in this table on the normal view of this page can seriously mess up the decoding process.

During Night Phases, "murder messages" are required from all "living" players, even those who aren't Mafia. This is because if only the Mafia players sent them, it would be obvious which players were Mafia! Since "dead" players' factions are known to everyone, they are the only players exempt from sending murder messages.

Coded messages are permitted to be sent at any time during the game. Depending on the precise content and nature of the message, recipients won't necessarily reply. However, even if you don't reply to a message, you should still acknowledge receipt of it by removing it. This also shows that you are still contributing to the game.

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Story[edit source]

The number of stories in any world is as countless as the stars in its sky. The number of worlds reaches even further into the infinite. How odd that we who are Nobodies should dare to reach past the stars to the unlimited moon itself: Kingdom Hearts. In our mission, we employ the most serpentine of tongues, the most self-centered of motives, often without the most infinitesimal scrap of conscience. But that one scrap of conscience has driven me to write these records, for what I have witnessed must be put into words. I am Zexion, Number VI of Organization XIII, and this is the darkest story I know.

Killing was the ultimate act of nothingness. For us Nobodies, it extinguished the bodily husk and left naught behind, for there was no soul in the first place. There was sort of a scent that signaled death – but it was a lonely absence of a scent. Funny, as Nobodies hardly have any scent to speak of themselves. I suppose it could be said that we reek of death. I was appointed in charge of the World That Never Was perhaps because of my unique ability to identify a scent, perhaps because of my status as a founding member, or perhaps because the Superior was too preoccupied with his departure to pick anyone better. Regardless, when Xemnas left for parts unknown, there were no questions asked. What remained were eleven comrades, not all of whom believed in my ability to lead.

This didn’t affect me very much, mostly because Nobodies have no true feelings, but also because there wasn’t much to lead them on to. The orders were simply to maintain order around the Castle. Xemnas’ destination was sensitive; he would only tell me that the world he was visiting was “a mere decade old”. The less action from the home front, the better. My expectations of an uneventful “reign” were shattered the very day after Xemnas’ departure. Sometimes I wonder how it would have turned out if someone else found Naminé that day, in the Proof of Existence. The Organization had decided it was the right place to hold her, as every member passed through there on the way to and from their private rooms. She was not given a marker like the other Nobodies; she was merely a prisoner. How fitting that I, as the acting jailer, found her clutching her side, seeping not blood, but light, from what seemed like her entire body. The words she mouthed before dissolving into light were chilling: “One of you”. “One of you” – yes, one of the last images burned into Naminé’s mind was the black robe of a comrade.

Naminé left behind a pure sphere of light, but it wasn’t the calm, cool light that I would expect from her; it was a frothing, searing white light, like a miniature sun. I drew closer to it and immediately recoiled; I felt like it would pull me in and drown me. I decided to leave the light for now and alert the Organization of Naminé’s death.

In truth, our minds are just like our bodies – Heartless. We can twist words and thoughts faster than one with a heart. No one in the castle gave away any indication of being the killer, even when shown the crackling light that marked the spot when Naminé died. Lying is simple for one with no heart.

It felt odd to label Naminé’s death a murder, and the perpetrators of the act “murderers” – far too personal. My search for a label ended almost as soon as it began, in the library (I have forgotten its true title, but I’m quite sure Xemnas gave it a somewhat witty one). I thought perhaps some books written by those with Hearts could assist me in the mindset of a “murderer”, but my answer came in the form of a note written by a Nobody. They knew I would retreat to the library for answers; the note was taped to the door. I scanned it over for a scent – nothing. As expected. It read: ‘’We will continue to kill unless you leave us the key to the Room of Awakening and vacate the castle. The ultimatum is non-negotiable; leave or there will be more deaths. If our demand is not met, you shall only discover our identities at your death; yours will be the last and most painful.” It was signed, “The Mafia”. I felt a pang of dread, and then another as I realized I was ‘’feeling’’ this alarmed. The killings were planned, and more than one person was involved in the act. The “Mafia” – what a nonsensical name! But… there was death behind that name. I quickly browsed through the rows of tomes in order to research its history until I spotted a spine poking slightly into the hall; the telltale sign of a book recently borrowed. It was not even returned to the proper catalog position! The infuriatingly misplaced book was titled “Scarface”, and a glance at its inside cover told me everything I needed to know. The Mafia of another world were organized criminals that operated amongst innocents in a type of high-class guerilla warfare. I laughed silently upon reading that there were occasionally wars between several Mafia gangs. No luck here; the Mafia of the Castle had a common enemy in me.

