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Story[edit source]

Night I[edit source]

It's funny how things can grow on you – emotionally, that is – even for one who has no Heart. It happened on one of my exploratory jaunts from the Void into some parallel universe or another. The purpose of these trips is primarily amusement, since the Void isn't exactly the most interesting place. Anyway, on this occasion, I happened across an isolated community of rather diverse beings. There was, for example, a werewolf. Another was a person who, in many of the parallel universes I've visited, I knew to be dead. A third appeared to be a Pokémon, of all things. This odd little group, totalling just nine people... ordinarily, a supreme transcendental nonentity like myself would have no interest in them, but something about them held a fascination for me. I decided to stay with them for a little while.

After a few days, I gained their trust. This in itself was quite an unusual experience for one such as myself. Soon, however, their trust turned to praise, then to worship, and eventually to something approaching outright deification. Still, this didn't bother me too much. As so-called gods go, I'm about as benevolent to these people as any god could be. The townspeople seemed happy, and I gained a strange sense of fulfilment. As an old friend of mine might say, it was all sugar and rainbows...

I should have known better. Pride, as they say, comes before a fall. I didn't notice the seeds of dissent growing in the community. Too busy with my delusions of grandeur, I failed to pay due attention as darkness grew in the Hearts of my subjects. Two of them in particular became corrupt far beyond any hope of recovery. If I had know then what I do now, I could have done something to prevent this... to prevent the loss of life that resulted from my arrogance.

Day I[edit source]

It was a beautiful morning. There was nothing to suggest that anything was amiss. After my usual multi-dimensional morning activities, I went to visit my trusted advisor, A.J. two. What I found was horrifying: he had been murdered in the night. The cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head; surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of blood, but what blood there was had been dry for at least a couple of hours. The rogue villagers had brutally eliminated my closest ally first. Someone was playing a very dark, clever game. I called the other eight residents together for a meeting, and explained the situation. Their reactions varied, but all were clearly shocked. Either that, or acting the part very convincingly, at any rate. I was utterly unable to ascertain who could possibly be responsible for this atrocity...

Night II[edit source]

The arguments and accusations had been varied; sometimes swift and shockingly direct, other times uncertain and hesitant. Nonetheless, the votes had been cast, and the seemingly doomed Oavatos was granted a last minute reprieve by a refinement of the voting system. It fell to me to do the sorrowful deed. I personally did not think SilverCrono was guilty, but then I was reluctant to accept that any of the residents were. Nonetheless, I had promised them that I would stand by their group decision, divided though it was. I conjured restraints around the protesting victim, and the other residents solemnly picked him up and carried him outside to the newly-constructed gallows. The gallows were an ugly structure, possibly a result of a subconscious influence on my design of it. I can hardly deny that the thought of using it filled me with disgust, and that disgust may well have leaked into the construction. This is not relevant... I merely wish to forget the terrible acts that follow. If only I could.

After the execution... do not ask me to elaborate on it, for I refuse... the residents went their separate ways, returning to their homes. I went to SilverCrono's house, hoping to unearth something, anything to justify killing him. It is terrible to think such things, but I actually hoped that he was one of the rogue villagers, just to reduce my own guilt. I could not have imagined how it would turn out. I quickly found the secret hatch in the floor, and beneath it was what can only be described as a treasure trove of incriminating evidence. Almost comically, the word "MAFIA" was rubber-stamped onto almost every surface, as if in mockery of the seriousness of things. The walls of the secret room were covered in scraps of paper, some detailing the best opportunities to catch any given villager alone and vulnerable. Most were indecipherable, evidently defaced by SilverCrono as soon as he saw the votes swing against him. He had certainly had opportunity to do so: his absence from the town hall for long periods had not exactly gone unnoticed. There was also a communications relay which confirmed my worst fears: there was at least one other killer in collusion with SilverCrono. Unfortunately, like the notes, this equipment had been destroyed: doubtless a deliberate act to ensure that none could identify his ally.

