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Okay, so I decided to surf the 'net in order to find cute pictures of Ceodore. Just my rotten luck - none of them were cute, a couple had 0 resemblance to Ceodore, and I swear a couple were sexualised. What is wrong with the Internet? My perspective of Ceodore is a cute, happy boy who has a love for red scarves and the capability to change form through an overflow of Lunarian Blood (Which is never to be done by me ever again, apart from the Sand Worm Battle, obviously), but what does the Internet think? Nothing like I do.

Just please, show me a cute Ceodore pic within the next five seconds (Preferably one showing him cuddling himself from 12 years ago) or OH MY GOD I will cast Ultima.


Hi! I'm KirbiMiroir! (talk) 18:11, December 1, 2015 (UTC)

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