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I was thinking this some time after I played Dimensions last year and now a bit more after finishing Bravely Default and checking the pages. We do have a Spoiler Tag, already, alas I'd suggest we have an additional unit to the one we're using now. The reason?

Well normally many things that have to do with story, abilities or something like has the label of "spoilers" but that alone itself says little of how HUGE the spoiler is in question. For example the spoilers of Elgo and Ringabel are substantialy different from spoilers such as "Yuna found a sphere that shows somebody resembling Tidus". Sure the warning is there, and all but those like me or others who "venture" on checking information, may find largely different results depending on what we read and also where on the respective page is placed specially when it involves biography.

Furthermore in the case of Ringabel or Elgo or Jecht, there is a lot of biography to read prior to reaching the part where the story starts, and that's a problem if there is a situation like which we don't understand during the story, but before finding that, we'd have to be either extremely cautious with the Ctrl+F or read the information "within spoilers" and find one than more delicious surprise at that.

For example, and I'm gonna exaggerate this one a bit. What if people who read that The Mask is a part of Elgo, did not get what that mean, and simple misunderstood they are the very same and wants to confirm up, and then they would have to read info that Elgo is well.......the cause of everything? Does not seem pretty nice (yes I'm aware the two have different pages, but information tends to mix and be similar in both cases as well).

So I was thinking that a new, perhaps bigger, more colourful or more distinctive and alertive spoiler tag should be created and why not used in conjunction with the current one, so that people who decide to spoil themselves up, or those that don't really want to spoil themselves but want to find some precise info that is within the "spoiler" section, don't have to deal with different "threats" all classified on the same level.

That's it. Thanks. --BGMaxie (talk) 23:59, April 23, 2014 (UTC)

We flag spoilers out of kindness (and some members think even that requires too much work). Readers are encouraged to stay away from story sections until they have completed the game or they don't care to be spoiled.
We usually write stories in chronological order, though another way to write them would be in the order facts are revealed to the player. This is not ideal though, because say FFVII: Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Last Order, and VII flashbacks all overlap. You can't write a good overview of something's story if it's told to you fragmented for each of the games.
I have suggested in the past that things revealed later, say FFX spoilers (Tidus is a dream), which would likely appear at the start of the story section be flagged inside a "Major spoilers" tag that would be collapsed by default. So if a user reads down the story section they won't be spoiled unless they uncollapse these, and they can find out as the story plays out (so we might say later on FFX spoilers (Tidus realises he is a dream)).
But that's work, and it might not always fit in well. Like the VII compilation overlap. Zack and Cloud's confusion is a major spoiler in VII but... well obvious fact everywhere else.
The game articles story sections should be ordered in plot-revealing order though, even if they only contain the central plot. 11:44, April 24, 2014 (UTC)
I take this is all from the same user? Thing is that as you've said info is placed in chronological order, which itself is not wrong but spoilers can be abundant, and that's a deterrent if somebody who is currently playing the game did not understand a situation in particular while playing the game, and then they will come here for reference, but then find there are spoilers while searching for the info they were looking in the first place, while they weren't even looking to spoil themselves but rather clarify stuff they did not comprehend while playing the game. That's I suggest a bit of a stronger control on that behalf, so that people can "skip the dangerous areas" and avoid unfortunate surprises. --BGMaxie (talk) 15:55, April 24, 2014 (UTC)