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When Stranger of Paradise was revealed, we questioned in the staff channel where it goes in the scope order. We knew it was related to FFI, but didn't really know how at the time, so we decided to just throw it in the spot where we put the other spin-offs.

Now that the game is out, we know with full certainty that it's a prequel to I, so by how we normally do things there's now an I sub-series which contains at the very least I and SoP, so SoP will be moved in scope ordering to be next to FFI. But there's also other things we could move around to fall under here, and the question is what. So here's a list of possible things to put under the I series.

  • Final Fantasy - Duh.
  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Prequel to the game, is the most straightforward inclusion.
  • Dissidia series - 012 established the sub-series to be taking place in a parallel world to FFI's, and we use DFF's name for FFI's world as the name of the page for that world. Some FFI and DFF story information is already stuck together a bit because of that.
    This one seems like a good choice, but at the same time, it is already its own sub-series, so listing it independently might be better.
    I also don't know how well DFF's and SoP's takes on FFI's backstory gel together, but at the same time contradictory backstories has never stopped this franchise before.
  • Mobius Final Fantasy - I need more input from someone who played this game, because our story coverage is kind of incomplete. I'm mainly just going off Record Keeper counting MFF characters as FFI characters. Is there an actual link here?
  • Theatrhythm series - This isn't a serious suggestion, as there's no story to speak of in TFF, but it kinda treats itself as a spin-off to DFF, there's Cosmos in the logo of the first game and everything.
    To be clear, I don't think this one should be included, I'm just listing it for completion's sake.

So there's all the possible things we could put under FFI. Which ones should we move? And is there anything I missed?-- Some Color Mage ~ (Talk) 02:46, 19 March 2022 (UTC)

While Stranger of Paradise is definitely a reimagining of FFI's backstory, it does not "actually" fit with the world of FFI. Their interpretation of Lufenia, in particular, does not fit with what is established in either Final Fantasy I or Dissidia, and, in fact, most of the world has technology that we don't see and is not implied in the original. Garland and Chaos, similarly, do not fit with their versions in either game, nor do the Sky Warriors. I seem to recall dev interviews where they mention it's not technically the same world as the first game. You could certainly consider it a sub game of the original tho, same with Mobius, with both being reimaginings of the original's world. I would personally list them both, at least, as sub games of I. While Dissidia reinterprets the world of Final Fantasy I, it at least does not seemingly contradict the events of the original game to my recollection (Drakey probably knows that better tho), but as you said, it's basically it's own sub series so it'd be hard to list it under it. The Theatrhythm series is certainly linked with Dissidia but I am unsure if it should be listed alongside Dissidia.
Anyways that's a lot of words to say: yeah Stranger of Paradise is definitely a side game to I, though it shouldn't be considered a straight "prequel" to it. It and Mobius can almost certainly be listed under FFI without issues. Dissidia by its nature as a sub series (and cross-over focus) can be listed separately. Unsure about Theatrythm being listed alongside it. — Zero-ELEC (talk) 03:38, 19 March 2022 (UTC)
To be honest, it's not very clear whether SOPFFO is a retelling (what the devs said as well as the marketing of the game) or a prequel. It's like it's trying to be both. I personally lean towards retelling but it should still be under FFI.
In my limited knowledge of MFF (mostly the season 1 story), the game only draws inspiration from FFI like the concept of "Warrior of Light", and characters like Sarah, Garland, and Chaos. That's pretty much it. The plot has no connection to FFI, not like SOPFFO. The overall theme of the story is like "hope vs despair", a little similar to FFXIV Endwalker. And as far as I know, the season 2 story is even more different and original. I don't know why Record Keeper would list the characters as FFI characters but I personally would list it separately.
Even though Dissidia has connections with FFI, Dissidia and Theatrhythm are already their own subseries so I think they should be independent. LightKeyDarkBlade (talk) 13:05, 19 March 2022 (UTC)