The demands, however, were laughable; the key to the “Room of Awakening”? I had heard of such a place, but the secrets of its entry eluded me. I was merely a watchdog until the Superior’s return, not part of an inner council. Already I had begun to suspect and certain other members of the Organization, but it dawned on me that such thoughts were dangerous. Feelings that were not grounded in reason would muddle a logical process of identification. Still, I needed to consult with others and remove the threat as soon as possible, even if the Mafia members needed to be eliminated. In fact, that was the only way to go. Already I surmised that the Mafia would not reveal themselves on pain of death; thus, death would part them from us.

Looking back, I regret that emotion drove me too much at that moment. In my dance with a seemingly nonexistent heart, I tripped and gave in to its impatient and remorseless tango. The institutional murder of innocents was a crime I foolishly did not foresee.

Ironically, I then resolved to be as impartial as possible in the process; I would let the other Nobodies vote to condemn who they suspected and execute the one with the majority vote. It seemed like a logical process; logic can be dark at times. Note and book in hand, I called everyone to meet Where Nothing Gathers and explained the plan. I had chosen to remain in my chair’s original position, below most other members of the Organization; perhaps they would take it as an act of good faith. I tried not to look specifically at anyone while explaining the condemnation process; interestingly, everyone accepted the proposal.

Upon mentioning the word “Mafia”, I scanned the room quickly for any betraying looks of recognition, but none showed. I told everyone that we would begin to deliberate the following day, as it was growing late and even Nobodies needed sleep. Giving in to our bodies’ demands, they left one by one, leaving me to ponder in my unfeeling marble chair. Yes, this must be the best way.

The other seats had, of course, been recently vacated. Even though Naminé had no throne, the room seemed emptier than usual. Feeling slightly haunted, I too left to rest. I was nearly at my room when I realized that I had left this diary at the library. The uncomfortable feeling of dread washed over me once more, but I found it in the exact same place I left it. I began to wonder what the Mafia would do had they pored through my thoughts, and realized I needed to find someone else to confide in. It would be a risk, but I had gone too far to have reservations now.

Fortunately, the person I had in mind was still awake. I passed over the small talk and told them I was giving them an ability that would help us protect the innocents and confuse the Mafia. The power of Illusion would allow this person to create a very convincing double of any one other Organization member for the night; if that person was targeted, they would be able to transfer into the other body. Wanting to set an example, I told the Illusionist to not waste the power on me; I could take care of myself. It was a lie, of course; I knew I would be the last innocent to die regardless of how well I watched my back. After bidding goodnight, I felt confident that the plan would work. It couldn’t quite be called “hope”; perhaps it was mere arrogance. Unfortunately, I learned too late that I could not run from death.

Despite the stress of the day, sleep came earlier than I expected. Awakening came unexpectedly as well; though the sky of the World That Never Was is perpetually cloaked in darkness, I knew it was still in the middle of the night. My eyes were not drawn first to the sky, but to the sight of shockingly pink hair.

“Marluxia! What is the meaning of this?!?” I leaped out of my bed and summoned my Lexicon, but Marluxia was not holding his scythe. Rather, he was leaning against the entry portal to my room and gasped at my outburst.

“I was just…. just…. you don’t know, do you? Do you know??”

“Know what? Are you holding a secret? Have you come to confess?” I said, trying to capitalize on his seemingly diffident manner. How I wish he was Mafia, as my initial suspicions called out to me and died as he pressed further back against the wall and scanned the room with a haunted look.

“No! No! They are after me! They know! They know about… about… That’s why they want to kill me!”

