This game is being co-moderated by Sorceror Nobody and MirrorshardSceada. There will be essentially no roleplay, although the scenario and story will conform to a l'Cie theme. More specifically, the scenario is set as Sceada's A l'Cie's Diary... story, although set in the future of it, at the time when Cocoon is created.

Game-specific Rules[edit source]

  • There are fourteen players. Four are mafia, two are doctors, and the remaining eight are civilians.
  • The general format is almost entirely identical to all previous games. In essence, we are playing with the rules from Game 2, which can be found here. This includes the use of the usual encrypted messaging system for night phase messages, although with some modifications.

On the topic of roleplaying[edit source]

Roleplaying is, as stated during sign-ups, not necessary for this game, and you can effectively go through the entire game without any roleplay. However, this does not mean that roleplaying is to be absolutely banned. If you wish to create yourself a l'Cie persona for roleplay purposes in this game, you are free to do so. However, you are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • No already existing characters. This means no characters from XIII (i.e. you can't be Fang or Vanille, for instance) and also no characters from A l'Cie's Diary... (not that there would be a great selection to pick from, but still). Also, it is advised that you do not take a Sorceror l'Cie persona.
  • Your character must have a full name, consisting of a town name (you are allowed to come up with one), a clan name and a given name. Some examples would be Paddra Boreas Sceada and Haerii Medeis Nemo.
  • Don't be overpowered. This should be logical and clear for everyone, but we still feel it should be mentioned.

Apart from this, you are entirely free to let your imagination and creativity run wild. But remember, you do not need to make any particular characterisation, as roleplay is voluntary... although a character name probably wouldn't hurt even if you don't roleplay, if only for the sake of consistency.

Communications[edit source]

The current phase is Day II.

Day phase[edit source]

During day phases, the players discuss who they think is the most likely to be Mafia. The discussion may last as long as necessary; however, it will end as soon as everyone has stated their lynch vote. Players may also indicate explicit suspicion of others; they are permitted to suspect the same player only once in any given day phase. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that randomly dishing out suspicions might result in the player being the one people will vote to lynch.

In order to clearly state suspicion and/or lynch votes, add a ---- to your talkbubble entry, and add something like "Suspicion: (Player name) +1" or "Lynch +1 to (Player name)".

Night phase[edit source]

During night phases, the civilians are considered to be "asleep". At this time, all living players are required to send the moderators a message, which must be a certain length. Of these messages, the exact content of the civilians' is irrelevant, because their purpose is to cover the sending of messages from the Mafia, who are deciding who to murder that night. Night phase is also the time in which the doctors send messages to say who they want to protect that night. If the mafia votes give a total that targets a protected civilian, the murder is prevented. Doctors may choose to protect themselves, but only once per doctor per game.

Communications Table[edit source]

There is a new clarification to the rules for this game. Make sure you're aware of it.

All messages (apart from key distribution) should be encrypted with their keys repeatedly, an arbitrary number of times on each occasion, e.g. three times for one message, five for the next, twice for the third, et cetera. The encryption site must be allowed to finish encrypting before another encryption is performed, to avoid interfering with the process. Although this still won't completely counter patterns, it makes them harder to spot, and it does so with minimal increase in inconvenience.

All night phase messages must be exactly 20 characters in length.

Messages from the mafia and doctors must not be formulaic. For example, if three additional members of our illustrious upper echelon of sysops were playing, one night's message from a mafioso could be "murder TA, Fae & CSM", while another night's could be "Angel+Feasinde+Crazy". Likewise, a doctor's message could include a range of words such as "protect", "save", "heal", or just the name of the player they wish to protect. There is no restriction on the way the players are referred to, provided it is sufficiently clear.

Of course, you can bypass all of this by giving your message to either of the moderators on IRC. This is useful for several reasons, the most obvious of which is that it completely negates the risk of your key being worked out. It also removes the ever-present possibility of messing up the encryption (it happens to the best of us).

