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So, I got to reading about the party game Mafia, and it really got my interest. There are many users on here and other wikis that could be willing to play.

So, does anyone want too? If you're not sure how to play, then just follow the link above to the Wikipedia page about it. There is even a link to another game of Mafia played over the internet, if you want to read up how to play from an actual game. A.J. two 13:02, May 10, 2010 (UTC)

EDIT: Due to the various advances made in the game since the beginning, the guidelines and such may be outdated. An example is Sorceror Nobody's encryption system, which has been used in all games since the second. If it is possible, can you, the person who's reading this, update parts of this page where relevant? Please and thank you. A.J. two (Smashboards) 00:53, May 1, 2011 (UTC)

EDIT: For those still wanting to play Mafia, check out the video game Town of Salem.

General Guidelines for Moderators[edit source]

(Note: These are taken from the website Grey Labyrinth, in a section that deals specifically with Mafia games.)

1: Create a Forum for sign-ups (In this case, it is done)

2: Ask around and get some people to join. Don't leave messages on every person's talk page; chat on the IRC, use user talk pages only for the people you know best, and wait for others to express interest on the forum.

3: Start small (meaning, don't get like 100 people, or even 20; it would take too long, and most people couldn't keep their attention if it took like the entire summer or something. Just set up a game for about 10-12 people, and then yourself as the 11(13)th person in the game)

4: If you are new at modding, then ask someone in the group to back you up (meaning, if there's someone who's played before in the group, ask him/her to help you out)

5: Make sure to fill quickly ("If a newbie signs up for a game, and the sign ups take a while, that newbie can be gone . . . leaving you to find a replacement for a game that just barely got filled")

6: For new Moderators, try keeping it simple ("Go with whatever idea you like, but keep in mind that the more you add to your game, the more complex it can become. It's hard to work out all of the details of a game and close all of the loop holes when you've never modded")

For "Newbies", there is a guide that teaches you the most basic things about online play. Just as well, there is also a newbie guide, linked to below.

The Basic Rules[edit source]

These are standard in a Mafia game. There are various other things that can be added, but this is to be decided by the Moderator.

For an even greater depth of information, check out the Newbie Guide subpage, the Grey Labyrinth Mafia Guide, the Mafia Scum http://mafiascum.net/wiki/index.php?title=Newbie_Guide guide], and SN's Game 2 rules.

  1. There must always be more Townspeople then Mafia members (with 12 people, there should be two or three Mafia, and then the rest are Townspeople).
  2. The Moderator will deicde who to pick to be the Mafia, and then send out an E-mail to the players he/she chooses. These E-mails tell you that you have been selected as a member of the Mafia. If you don't recieve an E-mail, then you are a Townsperson. In these E-mails, it also tells you who the other Mafia members are, so that they don't accidently kill themselve during the Night phase.
  3. No matter how much you may want to, you can't tell anyone whether you are a Mafia or Townsperson: "you know who you are but what am I?" This makes the game interesting. You (if you're a townsperson) do not know the identities of the Mafia members - you can only come up with ideas as to who it/they could be.
  4. Generally, Players are not allowed to communicate about the game outside of the forum, as far as teaming up to discover who's who; this goes against the rules and takes away from the fun. Plus, you could inadvertantly team up with a Mafia member, and they could puuposefully lead you away from themselves and the other Mafia members.
  5. If you die, you can still participate in the dicussion, but your votes will carry no influence as to who will get "lynched" during the Day phase.
  6. Generally, the game starts during the Night phase. The Mafia members communicate with the Moderator via E-mail (Or other means), telling him/her who they want to be "Killed", as it were. Once the voting is through, the Moderator "narrates", telling how the person who has been selected "died", sometimes with humorous effect. The player who is "killed" during the Night phase is always a Townsperson.
  7. Next, the game shifts to the Day phase, where everyone still living (Including the Mafia members) vote on hho they think are in the Mafia and should get "Lynched" (All Mafia members have to be "killed" in order for the Townspeople to win). Everyone is already suspicious of each other, except for the Mafia members, who know who each other are. The Townspeople, however, don't know anything, and therefore to them, everyone is a suspect. In standard rules, this is the only way to "kill" Mafia mebers; Mafia won't "kill" each other during the Night phase.
  8. Once the majority of players agree on a single person, the Moderater narrates that the person selected is "Lynched", and therefore removed from the rest of the game, though not from the Forum. Generally, at this time, the Moderator will reveal whether the person who was "lynched" was a Mafia member or a Townsperson. This tells players who are Townspeople whether or not their suspicions were correct or not. But, the Moderator may not reveal the dead players' role, leaving the other players wondering if they got one or not. In this case, the winning side would only be revealed when one of two things happen (listed below).
  9. During the Day phase, the Mafia know that they are being targeted. Therefore, they have to act as innocent as possible if they are to have a chance at winning. There have been really good Mafia Members who have won because they have convinced everyone else that they are innocent. Each Mafia member should come up with their own strategies as to how they can avoid being "Lynched".
  10. The game will once again shift to the Night phase, and another innocent Townsperson will be "killed" by the Mafia. The game will go on until either one of two things happens: a)The Mafia outnumber or equal the number of Townspeople (In this sense, the Mafia could kill all the Townspeople at once in-game, and they would therefore win); b)All of the Mafia are successfully "Lynched" during the Day phase (A Townspeople victory).

