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Story pages[edit source]

Use this area for entries for the story.  Please use subpages of this forum and not userspaces.  Also, please keep locations in mind during periods of travel.  A map has been placed into the locations subpage for your convenience.

Act 1: The Manipulative[edit source]

Chapter 1: Lost Hope
Chapter 2: Dark Horizon
Chapter 3: The Storm Breaks

Act 2: The Chessmaster[edit source]

Chapter 4: Strings and Limbs
Chapter 5: The Two Faces of a Coin
Chapter 6: The Will of the Strong

Act 3: Beyond the Chaos[edit source]

Chapter 7: With Twilight as Their Guide
Chapter 8: The Hidden Piece of the Puzzle
Chapter 9: Third Side of the Conflict

Act 4: Behind Darkness[edit source]

Chapter 10: The Monster Behind the Man
Chapter 11: Chains of Collaboration
Chapter 12: Miracle from the Ash

Act 5: Hierophany[edit source]

Chapter 13: Of Ascendancy and Anthurium
Chapter 14: Bedlam's Chasm
Chapter 15: The Unraveling Curtain

Act 6: Requiem of Destiny[edit source]

Chapter 16: The Appropriators
Chapter 17: Revenge and Redemption
Chapter 18: The Symphony of Twilight

Subpages[edit source]


Gaidens[edit source]

Plot Elements[edit source]

Twilight Crystal

Twilight Crystal: First Steps

Characters[edit source]

Cynthia Alexander

Cynthia Alexander: A Flower Blooming In the War

Francis Castiglione

Francis Castiglione: The Life and Time of a Death Dealer

Leon Chatel

Leon Chatel: Day One

Seto Highwind

The Dragoon Struggles: A Journey of 37 Years

Ivy Ixia

Chronicles of the Dancer: Pulchritudinous Ameliorations, Benevolence Descent

Taarin Lightsun

The Kilika Chronicles: Duality & Acceptance

Intro[edit source]


Prologue[edit source]

Power. Since the beginning of time, power has always been an endless cycle of pain and corruption. People have always wanted power, at first they used that power to make their dreams come true, or to save and protect the ones they cared about. But in the end power will only lead to pain, suffering, greed, hate, lust, corruption, war and death. Power can turn a person into a hero to the people and a saviour to all. But in the end that very power will transform that person into an evil monster, blind and corrupted. They will become the very opposite of what they wanted. Power brings nothing but war. War brings pain, pain brings suffering and suffering brings death.

Two empires once had a strong alliance between each other, and kept the world in a state of peace. But when the two empires found two special crystals, they thought to use them for the good of the people. So they each took one of the two crystals. The empire of Archadia took the crystal of Darkness, while the empire of Zanarkand took the crystal of Light. So at first the two empires used the crystals for the good of their people. However, the power from both crystals eventually corrupted them. They desired to gain even more power, so each schemed to take the second crystal for themselves. And so Zanarkand and Archadia went to war, a war for the other crystal, a war that would last for a 1,000 years. They call this war the Endless War, a war that will go on to the ends of time itself. And still, both sides were strong; showing no weakness, and equal power, wealth and technology. Many believed that this war would never end, but nothing can last forever.

Aura[edit source]

Aura is the life energy of this world. Aura's appearance differs depending on the nature of its embodiment. If a person's Aura is green, it means that person has lived a pure and unsinful live. If it is blue, that person is consumed by a deep sadness or fear. If it is a crimson red, that person has killed one or many people; in this case their Aura appears to be covered with the blood of their victims. However, if a person's Aura is pure black, that person is corrupted with evil, either by intense hate, greed, or they could just be naturally evil. Normal people are unable to see Aura, but Seers have the unusual ability to sometimes be able to see it.

Races[edit source]

The world of Drakin is inhabited mostly by three subspecies, the Humes, who excel in Magics and such, the Canidine, born of the hunt, with skill and speed to prove it, and the Drakenaer, hybrid Hume Wyvern’s who enjoy their combat close.