The way that the mafia's victim is selected is as follows: each mafioso sends three names in their murder message. These names should be in order of priority, i.e. the player the mafioso most wants to kill should be named first, and likewise for second and third. These choices will be combined to determine which player has the highest priority over all of the mafia's targets, and that player will be killed. This will not necessarily be the top priority target of all of the Mafia; however, it is guaranteed to be representative of the collective choice. If the highest combined priority is a tie, the victim will be decided by a couple of factors based on the messages from both the mafia and the doctors.

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Story[edit source]

If you happen to have the Dungeon Keeper II font on your computer, the Lost Analects will look cooler :P

Lost Analect I

Truly, Hallowed Pulse is wise and prescient. When our Maker crafted this world we name in his honour, he bore many of our kind to watch over it, as well as to aid in the ultimate and glorious mission of the gods — to find the door that leads to the spirit realm. My fellow fal'Cie were tasked with vital roles; for example, Titan oversees the ecological cycle, Atomos carries out excavations, and Bismarck guards the waters. Others, like the reclusive Dahaka, are solely dedicated to seeking the spirit door, with no secondary Focus to distract them.

So, when I was created with no such responsibilities, I was perplexed. I did not dare challenge our Maker, but the fact remained that, instead of the Foci assigned to my brethren, my task was unique: I, Druitænas, was designated the warlord fal'Cie, with the sole Focus of being the orchestrator, coordinator and commander of the other fal'Cie — and our branded humans, the l'Cie — in times of conflict. However, conflict is something that the world in which we live is devoid of, so my designation seemed utterly pointless. Consequently, I was always the outsider, the one fal'Cie with no utility in Pulse's realm. I suspect that, were it not for their fear of being seen to question our Maker's wisdom, my fellow fal'Cie would have openly mocked me.

However, it seems that things are about to change drastically.

Lindzei, brother to Pulse, has devised some scheme of corrupting Hallowed Pulse's creation. The traitorous "protector" apparently intends to defile the pristine earth, tearing it asunder to gather materials for the construction of a floating world. Such sacrilege would be horrific enough on its own, but he whispers in the ears of the humans, promising that this Cocoon will be a paradise. Such a serpent is he, tempting and enticing the mortals! Strong in will and imagination they may be, but humans are physically frail, and therefore easily swayed by the offer of a sheltered lifestyle.

Finally, I realised my purpose. It was my strategic expertise that was required, in order to fight against these obscene machinations. I called upon the sage fal'Cie, Ramuh, and informed him of the situation. He was only too happy to provide one of his own l'Cie, the legendary Paddra Boreas Sceada, as the general who would lead the l'Cie into battle. I knew something of the human, and his exploits, and agreed that there was no finer choice.

Hallowed Pulse entrusted me with this sacred duty. I do not intend to fail him.

An excerpt from a l'Cie's diary, chapter ???-1

"And so I have been awakened yet once more from the sweet embrace of the crystalline slumber, for a new Focus awaits me. Somehow, I begin to grow tired of this routine, for it is everytime the same: I fulfill my Focus, fall into Crystal Stasis where I dream of a better future that will never come, and then I get awakened by my master Ramuh once more to receive another Focus. How often have I now done this? To be honest, I have lost count of it. So I must admit, that due to being this used to all that I did initially not pay as much attention as necceassary to Ramuh's words. A real shame, for what he had to tell was of utmost importance and came as a huge surprise.

This world here that we live on, this soil that we cultivate and that allows us to live, it has been given to us by the hallowed Gran Pulse himself. His creation it is, his masterpiece, and we can not thank him enough for being allowed to live here. Gran Pulse's soil, it is sacred. Not only for us humans, but also for all that lives and even more so for the fal'Cie.

But now, one has emerged that does apparently not hold it in such high regard. One, that sees it as nothing more than dirt and that laments the troubles we humans have living on it: Lindzei. For many a century has he been praised as a brethren to hallowed Gran Pulse and as the divine protector of this realm, but now it seems he has decided to show his true face. A shell it is he wants to create, a shell that gives shelter to us feeble humans and protects us from the wild and ferocious beasts that roam this land, and he intends to forge it from the sacred soil of Gran Pulse. How can he dare to even think of defiling the work of his hallowed brethren, let alone talk so freely about it and try to recruit fal'Cie to help him in this plot? For the first time ever since I have become a l'Cie I have seen the calm Ramuh angered and agitated, only just from thinking about this.

