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personally i believe it to be squall's starting gunblade,just because of the simplicity and the perfect blending of a gun and sword.after this weapon squall's blades become even more and more unbelievable,but this weapon is believable and could possibly become part of our globes arsenal of death dealing in 8 the weapons stats dont change much because all i do is equip squall with 100 meteors to str and without pulling the trigger(pressing r at the moment of striking an enemy)and he was dealing 9999 damage when i was level 56,and u can use other strong spells,for the majority of the game i was using firagas and doing roughly 8560 damage at level 40 and by pulling the trigger 9999,that's why squall's starting weapon is ffs best i think its name souds cool,gunblade(soz bout not remembering its true name but i do play other games as well,like dragonquest,dragonball and dmc)


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