“Calm down,” I said icily. “Depravity isn’t your usual disposition. How can I trust what you’re saying?”

“You have to trust me! I have to show you… the light!” Marluxia cried, wringing his hands and causing a few sakura petals to fall gently to the floor. My suspicion had turned to slight alarm; Marluxia was indeed deranged. I had never seen him drop his cool demeanor before.

“Lead, then.” We exited my room and appeared in the Proof of Existence, where the sphere of Naminé shone brightly against the night. “They know…” Marluxia repeated. “They know what my plans were… and they… ‘’infected’’ me…”

“What is the cause of your paranoia? Why are we standing in front of this light?” I wished that another member would step out of the shadows and assist me with Marluxia’s troubles, but no one came.

“Zexion, have you ever felt fear? Fear so deep it feels like it is drowning you?” He looked for a moment as his usual, composed self, but then continued: “They have done something to me. Even now, they are closing in… it won’t be long…”

“Who are ‘they’, Marluxia? I cannot help your paranoia unless you help me understand!”

“It’s too late… I am wilting…” He sank to his knees and looked up at the highest tower of the castle, the Altar of Naught, into which an imposing clock was set.

The clock struck one with a lonely, haunting gong, and Marluxia’s pupils shrank slits like that of a cat.

“It’s too late! Too late! TOO LATE!” He began to laugh maniacally; I had never dreamed such a sound could escape him. With a sudden burst of speed he lunged for Naminé’s orb, and the last I saw of him was a hunted look that vanished as the light enveloped him.

The resulting sound wave blasted me backwards, and Corridors of Darkness began to appear all over the room. Every other member regarded me with a strange and suspicious look until a few pink petals began to fall from the sky. I caught one, and holding it up, rose and addressed them:

“The Mafia have killed again. They have instilled Marluxia with so deep a hypochondria that he would rather die by the light than live in fear. They operate not openly, but in the shadows, so as to divide and conquer us one by one. The elimination proceedings must begin – now!”

The first day was undoubtedly a surprise. I was inwardly amazed at how every member initially latched onto the process, and yet exhibited a range of involvement it the actual decision. Of those who were quiet throughout the proceedings, I was probably the most pronounced. A slight push, a call to dive in, and I received a flood.

And so I was more than preoccupied when the decision was finally made, when all eyes fixed upon Vexen, who, ironically, was the first to be subject to the test. I must admit that a was merely trying out a hypothesis when I beckoned everyone to move to the Proof of Existence. Of course, no one was willing to go first for fear that Vexen may flee.

I jumped down from my throne (it was not a hard task, as my seat was amongst the lowest) and landed on the raised circular platform in the center of the room. Vexen’s throne was ever lower than mine, but I thought the gesture of looking up at him would make my persuasion a little easier.

“Zexion! What is this betrayal! You would sacrifice me – me! I, who worked tirelessly on the replica project, who harmed no one, even though some” - he shot a scathing glance around the room – “have less intelligence than my puppets!”

“There is no betrayal, Vexen. Everyone has spoken their case, and I am following it. We are guilty until proven innocent.”

“Then how will you prove my guilt – or rather, my innocence?”

“A stain is most obvious in the brightest light. Please, come down. We will move to the Proof of Existence together.”

Perhaps I should have judged by the relative lack or argument Vexen put up, by the trust he placed in me, what his alignment was. But a hypothesis left unchallenged is worth nothing.

Vexen floated down on a soft wisp of ice and stood next to me. To everyone else, I announced: “To the Proof of Existence.” To him I offered no words, but took hold of his right sleeve, and dissolved into a Corridor of Existence.

The few seconds of the trip were not enough to reflect on the magnitude on what was about to be done. But was it, really? Another erasure of someone, something that did not really exist?

Based on that thought I had an idea of how to prove Vexen’s alignment through the method of elimination. When we arrived, Naminé’s remaining light greeted us; a second later, so did the appearance of every other member, relieved to see Vexen still with me.