It goes without saying, that the fal'Cie can not let this go unanswered, no, that they can not even let this happen in the first place. And so, they have started to gather an army composed both of them and of their finest l'Cie. The fact alone that I was summoned for this is a huge and welcome compliment, and I must admit that I am truly flattered by it. But apparently, I have been called to accomplish even bigger deeds...

Just as the warlord fal'Cie Druitænas is the leader of the fal'Cie army, there is a need for a leader of the l'Cie army. I for one would have thought that my old friend Nemo would be one to claim such honors, for he was always the wisest of l'Cie in the ways of battle. But alas, it seems he is not even among those summoned, a fact which somewhat worries me. Does this mean that he has fallen since I last saw him? Or even worse a scenario, has he failed his Focus and been turned Cie'th? It worries me, and not little at that, but all I can do is hope that he was already out there on another Focus, and just hasn't finished it yet...

Anyhow, with Nemo absent, the honor and duty have apparently been passed on to me, for unbeknownst to me, I have become considered a legendary l'Cie and as such, worthy of leading an army of this calibre. Oh, but if I am honest, should not everyone that was summoned be considered legendary? For each one of them exist tales and stories that praise their deeds and call them formidable, so surely they are at least of an equal standing with me and would deserve this rank as well. But still, Ramuh insisted and said, Druitænas had already agreed so the choice is not mine to make... Besides, he said, it is not my fame but my special powers that he believes will be usefull, whatever he meant with that.

And so I have been appointed the general of the l'Cie army, and in the name of hallowed Gran Pulse, I shall do my very best. We shall prevent Lindzei from performing this atrocity and defiling the sacred soil entrusted to us! In the name of Gran Pulse, we shall not fail!"

Lost Analect II

Much to my frustration, virtually all of my fellow fal'Cie refuse to join the battle for Gran Pulse. In one sense, I cannot blame them, as their own Foci should naturally take precedence. Nonetheless, I do not feel that this army of l'Cie will suffice without some intervention. Of course, I do not dispute their capabilities — the histories of all fifteen of them are known to me, and the appointed general, Paddra Boreas Sceada, is spoken of most highly of all. However, this will doubtless be a conflict on a scale never before seen, and so necessary preparations must be made.

The first and most obvious step is to establish a means of ensuring the l'Cie's survival. However, it would not be wise to heavily skew the army in favour of this skill, as it would leave them sorely lacking in offensive capabilities. Only a select few l'Cie will be augmented in this manner, therefore, and after discussion with Ramuh and Boreas Sceada, it was decided that we would select just two individuals. As a precaution against corruption by Lindzei's forces, the identities of the two are to be kept secret, as any enemy would doubtless target them as priorities were they openly known. More reluctantly agreed was the fact that the two should be unaware even of one another, as if they were seen to interact overly often, it may well expose them.

I chose my moments carefully, and visited the chosen pair individually, in the greatest secrecy. I made them swear to keep their duty secret at all costs, and to communicate only with myself and Boreas Sceada, and even then, only when necessary. I then made use of the unique power that Hallowed Pulse had given me: a limited ability to alter the capabilities of l'Cie, even those branded by other fal'Cie. With this, I was able to fortify the two l'Cie's competence at the abilities belonging to what the Oerban system of old called the School of Reinvigoration, although I believe the title has in the past few centuries been shortened simply to "Medic". It matters not; the point is that these two warriors are now the custodians of the army's wellbeing.

With this task complete, I retreated once more to my role as the ultimate overseer of the war. I had higher strategies to plan, and therefore needed to concentrate fully on them. For now, as we have not yet begun our campaign in earnest, I can safely leave the fine details of briefing the l'Cie to Boreas Sceada.