These are the basic rules that must be in the game; anything else, such as Attributes (like the Doctor ability, which helps the Townspeople), is optional and up to the Moderator.

Wikia-Specific rules[edit source]

This section is for rules that have to deal with Wikia.

  1. You must have an account to play (If an anonymous user starts playing the game without an account, then any anonymous user could play in that person's place, and no one would know the difference).
  2. While the E-mail rule above applies, there are other forms of communication on the Wikia network. But, it is up to the Moderator to find them, and to find a way to get the message to the players that he/she designates as Mafia members.
  3. The easiest way for a Moderator to choose who to pick as Mafia is to use this template that has the names of all current players. If set up to show up names at random, then the Moderator only need click on it to get the name of a player to choose. Then he/she can reload the page as many times as Mafia members are needed to get the other names.
  4. It is generally unwise to edit another person't post, unless you are correcting grammer or bolding their Lynch vote during the day. If a person edits another user's post without reason, then it can be grounds for disqualification.

I'm pretty sure that those are the only rules that apply to Wikia. If anyone has any others, then post them.

Signup[edit source]

For those who want to play. There can be any number, between five and 13 (Though there should be an odd number as to make account for the Moderator), of users in each game.

Once the requirement has been reached and someone has been chosen to be the Moderator, then the game will commence. All users who are participating in the game will be notified via their talk pages. Once the game starts, those who are a part of the game in question will remove their signatures from this section and place them in the "Current Game Status" section below, underneath the link to the subpage that houses the game, as well as the date that the game started on. Any who want to play after the game commences would have to wait for the signup sheet to have thirteen more signatures, in which case a second, seperate game would be formed.

Once a game is over, those who wish to play again can add their names to the signup list again, and will join the next game once there are thirteen on the signup sheet.

If you are participating in a game of Mafia, you can use this userbox:

{{Forum:Wanna play Mafia?/Userbox}}

Users Currently Waiting[edit source]

Non-specific[edit source]

Sign up here if you are interested in playing in a Mafia game, but not necessarily any specific one.

Experimental: Quantum Mafia[edit source]

It's become clear that this game is not going to happen. Not any time soon, anyway. I've moved the signup list and outline to the subpage, just in case anything turns up in the future. Apologies to all those who were, like myself, excited about trying this out -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 17:57, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Mafia VII[edit source]

If you choose to sign up, do realize there will be an extra large number of players this round, about 18-20. Because of this, do try to be available for as much of the game as possible so things can move along as quickly as possible in-game. Thanks, see you in Baron!

As stated on the Mafia VII page, the plot of Mafia VII is set in the world of Final Fantasy IV, after the events of The After Years when a couple of Maenads show up to ruin a celebratory meeting between the remaining characters. Because of this, there is a limited selection of characters to roleplay as. Please select a character below when you sign up, and then strike out (<s>Name</s>) the chosen character's name from the list below. Not all will be included in the game, as there are extra selections to choose from. The game will begin once the number of players below, mods included, reaches eighteen (18).