I summoned three Scholar Nobodies, all under my complete control. “Allow me a visual demonstration.” I commanded the first to hurl itself into the light. It adjusted its glasses and feigned an almost convincing mimicry of displeasure, but turned abruptly and dissolved into the light, which ebbed slightly, but eventually returned to its previous peaceful state.

To the second, I commanded, “Kill the third.” The addressee flourished a large tome, opened it to a select page, and then abruptly closed it and smashed the book right into the other’s face. The third Scholar was then erased under a barrage of fire, ice, and lightning from the second’s silent spells.

I then commanded the remaining, murderous Nobody to follow the first into the ball of light. The result was different – the Nobody followed my orders immediately, but as the light consumed it, smoky darkness began to flow out of the top of the orb.

“The innocent have no blemish. The guilty are revealed. This is how the eliminations will work.”

Vexen looked alarmed. “Wait, wait, haven’t we all been on missions before? Have we not all slain Heartless and enemy Nobodies countless times in the past? This litmus test will stain at the slightest sin, Zexion!”

“Have any of us ever shouldered the murder of one such as Marluxia?” I looked around the room. Some of them had. This method would prove who, but for now, Vexen had to serve as a data point. Whether that data point could be retrieved… I knew the answer was no. Marluxia was completely erased, Vexen would surely be as well. Was I about to throw away the man who had kept watch over me even in that other world, when I was just a child? One who harbored the same enthusiasm for science, for a more academic approach to problems? He had changed since then… but really, how much? Physically, mentally, there was the same mindset. Was it just the removal of a heart that enabled him to embark on the most heartless of replica projects? Was I equally as heartless to cast his life aside in my gambit?

I laughed silently at the irony of such a question. Of course I was heartless, yet my method was meant to prevent the Mafia from harming others as well…

“This is our only option. Vexen, step into the light.”

“You surely don’t expect me to commit suicide! This is madness!” His nervous laughter cracked into a pitiable pleading as we stared at him, cornering him. “Zexion, please! Don’t do it! I’m not-“

“Prove it.” I reached out my hand and blasted him with a funnel of shadow, toppling him backwards into the light, which consumed him instantly. From the top of the sphere emanated a few wisps of darkness, but nothing more. The entire effect would have been anticlimactic had Vexen not been erased in the process.

I dared not betray anything as I turned and spoke to my fellow members. “……The result speaks for itself.” They whispered to each other, but said nothing more.

"...Tomorrow, we will try again. Vexen would not have been one to give up so easily in the face of a minor setback. There is a true conclusion out there, and we will reach it.” It was brief, underwhelming, but it was all I could say. I disappeared into my room as the others dispersed.

Life is a crystal staircase – the sharpest and cleanest step will shatter first under pressure. But one must keep climbing. We must keep climbing.

The night was stark after Vexen’s sacrifice. So I sank into oblivion, and it seemed not much time had passed when I awoke. Sometimes I wished the World that Never Was actually had a moon that gave some indication of time’s passing.

As if to remind me of its existence, the altar’s clock struck one again, as it had done on the eve of Marluxia’s death. Troubled, and bending to a superstition I knew was ludicrous, I grabbed my Lexicon and made for the door, before stopping at something laying at my feet.

It was a tarot card. I picked it up, revealing it as the Wheel of Fortune, the card of surprise. Frowning, I turned it over and retraced my path, stepping down a broad, circular set of stairs towards the wall of glass that faced Kingdom Hearts.

A voice echoed out of the shadows: “Round and round the wheel goes… where it stops, nobody knows. Well, with the exception of myself.”

“Very amusing, Luxord.”

He was standing in the doorway where the card had lain, of course. “Amusing! Yes, a veritable theater of comedy. Shall we let the tarot divine your fate?” He held up two cards. “The Fool…. Well yes, that is appropriate…. The Lovers? Peculiar! Oh, but it is the sixth trump. Appropriate, again; you’re quite the romantic.” I gave him a glare.

"Ah, I did want our game to last a little bit longer, Zexion. You’re always quite the stick in the mud. The flowering-bearing Queen and the insane knave have already hit the discard pile… are you seeing a pattern here, Zexion? They’ll come after the King next.”