One small thing does intrigue me, however. I am very much aware of Boreas Sceada's companionship with two other l'Cie, in the times long since gone by. The two Haeriian l'Cie, Rin Tasha and Medeis Nemo, are not as famed as he is, but they are nonetheless well-known, most especially to the fal'Cie who branded them. As soon as Ramuh revived Boreas Sceada, therefore, I somewhat expected the l'Cie to enquire about them, but he did not raise the issue. It is of no consequence whatsoever, but I cannot help but be surprised by this.

Lost Analect III

Things were proceeding smoothly. Having made camp in a sheltered part of the Archylte Steppe, the l'Cie settled down for the night, while I remained some distance away, developing my strategems. This calm reigned for several hours, until in the middle of the night, there was a disturbance.

At first, I noticed only a flickering light moving out from the encampment. It moved slowly, then sped up slightly, before stopping and remaining in one place for some time. Curious, I drew closer, and was soon able to distinguish a shadowy form within the sphere of light, which then resolved into one figure kneeling over another. At this point, the kneeling figure stood up, noticed me in the distance, and gestured somewhat frantically for me to hurry closer.

Initially, I quickened my approach largely in fury at the silhouetted l'Cie's insolence, but as I reached them, I realised the cause of their distress. Lying on the ground, sorely wounded and unconscious, was one of the other l'Cie — Fantris Silverius Crono. The l'Cie who had beckoned me was one of the two Medics, and I immediately sent them to fetch Boreas Sceada; I bade them be swift but silent, so as not to attract attention and destroy their anonymity. I, meanwhile, chose to remain with Silverius Crono, keeping his condition stable by applying what restorative magic I myself had.

The injuries he had sustained were certainly not from the wrath of any beast of the wild. They had clearly been inflicted with a human weapon, though I was not able to determine what kind. Unfortunately, there was only one viable conclusion to be drawn. There must be traitors in the l'Cie army, doubtless with their minds warped by the lies that ooze from Lindzei's silver tongue like venom from the fangs of the serpent that he is. The fact that the injuries were largely on his back told me that the chances of him being able to identify his attacker were extremely small, although I still intended to ask him once he awoke.

As I saw the Medic returning with Boreas Sceada, I began to consider how to identify the turncoats, and my thoughts turned to Hallowed Pulse, Fell Lindzei, and...

Ah, yes, Etro. An interesting possibility presents itself...

An excerpt from a l'Cie's diary, chapter ???-2

"I can not believe what I have just learned, for it is outrageous in itself and pains me deeply. I honestly can not believe it... - But it is the truth, as I had to see it with my own two eyes...

It was in the middle of this our first night we spend as a group of assembled l'Cie, all of us to be considered as legendary and well trusted by the fal'Cie. As such, I would only find it natural to feel the same trust towards this my comrades, and to feel it returned. But sadly, I now have to doubt it. I was already asleep when one of my fellow l'Cie hurried to my tent, eager to fetch me. At first I had wondered about this and expected an attack or perhaps a prank, but as soon as I saw the worried face full of distress appear in the opening of my tent, I knew that something must have had happened. And to my own chagrin, the words of the l'Cie confirmed just that.

Apparently one of us, the Fantrisian l'Cie Silverius Crono, had just been assaulted by an unknown culprit that aimed to dispatch of him, and the l'Cie that had went to fetch me had found him lying on the ground. Thanks to having powers enhanced by our collective lord fal'Cie in the Focus Druitænas the l'Cie had been able to stop the bleeding and save Crono's life, but not to wake him yet, which was why it had initially not been possible for the Medic to leave the unconcious l'Cie and call for help - A fact for which I quite thankful now, despicable as it may be to say so. Then it is only thanks to this that the Medic's identity has not been revealed, and it is this anonymity alone that protects that one right now.

Because the circumstances of the attack suggested, as I learned from lord Druitænas as soon as I arrive on the scene, that it had been not the work of a feral beast or a Cie'th, but indeed that of a human being. He had found wounds carved by human weapons, but had alas been unable to determine their exact nature. A knife, a sword, even a spear... - It could have been anything, but no matter how much I do wish to deny it, it must have been a humans work. Only we who praise this ability to use tools and such so much would use said tools to hurt, to kill our kin. Oh how foolish we humans are...