I called everyone together again, and explained that SilverCrono was indeed guilty. I instructed them all to ensure that they took every precaution with their own safety that night. The other mafioso would surely attempt some sort of retaliatory strike, so I pledged to maintain a hyperdimensional vigilance overnight.

Day II[edit source]

The following morning, I woke with a start. This is itself exceedingly strange, as supreme transcendental nonentities have no need of sleep. It took a moment for me to realise the full implications of this information: evidently someone had found a way to knock me out and neutralise my promised vigilance. The mafioso was evidently far cleverer than I had, or could have, anticipated. Gripped by a sense of foreboding, I found myself drawn towards the river. There, floating face-down in the water, was Werefang.

He must have been caught utterly by surprise, as the previous night had been the full moon, and I doubt that anyone could have overpowered him when he was fully transformed. In fact, he appeared to have been killed mid-transformation, as most – but not all – of the fur and canine features were present. While most of the blood leaking from the knife wound in the wolf's back had long since washed downstream, there was still a reddish tint pooled around him. It seems a little cruel to mention this, but the smell of wet dog was rather overpowering. I retreated temporarily, roused the other villagers, and explained the situation. While they gathered in the town hall, I retrieved Werefang's body and gave it a dignified burial next to A.J. two. I stayed by the graves for a few moments, lost in thought and sorrow, before I too went to the town hall and called the meeting to order.

Night III[edit source]

The voting had been intermittent and rather less decisive than the previous day, but a majority had nonetheless been secured with no complications. Unlike Crono, the black mage did not struggle. He got up from his seat as I approached, and with no intervention from anyone, silently walked outside and stood on the gallows. His expression was inscrutable as I placed the noose around his neck.

After the deed was done, everyone once again went their separate ways. Having turned away to watch them leave, I felt the faintest of disturbances in the air, and turned back to see an empty noose. The mage had vanished, leaving only his pointed hat fluttering slowly groundwards. For the first time, but sadly also the last, I managed to perceive the faintest trace of the mage's Heart aura before it faded completely. There could be no doubt – the darkness of his Heart was among the least I've ever seen from anyone other than the famous Princesses of Heart, or indeed a certain Keyblade Master.

The loss of such a pure, not to mention intelligent, being was shocking. I did not want to face gathering everyone back together again, so I informed them all of 8bit's innocence telepathically. The shadow that fell as the sun set seemed darker than mere night should ever be...

Day III[edit source]

Another night passed, and my dread rose along with the morning sun. I knew what I would find, but not who it would be. Proceeding through the village with trepidation, I eventually found what I was (but also was not, if you know what I mean) looking for. There, in a pool of bizarrely (yet somehow unsurprisingly) technicolour blood, was the harlequin enforcer of the law, JudgeMasterKefka.

It was not at all clear what the cause of death was, until I saw something blue wedged in his spine. It was insult to injury, as it was a shard of the front door from the exploded blue police box that had been his shape-shifting car. Someone was not only killing in cold blood, but was also playing a mocking game.

Sickened, I laid the ex-Judgemaster to rest, then called another town hall meeting to order...

Finale[edit source]

Almost immediately after the meeting began, everyone accused FinalFantasyAerith. My surprise was short-lived: seeing no way out, she dropped the facade and admitted that she was the other mafioso. She attempted to take out the remaining villagers right there and then, and I was forced to restrain her. Regrettably, she chose to end her own life at this point, rather than face up to her crimes.

Even now, months later, I wish that she was still here. Despite everything, despite the ruthless killer that turned out to be lurking behind that innocent face, the loss is keenly felt. Another death, even that of one who was responsible for so many others, was not a desirable outcome.

I leave this written account for the benefit of the remaining villagers, thus ensuring that they have the full facts. I also leave it for posterity, as I depart this world. As I said back at the beginning, I ultimately feel that my arrogance was a strong contributory factor, and I cannot allow it to happen again.

Farewell, mortal entities.

Game status update[edit source]

This is a statement of the current status of the game.

The game has ended.

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Where did Oavatos go?

Hey Oavatos, do you need a replacement? Because LH is waiting to play, and can probably take your place if you want.}}

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