“That’s absurd. The note clearly stated one person would die each night until their demands were met. Why would I be the next to die, when still so many sheep for slaughter remain?”

“What? I didn’t say you were the next to disappear. I was referring to myself.”

So you’re the king, hmm?.... He decided not to elaborate. “But nevermind, these puns with normal cards bore me…”

“It must be easy to be bored when you can tell the future…. especially when your prophecy predicts your own death,” I said with a lame note of sarcasm. “We should be focusing on how to save you from this fate, Lux-“

“More importantly, you should be focusing on identifying these devilish Mafia people who killed me. Oh, did I say killed? I meant ‘’are currently murdering’’.

“Then…… then this is just an illusion of time…”

“An illusion forged with my dying breaths, but if you don’t mind, the real Luxord would like to speak with you in his last moments. Come.”

He led me out, through the Proof of Existence, into his room, Havoc’s Divide. A figure was lying prone on the slightly slanted floor, a single tarot card clutched in his hand. The Luxord that had appeared to me now began to wane, transparent. It took out another card from its ethereal pocket as the real Luxord on the floor looked up weakly.

"It took you long enough. Have you any idea who did this to Marluxia and I?”

"I was hoping you would tell me. You didn't see who did this to you?"

"Unfortunately, it was a surprise. Now you, on the other hand...."

"I am watching the process unfold from the shadows, Luxord, not trying to catch the culprit red-handed." The words sounded cold as I watched his life leech away; from the pool of blood I could tell the Gambler of Fate had played his last hand.

"Curses. I was hoping my illusion would awaken some sort of epiphany in you…. Nevermind. This game is not to be won by such deceit. You must depend on good judgment, not luck. Fortune doesn’t favor fools.” His illusion handed me the tarot card it was holding; it was real. The illusion vanished as I flipped the card over – The Traitor.

“Even without me, Organization XIII still has the brainpower to unearth the true turncoats. And now, I must depart for the next game…. Or perhaps I am already playing it.” He gave a frail laugh, and closed his eyes. The card dropped from his hand – Death.

I picked it up slowly. Intelligence, luck – they were irrelevant in my current position. I was merely an arbiter of our attempt to weed out traitors – or was even that an illusion? Was my lack of involvement in these trials traitorous in itself?

...Intelligence. Illusion. Try as I might, I cannot find a stronger suit.

I had suspected that Larxene's acerbic nature would not do her any favours, and unfortunately, the day bore out this eventuality. Naturally, this was hardly cause for concern if she were to turn out guilty, but that sort of thinking is hardly comforting. One should not be in a position of actually hoping that one's colleagues are treacherous, after all. I was reluctant to repeat the failure of the previous day, but the others had cast their votes. Apart from Larxene herself, and an uncharacteristic silence from Xigbar, the votes were unanimous. Once again, I descended from my seat, and called up to Larxene, imploring her to come willingly. My request was met with silence, save for a faint electrical crackle as she directed a most contemptuous glare at me. Not exactly unexpected behaviour, and I had already decided how to deal with her attitude.

I turned my back on Larxene, and spoke softly, "Xaldin, Lexaeus - if you would?" For all her wild temper and agility, Larxene was far from able to evade being firmly held by the two strongest members of the Organization, and soon we had made our way back to the Proof of Existence. I studied Larxene's face for a few moments, trying to discern some trace of expression. All I got was the same furious gaze. "Do you have anything to say, Larxene?"

"What could I possibly have to say to you, you runt? It's clear that you're going to throw me to the light anyway. But know this, little Zexion. For all that we have no emotions, I can tell that the loss of innocent comrades is in some way painful for you. If I didn't know better, I'd almost think you had a heart!" She gave a short, spiteful laugh, and continued, "Well, more the pity. I am innocent here, and if I'm going to be erased, I can at least take satisfaction in knowing that when your little test proves that, you're going to suffer for it."