Foolishness... - Perhaps this is why there are traitors among us, traitors who would even dare attack one of their fellow l'Cie from behind. Surely, it must have been someone who was foolish enough to believe Lindzei's words of a better world, his claims that he'd create a shelter for all of us humans willing to follow him that protected us from the harsh life on Gran Pulse's soil. I can not explain this to myself any other way, no I can't. And I can't forgive this either. If there are really traitors among us, traitors that aim to take the life's of their comrades... Then I can not forgive this. What would Tasha and Nemo say if I just let this go unanswered? No, something has to be done, and I will do it early tomorrow, when the sun just has climbed over the mountains.

But first, I shall now head back and seek Druitænas council. I can not just take things into my own hands, I need to work together with him. I am sure that he will know of a way to handle this issue, for after all, he somewhat just reminds me of an old friend that always knew just what to do..."

An excerpt from a l'Cie's diary, chapter ???-3

"I am still horrified at what just has come to happen, and my hands are still shaking wildly, but nontheless I need to write these words, for I have to document the events of this war just like I have documented my life ever since I first obtained a Focus. And what happened today is nothing short of a true horror. How else can I name it after this? What else can I say after my trusted Eidolon, gift of the divine Etro, has turned out to be a double-edged sword? After all this times it has saved my life it has today served only to hurt me in a way no weapon crafted from Gran Pulse's divine soil ever could. For it has hurt my very soul, by what I had to use it for today...

But I cannot allow myself to fall into despair just now, no matter how much it calls me and how strongly it grips my soul. No, I must stay strong and report what has happened, as it is my duty.

Following the attack on Fantris Silverius Crono everyone had been shocked. After all, it meant that one of our fellow l'Cie had commited treason against us, and tried to kill one of our own. Luckily, Crono had been saved, but the fact remained that there was a traitor among us and that made everyone nervous. Accusations were quick to be spoken, until it was Haerii Palius Bond who suggested that we should calm down a bit by playing a game of Pulse Hold'em. A good idea, as it really served to calm us all, and led to a more civilized discussion.

Still, at the end the discussion nontheless ultimately had to come to the point, where we had to agree on who the traitor is, so that we could take care of him. I must admit that I still feel uneasy about this method, and even more so after what then came to happen, but sadly, we will have to continue in this way should another attack happen; Lord Druitænas has ordered it that way. Anyway, the vote was not unanimous, as both Arcadia Barrothias Tabris and Oerba Neo Zero had gained a high amount of suspicion from their fellow l'Cie. Lord Druitænas then demanded that we should finally come to a majority and as such, the light ultimately fell on Zero. Uncomfortable about this decision I then consulted Lord Druitænas to debate on what we were to do now. I was at that moment, that the true horror began...

Lord Druitænas had formulated a plan, and that plan was not up for debate; it was an order. Said plan, it relied on the use of my Eidolon to determine the accused Zero's disposition. I immeadiatlely wished to protest against this plan for I knew fully well what would happen if I did follow it, but Lord Druitænas quickly silenced me. It had been an order, and it was not my place to object to it. I was left with no other choice but to obey...

Upon returning to the other l'Cie I had to start with my sorrowfull duty. I gathered my fellow brothers and sisters in fate and explained to them, what were to happen now. I, Paddra Boreas Sceada, was to call forth my Eidolon as instructed by Lord Druitænas and it would then determine Zero's disposition. Some of the l'Cie seemed puzzled by this, as they had not yet heard rumors about my Eidolon, while others quickly understood what this meant - and the thought seemed to shock them just as much as it had shocked me. Yet still, not a one protested, and everyone stayed and watched attentively as I put my hand to my left eye to summon my crystal...

