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Magicite Madness II15:06, 5 January 2022Intangir Bot
Magicite Madness III15:13, 5 January 2022Intangir Bot
The voting archives for the Final Fantasy Wiki's official Magicite Madness tournaments
Creation dateTopicAuthor
27 January 2022Deprecated foraCatuse167
4 May 2021Returners' ConclaveCatuse167
18 October 2020Policy page rewrite and updateTechnobliterator
30 June 2020New consistent wiki-wide template skinTechnobliterator
23 March 2020Handling FFVII Remake contentCatuse167
25 September 2019Reviewing the Aeris/Aerith ruleTechnobliterator
21 July 2019Splitting Dissidia NT pages from 2008 and 012Technobliterator
14 December 2018Category overhaul and categories for redirectsTechnobliterator
10 December 2018Renaming list articles and deleting redundant listsIntangir Bot
13 April 2018Navbox Overhaul 2018Intangir Bot
22 October 2016Race and Faction infobox ideaTechnobliterator
25 September 2016Enemy template replacementTechnobliterator
7 May 2016Portability FAQ and descriptionIntangir Bot
2 April 2016Location infoboxIntangir Bot
15 February 2016Cinematic and dummied enemiesIntangir Bot
30 December 2015Organization OverhaulIntangir Bot
19 December 2015Mario RPG and Secret of EvermoreTechnobliterator
20 November 2015Capitalisation to proper EnglishTechnobliterator
10 September 2015Wikia Community Connect: An UpdateTechnobliterator
16 August 2015An Article Layout Guide; redone Manual of StyleTechnobliterator
19 June 2015FFXIV Class and Job PagesTechnobliterator
8 June 2015Final Fantasy Community Choice AwardsTechnobliterator
2 May 2015Policies and Guidelines on the WikiTechnobliterator
5 April 2015Stats, Elements and Statuses PolicyIntangir Bot
23 February 2015Materia PagesIntangir Bot
28 January 2015The Never-Ending Gilgamesh IssueIntangir Bot
2 December 2014Nominating articles already FeaturedTia-Lewise
5 November 2014Character article changes part 2Intangir Bot
12 October 2014Forum Returns: Staff Discussion 2014Intangir Bot
15 August 2014Weapon slots- add to enemy articles?DrakeyC
10 July 2014Wiki LP back with a vengeanceIntangir Bot
29 June 2014Console button templatesTechnobliterator
17 June 2014Lua and the future of wikitemplatesIntangir Bot
15 June 2014Achievement pagesCatuse167
10 April 2014Navbox MegathreadIntangir Bot
2 April 2014Displaying walkthroughs by tabviewYuanchosaan
25 February 2014A meta-template for standardised navboxesIntangir Bot
17 March 2014Requesting Designer Rights - TechnobliteratorYuanchosaan
15 March 2014Changes and additions to the citations policyIntangir Bot
17 February 2014Recurring XIII enemy articlesCatuse167
11 December 2013Canonicity of Bravely Default (Redux)Intangir Bot
26 September 2013List of FF Shops- some issues that need to be worked outDrakeyC
30 July 2013An update on the staff situationJimcloud
19 July 2013Lack of bcrat promotionCatuse167
16 July 2013Checkuser Rights for MM3Intangir Bot
2 July 2013Magicite Madness III - The Official Announcement and Discussion ThreadCatuse167
27 June 2013Staff Discussion 2013Intangir Bot
1 May 2013Character article changesJimcloud
23 April 2013Locations page structure amendmentsIntangir Bot
18 April 2013Featured Article- Changing HandsIntangir Bot
12 August 2012Staff Discussion 3DIntangir Bot
28 July 2012An article creation policyIntangir Bot
9 June 2012Staff Discussion Mark IIIntangir Bot
16 February 2012Survey: admins and their role on the wikiScatheMote
24 December 2011DNC ownershipScatheMote
30 September 2011Admin nominationsIntangir Bot
21 September 2011Lack of admin activityScatheMote
25 April 2011Discussing "related" gamesIntangir Bot
9 April 2011Proposal to Leave WikiaJimcloud
1 April 2011Time for some new staff?Intangir Bot
28 December 2010Staff DiscussionScatheMote
29 September 2010Wikia TransitionIntangir Bot
12 August 2010US/UK EnglishBluerfn
20 July 2010Wikia GalleriaIntangir Bot
6 June 2010Blogspace begone!HLeandres
14 April 2010Spells and other abilitiesIntangir Bot
4 January 2010Additional rights for ModsHLeandres
24 November 2009CitationsBluerfn
10 October 2009Table Colors and Common cssHLeandres
25 June 2009Off-topic DNC discussionsYuanchosaan
24 June 2009User nominationsScatheMote
9 June 2009Titled charactersTia-Lewise
15 May 2009Recent Changes... err... changeScatheMote
26 April 2009Parent Page - SubpageIntangir Bot
17 April 2009Site Vandalized, No Help From AdministratorsHLeandres
15 April 2009New Forum Banner SuggestionScatheMote
7 April 2009And the winner is...HLeandres
3 April 2009The new admin pollScatheMote
31 March 2009Yes, it's another forum complaint!ScatheMote
18 March 2009The auto welcomerHLeandres
15 February 2009Talk Template TimestampScatheMote
7 January 20098-bit Theatre Wiki or summatDiablocon
7 September 2008Table ConsistenciesIntangir Bot
23 August 2008Remember when people used to edit the mainspace?Catuse167
15 July 2008How Do You Make A Signature?Intangir Bot
28 May 2008I say we end this charade.Intangir Bot
11 May 2008Conjecture and NonsenseHLeandres
19 April 2008Diablo as be-aisuhjskhe-cratYuanchosaan
5 April 2008Only a Plank Between One and PerditionIntangir Bot
18 March 2008Do you guys think we should make Blue an Admin now?Intangir Bot
2 December 2007Some suggestions for major changes IIShockstorm
27 November 2007Some suggestions for major changesBluerfn
26 November 2007EdittoolsShockstorm
13 November 2007ReferencesBluerfn
16 October 2007New SkinFëasindë
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