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February 14, 2014Almighty Bhunivelze's lyrics already parodied?
January 29, 2014LoZ-Style FF Game Depicting War of the MagiJohnjcoe9198
January 1, 2014EX Burst Bartz: Elemental SymbolismMask no Oni
December 24, 2013Lightning Returns' EndingCrystal Tear
December 16, 2013YunaPaexgo
December 16, 2013What would be a good first final fantasy?Worear
December 13, 2013300 Question FF Quiz66.87.76.140
December 11, 2013Posting images from other sitesXenomic
December 5, 2013Blasted Quattro Puppets IOSCylindrusAltum
November 29, 2013Terra Brandford MagiciteManaChain
May 29, 2007VII-X connection theory67.170.180.215
October 26, 2013Warring Triad = FF13 Mythos?Eddy ewww
September 19, 2013PictLogica Final FantasyKoosha
September 12, 2013TheatrerhythmTheMysteriousGeek
September 10, 2013Midgar and lifa tree the same location?
September 10, 2013FFXII Character RelationshipsKoosha
September 7, 2013Vote Cloud!
September 4, 2013FF IV questionDoop01
August 21, 2013No Numbers? Then Name Them DifferentKaimi
August 21, 2013Lightning and Snow: will something happen?Crystal Tear
August 1, 2013FF Wiki: ContributionKoosha
July 20, 2013Canonicity of Character abilitiesWade1980
July 14, 2013Transit 25 and GIMM - Final fantasy 9Checkers666
July 12, 2013Magicite Madness III CompetitionFfgamesftw
July 4, 2013Final Fantasy Tactics - InspirationSefiros2211
June 30, 2013Dummied FFXII conversationRyuzakicn
June 24, 2013"Legacy": What Is It?Kaimi
June 20, 2013Just a question..
June 20, 2013Vote for Bahamut in the Great Kaiju BattleMatt Hadick
June 19, 2013Just Curious184.80.28.3
June 17, 2013FF VIII or FF IX?The n-zone
June 14, 2013Versus is now XV? why?Razordash
June 13, 2013Prompto and Cloud?Scarfed Mystery
June 3, 2013The L'Cie's FocusSweebkotorbeast
June 1, 2013Let's Determine Serah's Love Interest!Kaimi
May 27, 2013Mafia Returns: Final Fantasy WikiSorceror Nobody
May 24, 2013Link Vs Cloud Death BattleKaihedgie
May 12, 2013Which FF should I play next?The n-zone
April 22, 2013Thank you!Onechord
April 20, 2013Final Fantasy Versus XIII, new news?FF9
April 7, 2013Squall and Selphie's Amano picChristengo
April 1, 2013FunnyRazordash
March 27, 2013FFVII Music Help!
March 21, 2013FF3 NES HELP50.53.161.186
March 18, 2013Adel Gender TalkDeadlyslashsword
March 7, 2013PSX to PS368.112.199.182
February 15, 2013FF6 vs FF7 or FF7 vs FF8 which side is bigger?Recino
February 3, 2013CGI MOVIESSootball
January 31, 2013New Ivalice gameEthanthegamer
January 24, 2013Theatrhythm characters and DissidiaJumpnbounce
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