My crystal was of a solid green, much like an emerald or a tourmaline, and had the vague shape of a small knife, which was very fitting given my Eidolons nature. Having just summoned it, I threw it into the air and quickly struck it with my sword, causing the usual glyphs to appear from which then my Eidolon would appear: Tonberry. It was rather small in stature, and appeared as a robed, penguin-like creature with a fin-like tail, carrying a knife and lantern. Granted, it wasn't it's looks which made it such a formidable companion - it was its abilities that rendered it so valuable.

Tonberry had the innate ability to look into an opponents heart and deal damage based on his conscience. Had one committed many sins, he was to feel inmeasurable pain, but had one lived a pure heart, he could walk away almost unharmed. Basically, this was a good method to determine one's disposition, as a traitor would surely suffer pain beyond any imagination, but... there was a flaw in that plan. We l'Cie, we are all full of regret. Regret is what defines us. Be it the regret of having had to leave one's village behind, be it the regret of a sorrowfull Focus we have fulfilled, we are always full of regret. So even if Zero was innocent, Tonberry's power would kill him... - And Druitænas was fully aware of that. And still he insisted on me using Tonberry? No words could explain my disdain for such a tactic...

But I had no choice, and as such, I had to order Tonberry to do what it could best: Smite its target. If I had been allowed to, I would have averted my eyes at that moment and covered my ears. I would have refused to take notice of this cruel procedure, for my heart can not bear to see a comrade die in such a horrible way. But I had to watch, as it was my duty to determine whether or not Zero was innocent. And so I watched attentively as Tonberry started to slowly shake it's lantern, allowing some of the violet flames contained within it to escape and make their way to Oerba Neo Zero, who had been rendered unable to escape by the sheer sight of these flames. Soon, they reached him - and the agonized cries of Zero filled the air as he burned in the violet fire. The odour of burnt flesh soon reached my nose and almost made me vomit, while my eyes searched for a reaction from Tonberry. "Please", I caught myself thinking, "Please go and deliver him the final blow with your knife like you always do when someone is guilty, please show me that he was indeed not innocent", but Tonberry did not move. And that only allowed one conclusion: Oerba Neo Zero had been innocent - and we had just burned him alive.

Druitænas then appeared and said he would take care of everything, before he dismissed us, but not without reminding us to be cautious, as the traitor was still among us. Unable to speak up, I and everyone else obeyed without a word and left for our tents. And here I am now, drowning in dispair and regret. For I have killed a fellow l'Cie, an innocent man. I don't know if I can forgive myself for this... - Nor if Tasha and Nemo could. All that is left for me is to pray that Oerba Neo Zeros soul shall find peace at the divine Etros side..."

Lost Analect IV

The day was rife with debate and accusations, and more than once I had to intervene to quell excessive deviations from the course of sensible discussion. Still, the general nature of the proceedings was reasonably civil and not especially inefficient. The l'Cie army seem, at least for the moment, to function sufficiently well as a group. Well, apart from Neo Zero, who proved to be quite a renegade. His attempt at suicide was unacceptable.

Of course, he was destined to die anyway, but he could not be allowed to perish without his allegiance being found first.

It turned out to be most convenient to have Boreas Sceada available. He was undoubtedly a perfect general for the army, but his Eidolon was an unintended bonus. I had been concerned that I would have no means to determine the guilty, but the Tonberry's karmic sense was invaluable. Blessed be Divine Etro alongside Hallowed Pulse, for having provided this most helpful of tools.

Boreas Sceada was not comfortable with this method; I can't say I was surprised. I may trust him more than most other humans, but I still had to make his position very clear to keep him in line and ensure that he did not shirk the duty that I assigned to him on this occasion. The result of the test was beyond dispute: contrary to the impression he gave to the others, Neo Zero was indeed innocent.

It was not possible to save his life. I had known that from the moment I conceived of using Tonberry. However, I saw no reason to make him suffer any further; Boreas Sceada left him in my care, and I did what I could to relieve his burns and ease his passing. I felt some need to apologise to him, even though he had practically brought it upon himself with his caustic attitude towards his comrades. Unlike some of my fal'Cie brethren, I see no sense in causing gratuitous hurt to humans. There is little benefit, after all, in instilling a hatred of oneself in one's servants.