Hume[edit source]

The human race. Look like any real world human and isn't much to say that people don't already know. They tend to be more skilled with magic but also tend to be less agile in combat.

Canidine[edit source]

Born with the tendency to resemble Humes, they still exist with some noticeable differences. They have elongated tarsels (ankle bones) and tall lean bodies. This causes them to lack the advantage as brawlers, but they do tend to be more agile. Their teeth are sharper than a Humes, resembling fangs, and, unlike a Humes, they have the ability to re-grow lost teeth, albeit it being a slow process.

Drakenaer[edit source]

Roughly the same height as a Hume, they are most easily identified by a pair of large dragon-wings located on their back. Their ears also resemble dragon wings; as such their hearing is different from most of the sapient races. The ears pick up and translate soundwaves by countering it with an equal force of movement, as such their ears have many muscles so that they can subconsciously control movement around the ear area so that sound is fluent, but even then they are pretty much deaf in strong winds. They also have scales on sections of their skin, most prevalently at the base of the scalp and the upper back and shoulders. Though the wings can be flapped, they are more reliable as improvised parachutes on account of a somewhat dense physical frame, and the fact that their total mass is larger than the average Humes. They have highly packed muscle fibres and dense bones which make actual flight nearly impossible, but allows, to a point, minimal gliding. However, this dense frame makes them very strong, being substantially stronger than a Hume of the same height. They do tend to ignore the merit of magic.

Seer[edit source]

A ancient race connect with Aura. They able to see Aura and use it with their Magic. They look exactly like human with bright green eyes.

Skyhound[edit source]

A race of wolfs, that speak perfect grammar, able to control the wind and they can hear the voice of the wind.

Eons[edit source]

A ancient and hidden race of summons. Their abilities are different with each one, some are able to manipulate fire or ice, while others are able to unleash devastating forbidden magic. Also their appearance differ from Eon to Eon, some look like Humes, while others resemble dragons or other beasts. A list of Eons can be found here. If you have some suggestion for more summons or want to help fill in the empty spaces, feel free to provide input.

Members[edit source]

As follows are the most important characters in the story and the User that provided each one:


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Artwork[edit source]

N/A's Artworks[edit source]

Leon's Artworks[edit source]

Hexed's Equations[edit source]

(Shadow, if you didn't realise.) Full portrait is here

Comment[edit source]

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Navigation Template[edit source]

Act 1: The Manipulative
Chapter 1: Lost Hope, Chapter 2: Dark Horizon, Chapter 3: The Storm Breaks
Act 2: The Chessmaster
Chapter 4: Strings and Limbs, Chapter 5: The Two Faces of a Coin, Chapter 6: The Will of the Strong
Act 3: Beyond the Chaos
Chapter 7: With Twilight as Their Guide, Chapter 8: The Hidden Piece of the Puzzle, Chapter 9: Third Side of the Conflict
Act 4: Behind Darkness
Chapter 10: The Monster Behind the Man, Chapter 11: Chains of Collaboration, Chapter 12: Miracle from the Ash
Act 5: Hierophany
Chapter 13: Of Ascendancy and Anthurium, Chapter 14: Bedlam's Chasm, Chapter 15: The Unraveling Curtain
Act 6: Requiem of Destiny
Chapter 16: The Appropriators, Chapter 17: Revenge and Redemption
Cynthia Alexander, Maximilian Renard, Avec Quartz, Taarin Lightsun, Ivy Ixia, Dante Atlas, Seto Highwind, Felix Fellahin,
Samael Helvetica
Plot Elements
Twilight Crystal: First Steps, Twilight Crystal: Skeletons of Civilization
Cynthia Alexander: A Flower Blooming In the War, The Dragoon Struggles: A Journey of 37 Years, Pulchritudinous Ameliorations: Benevolence Descent, Seraph: The Defense of Kerhol, Leon Chatel: Day One, Francis: The Life and Times of a Death Dealer, The Kilika Chronicles: Duality & Acceptence
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Equations[edit source]


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