Available characters are: Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia, Yang, Golbez, Cid, Edge, Palom, Porom, Edward, Fusoya, Luca, Leonora, Ursula, Harley, Biggs, Wedge, Zangetsu, Izayoi, Gekkou, Tsukinowa

Also required is your e-mail address or a way of contacting you via e-mail, since Mafia VII uses NO encyption, preventing meta-gaming and speeding up the game! Please format your sign up as follows:

Username - Roleplay - e-mail address

  1. --DTN (Moderator)
  2. --Swordsy 06:14, March 6, 2011 (UTC) (Wedg--lolno, Moderator)
  3. --ShirubaKurono Dissicon ff13 Lig3.png (Kain) apmasta@ymail.com
  4. --MystRay (Yang) Email this user
  5. --Bond em7 00:06, March 7, 2011 (UTC) (Cecil, but if anyone else wants him, let me know) E-mail this user
  6. --Hamfruitcake (Rosa) "Email this user"
  7. --Fluffy moogle (Porom)"Email this user"
  8. --BiggsSig.png (of Biggs&Wedge) (Wedge, duh. . .Biggs) matttheenglishguy@live.co.uk
  9. - +DeadlySlashSword+ (Edward) "Email this user"
  10. --Jimcloud (Ursula) "Email this user"
  11. --8bit (Golbez) "Email this user"
  12. --MirrorshardSceada (Fusoya) "Email this user"
  13.  Armageddon11! Dissicon ff12 Gab2.png (Edge) "Email this user"
  14. Shasha.gif ChronoKai-FinalBattleArena (Zangetsu) "Email this user"
  15. Azul81677 (Cid) "Email this user"
  16. Ah, what the hell, count me in -- Sorceror Nobody (Palom) "IRC this user"
  17. http://i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x333/KujaFFIX/2ea674f6.pngKujaBox.PNG 23:38, July 2, 2011 (UTC) (Harley) "Email this user"

Sorceror Nobody would like to point out that the "Email this user" feature saves everyone from needing to reveal their email addresses in public >_>

DTN would like to point out that if you have the "Email this user" feature enabled, just put "Email this user" where your e-mail address should go, and we'll contact you from there. <_<
Bond em7 would like to ask how to enable this feature? Could someone help me out on my talk page? Thanks!
Sorceror Nobody reveals all: to enable this feature, simply go to your preferences, and scroll down to the "Email options", below the avatar section. Check the box labelled "Enable email from other users", and save your preferences.
Sorceror Nobody would like to point out that a cricket chirps forlornly >_>

It's also worth noting that IRC is a viable alternative to email for many people, even if not online simultaneously, since one can send memos to anyone who has a registered IRC account. Syntax is "/ms send <nick> <message>" to send, "/ms read new" to read -- Sorceror Nobody Flan.PNG 19:49, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

Current Game Standings[edit source]

This is where the standings for the current game are listed. While the games themselves will be on a subpage of this forum, things can be tracked from this area.

All Matches should be recorded in this section using this template in order to keep things neat and tidy. Multiple games can be played at the same time, so it is important that a link to the Game in question is put atop the template.

As players are killed off, their name will be relegated to the appropriate section of the character list, showing what place they came in (EG, The person who the Mafia kill at the begining during the Night phase gets their name put a the bottom of the list, showing that they are in last place, while the person who gets Lynched right afterwards during the Day phase gets put in the next position up), their name will be struck out, and a brief amount of words will indicate whether the character was killed during the Night or the Day phase, as well as which Day or Night they were killed on.

At times during the closing of the Day phase, players may become immune to being Lynched. This means that, for that Day, the player in question cannot be Lynched. All votes for said player are removed, leaving their voters to vote for someone else. This is directly influenced by the amount of suspicion players have gathered; the lower the score, the quicker they will be given immunity. This process will go on until the majority has voted for a single player.

Upcoming games[edit source]


Current Games[edit source]

Game VII
Game VI

Game V

Game III

Past Games[edit source]

This section links to previous games, which have been locked from editing.

Comments[edit source]

For general dicussion of the game.

Archive #1
Archive #2

MafiaManiac[edit source]


Naruto[edit source]


Gone?[edit source]

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