After Neo Zero breathed his last, I interred him in Gran Pulse's soil, then went to give the other l'Cie their marching orders. We had lost one of our number, and the traitor or traitors were still in our midst, but our sacred duty remained unchanged. We must continue to move forward.

An excerpt from a l'Cie's diary, chapter ???-4

"Sleep has not been my friend this night. After I had finished writing my report about the happenings of the day, I had been lying awake in my tent, unable to find the peace of slumber. How could I ever find it? After having been the one to kill an innocent man like Oerba Neo Zero, how could I ever be allowed to find peace? But even if I had been able to find sleep, it would not have lasted...

For in the middle of the night, I heard steps outside my tent, and soon after that, a man stepped into it: Absurdi Oblitus Oavatos. However, he was in bad shape and covered in blood, and his breath was heavy as iron. Naturally, I instantly leaped to my feet at this sight, and hurried over my poor fellow l'Cie to support him. I did not have time to ask what had happened, but it was clear nontheless: There had been another attack like last night, and Oavatos was the target this time.

Obviously I was upset at this, as this meant that the traitors among our ranks had chosen to continue their shamefull work. Has the death of the innocent Zero not been enough to scare them, to make them abandon their foolish task? Do they not know now, that they are not going to survive this war if they continue like this? Should Zero's death really have been in vain? No, I can not allow myself to think like that. I... despite having murdered a fellow l'Cie, I did it to protect my brothers in fate. And still... - But no, this is not the time for this.

After catching his breath, Oavatos told me about how he was attacked just a mere hour ago, and that just like it had been with Fantris Silverius Crono the night before, he had been striken down from behind. And just like him, he had been saved by a kind soul. He had not seen the person, nor could he tell me, how he or she had saved him. All he knew was that suddenly, he had awoken on the cold floor, heard how some steps hastily departed from his position and that he found himself covered in blood - but without any fatal injuries. The cuts on his clothing along with the blood stains on them however left no other conclusion than that there had been injuries. I thus saw no reason to distrust him.

I have ordered him to take some rest in my tent where I believe him to be safe, and as I write these letters with a shaking hand, I am heading out to find Druitænas. I have to inform him of these events, so that we may improve the safety of our men - and I must commend him. For the two l'Cie that he chose to receive healing powers have now saved two souls in succession... And that is something, we have to thank Gran Pulse for..."

Lost Analect V

I did not expect the loss of Neo Zero to have deterred the traitors. Indeed, I expected that the death of an innocent, essentially doing their job for them, was more likely to encourage them to continue in their service of the foul serpent. Naturally, curse Lindzei's name, my suspicion was correct: for the second night in a row, there has been an attack.

Boreas Sceada approached me in some disarray, and even before he could speak, I simply asked who the target was. His voice was level, commendably so, as he informed me that Oblitus Oavatos had been attacked but that, once again, the Medics had succeeded in their duty of protection. It would seem that I selected the best l'Cie for that job. Still, this is no time to be complacent and self-satisfied.

The grave matter of the turncoats remains. They have been thwarted a second time... but this, too, will likely not deter those foolish l'Cie who have turned away from hallowed Pulse. They are corrupted by the milk they suckle from the serpent's teat, and can be shown no mercy. Even if I have to kill every l'Cie save for Boreas Sceada to be sure of eliminating all of the fallen. This troubles me, though... could I truly go that far? As I have considered before, I am not so merciless without good cause, but this is my Focus. Surely, therefore, the cause could not warrant it any more strongly?

Alas, tomorrow must see the destruction of another l'Cie. Pulse willing, this time, we will see justice done.

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Soma Cala Magus / Talk Contribs / Some kind of legendary l'Cie, I guess. / 00:17, May 31, 2011 (UTC)
Well for the time being, let's be glad that whatever is stopping these brutal attacks is buying us time. As for who could have done this, until everyone awakens, I see no purpose in pointing fingers, so I'll just stay quiet.
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Soma Cala Magus / Talk Contribs / Some kind of legendary l'Cie, I guess. / 04:13, June 10, 2011 (UTC)
It would seem that your chosen Medics could read minds, Druitænas, as they've managed to interpret every move of the betrayers so far.