A stony silence followed. Larxene broke eye contact, and jerked her arms out of Xaldin and Lexaeus's grasp. Turning to face the light, with her arms now folded, she spat, "So, should I jump, or are the apes going to push me?". I hesitated, then inclined my head fractionally to Xaldin and Lexaeus, who backed away. Larxene cast one final disdainful look around the room, then strode haughtily into the light. I looked away, not wanting to see the outcome, but not swiftly enough to miss the result. Like Vexen, only trace darkness was produced. I turned to face the others.

"Larxene spoke truthfully, and was innocent. This must not continue... I urge you all, take every precaution tonight. Seal your rooms, stay awake until morning if you have to. I cannot bear to see another innocent member of our fractured Organization slain." Not waiting for a reply, I summoned a corridor and departed. I could not bring myself to spend another instant under that deathly silence.

Marluxia, Vexen, Luxord, and now Larxene... how could this have happened? What will I say to the Superior when he returns? Will any of us, save the mafia, still be alive by then? If not, what would they do? Xemnas is the most powerful of us by far, but could he be overcome, if taken by surprise? Mired in fear and doubt, I realised that Larxene had been right. One would almost think I had a heart, and that it was cracking under the torment it has endured.

I could almost hear the Savage Nymph laughing at me. Surely, though, that was merely an illusion...

- Kindly and artfully written by Sorceror Nobody

Namine's light was an eerie sentinel to share a room with, but it was a sacrifice I had to make. To safeguard against another nighttime assassination, I had taken to prowling the Proof of Existence, the portal to every member's private room. Being used to Castle Oblivion's basements, which I myself designed, I found the light disconcerting. It seemed more than energy; it was matter, gently beckoning with the touch of a Siren, the face of a Siren...

It was almost as if I could see their faces swirling in that mass of light, those who had perished for the crime of innocence. I lingered there too long, thinking on the wavelengths of what could have been, intent only on that sphere of light. I had been using it, but it seemed like my mind itself was being used.

An alternating red and blue light, not harsh like Namine's alerted me. I spun around, eyes flickering past Luxord's, Marluxia's, and Larxene's rooms - all dark red, and then Roxas', the source of the fluctuating color.

I do not know how it happened, and I have given up trying to understand. Roxas' room was tiny - a small bed next to a window that looked out forlornly at Kingdom Hearts. Roxas was just a child; he appeared even more child-like hunched over at the side of his bed, as miniscule crystals drifted from his chest and out the open window.

"Zexion..." he began, but already he was fading away. "I'm going to go back... back to where I belong..." There was a smile on his face.

It was a face that, inexplicably, I felt the need to save, because in the past, that face had saved me. Roxas began to flicker in and out, like glass reflecting the dying rays of the sun. With astonishment, I watched as his form ceased to be human and dissolved into a swarm of light. Instead of being drawn into the larger light that Namine had left, it split off and into the sky, as a comet breaks away from the Sun. I watched it fly against the blinking backdrop of the stars, until it seemingly blended in and out of this world.

“The Key of Destiny?” What a sad destiny, then... Merely the fifth of the innocents to die, his death leaving a gaping hole in our goal.

Kingdom Hearts… why are you eternally out of our reach? Is your meaning as ambiguous as this “Room of Awakening”? We need law and logic to guide us, as emotion cannot intrude. Yet all my magisterial machinations have resulted in the deaths of innocents… and I fear that unless one of the Mafia is found soon, my efforts will be eclipsed by theirs. All this time, I have been wondering if I should follow what might be called “emotions”, when I realize that a hollow numbness is the only reason why I am not succumbing to despair at this dark hour.

At this thought, I was startled by the sudden apparition of a familiar-looking figure. The blond hair, the goatee... yet the image faded in and out, another shade of Luxord's trapped in its own temporal hell. It grinned at me, seemingly trying to speak, but the death of the real Luxord must have cut its time short. It pulled a small green object out of its robe, waved it meaningfully, and then popped out of existence.

Perhaps it had appeared merely to reinforce my decision regarding emotions, as I was utterly nonplussed as how to respond. Though I didn't understand the apparent joke, I couldn't help shake the feeling that I looked like one as I called for the latest round of execution.

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