Anyway, are we still waiting on anyone? I would like to know what everyone has to say.

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Soma Cala Magus / Talk Contribs / Some kind of legendary l'Cie, I guess. / 23:58, July 19, 2011 (UTC)
Hmmm. This whole case against Door seems incredibly flimsy. Crono is working on a gut feeling as far as I can tell, which will not help us. Pocky believes this is revenge for Neo's death? Not only did more than half of us agree that he had to die, but he was behaving in a manner that was identical to affixing a giant "STAB ME" sign to his chest. It was impossible to distinguish him from true evil, and I hope we all regret that. Vengeance will not solve anything.

As for Rayera, I cannot understand a thing you have said. You haven't given me anything to show that you are right in any respect, and this comes off as suspicious. We still have time before the end of the day, so come up with something that actually makes sense!

Suspicion: MystRay +1

Sorry for not posting much. There's been no situation recently where there's been anything I wanted to say.

Soma Cala Magus / Talk Contribs / Some kind of legendary l'Cie, I guess. / 11:15, August 16, 2011 (UTC)
Magus stands up from where he has been sitting for the past few hours.

Do what you want. I'm waiting if Rayera will respond. That is if he'll even come back to this meeting place. I want to know if my theory is worth pursuing. Although, the sun is setting...

Seriously, where the hell did everyone go? I've been watching this thread to see if anyone would say something, but nope. This lack of activity confuses me.

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Soma Cala Magus / Talk Contribs / Some kind of legendary l'Cie, I guess. / 11:54, August 18, 2011 (UTC)
While Rayera's apology does not remove all my suspicion, I honestly don't think it's worth pursuing any further right now. However, that leaves me with nothing.

Stopping and resting? Well, it is almost night and we've made roughly no progress in my opinion. I am concerned that another night means another one of us may be attacked, but I can think of nothing better to do.

No lynch.


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[[../Game6/ArchiveE1|First archive]]

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Rule clarifications[edit source]

Since there have been a couple of issues that have cropped up (and not just in this game), it seems prudent to have a section where clarifications on the rules for this game are detailed, idea being that it's harder to miss a dedicated section :P

Submission of player story entries
Player story entries should be multiply-encrypted and posted on Pastebin. Then, simply put a link – which doesn't need to be encrypted, because the entry being encrypted covers that – in the communications table.

Automatic initiation of lynch immunity
In a day phase, once all players have cast their lynch votes, immunity is considered to have been initiated, even without announcement from the moderators. Consequently, the players who are immune (or rather, will be designated as immune once the moderators make the update) are not eligible to receive changed votes. Votes may still be changed at this point, but only to characters who are not going to be immune.

To use Game IV's case as the obvious example, this would have invalidated Enuo/SilverCrono's changed vote in Game IV, because Shantotto/I would have become immune as soon as Cecil/Bond em7 made his vote, even though Sceada had not announced the immunity.

Behind-the-scenes communication
Generally, this will be private messages on IRC, but any form of communication that isn't within this forum is classed as BTSC. The rule is as follows: BTSC between Mafia is permitted, but only during night phases. BTSC between non-Mafia is completely forbidden, and Mafia may not use BTSC during day phases.

Abstaining from lynching in Day Phases
In addition to the usual day-ending criterion of there being a majority vote to lynch a player, there is also the option of there being no lynching that day. However, exactly like selecting a victim, it requires a majority vote in order to be passed. If more people vote to lynch someone (even if their targets are all different) than abstain, then normal lynch immunity will be initiated. This will, of course, mean that some of the players who have abstained will be forced to choose a lynch target, and that will be up to them on the usual "first come, first served" type of basis. It will generally not require all of the abstaining players to commit, however, as it only need last until one target has a majority, i.e. more votes than the combined total of both all of the other targets and the remaining votes for no lynch.

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