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29 May 2021Categories for images by characterTechnobliterator
26 February 2021It's been over two and a half hours. Where's the Shinra News update?Catuse167
22 January 2021Final Fantasy TCG card images categoriesAxcelaw
21 September 2020A note concerning pages for FFXVIMatthew Cenance
12 July 2020FF6 SpritesTechnobliterator
5 May 2020Revamping Story sections to be canonical accounts and removing spoiler tagsTechnobliterator
11 April 2020FFVII-R capitalization queryTechnobliterator
7 April 2020Early UCP migrationTechnobliterator
1 April 2020Rethinking "Other appearances" and recurring subjects; removing subpagesYuanchosaan
7 March 2020Quest and chapter pagesIntangir Bot
7 March 2020The Bravely Default Wiki and Upcoming Scope ChangesSome Color Mage
1 March 2020Walkthrough Purge 2020Technobliterator
14 January 2020BTS overhaul: changes to footnotes, citations, development, and triviaTechnobliterator
29 December 2019Template cleanup and new documentationTechnobliterator
13 December 2019Forking Bravely Default content to its own wiki (the redux)Intangir Bot
17 August 2019Location page overhaulJBed
24 July 2019Tracking bugsSwordzmanp236
20 July 2019News?Technobliterator
19 July 2019On Final Fantasy Record Keeper equipment pagesThe Dead Skin
16 July 2019Using renders in character infoboxesTechnobliterator
29 June 2019Facebook: do we need it?Technobliterator
11 June 2019Making articles for the full script of each gameTechnobliterator
5 June 2019Increasing coverage of full remakesTechnobliterator
22 May 2019FFRK help: how to name the different versions of Celes's Runic status?The Dead Skin
14 April 2019Help with Crimson SaberCatuse167
12 April 2019Interview with Square Enix localization coordinator Alex OBlueLionheart
11 April 2019Merge suggestion: Zolulu and DeluluBGMaxie
23 March 2019FFXIV Job Page ReworkSome Color Mage
3 March 2019Images on WikiKeltainentoukokuu
18 January 2019FFBE DataJBed
8 January 2019The Year of the CrossoverXenomic
28 December 2018FFBE How to proceed with these pages WARNING: MASSIVE SEASON TWO SPOILERS!!Keltainentoukokuu
26 December 2018Lord of VerminionIntangir Bot
19 November 2018Adding Japanese to tablesKeltainentoukokuu
12 November 2018UnusedImages Pruning Time!Technobliterator
30 October 2018Unprofessional TwitterSome Color Mage
11 September 2018Expert biases and readabilityKeltainentoukokuu
3 August 2018Main atagonist of FFIII?Mattwo
14 July 2018Standardizing file namespaceTechnobliterator
12 July 2018Articles for official websitesKeltainentoukokuu
9 July 2018Help namespace overhaulTechnobliterator
6 July 2018Should we add Octopath Traveller content into this wiki?Intangir Bot
4 July 2018Hey174.224.130.252
23 May 2018Sworn Six of Paladia's page namesBGMaxie
21 May 2018Monobook to be decommissionedMierna
13 May 2018FFWiki Plays Final Fantasty XV - How To ParticipateKeltainentoukokuu
31 March 2018Clearing UnusedImages: The ReduxIntangir Bot
25 March 2018Suggestion for New Formatting for Certain Articles Within PagesTechnobliterator
23 February 2018Whoever runs this wiki's Twitter page needs to be more professionalSome Color Mage
10 February 2018SoraOneEco
2 February 2018Tag ConsistencyJBed
27 January 2018Some questions about getting started...Whywulf785
1 January 2018Not sure where else to post thisJBed
24 December 2017Unable to edit on three different computersKeltainentoukokuu
2 December 2017UnusedImagesXenomic
26 October 2017A suggestion for Jap titled articlesIntangir Bot
31 August 2017Category cleanupsIntangir Bot
23 August 2017FF-style dialogue boxesTechnobliterator
13 August 2017Interested in writing Featured Images or running Intangir Bot?Catuse167
11 July 2017Brave Exvius Trial Page HandlingBGMaxie
1 July 2017Cure-line spellsJBed
5 May 2017ProvidenceKeltainentoukokuu
27 April 2017Featured Wiki VideosBrandon Rhea
25 April 2017FFTCG overhaul projectJBed
9 April 2017Discord merger with Final Fantasy subredditTechnobliterator
21 March 2017Videos no longer workingCatuse167
19 March 2017WOFF Screenshots for the WikiMecorx
18 March 20174th "Item dropped" in FFVII Enemy InfoboxZzzplayer
15 March 2017Mobile games event pagesTechnobliterator
10 March 2017Partnership with TheSpeedGamers for charityCatuse167
22 January 2017Twitter needs updatingQHRvRICdalurIA
31 December 2016Split template?Kaimi
17 December 2016Magicite Madness IV - The Announcement ThreadCatuse167
28 November 2016Final Fantasy XV Starter GuideOrko2814
24 November 2016Suggestion about Elgo pageBGMaxie
2 November 2016Featured Article CrisisAdonzo
31 October 2016FFXV Images CleanupKeltainentoukokuu
31 October 2016Summon pages per gameTechnobliterator
23 October 2016Console/platform infoboxTechnobliterator
14 September 2016Collapsible sections (bug report)Technobliterator
9 September 2016File nomenclatureSpira
31 August 2016Code of ConductTechnobliterator
25 August 2016Update Final Fantasy I's Weapon, Armor, and Items List.Keltainentoukokuu
28 July 2016Monaco screenshotsMaster Conjurer
24 July 2016AnnouncementsIntangir Bot
16 July 2016FFT LP and location page updateIntangir Bot
11 July 2016This place is deadLeon95
22 June 2016Merge Discussion - Chocolina and BarthandelusIntangir Bot
16 June 2016Organization Overhaul 2Intangir Bot
10 June 2016Facebook Group AdminsDrakeyC
8 June 2016List of Characters revampIntangir Bot
18 May 2016Articles Needing Images overhaul suggestionIntangir Bot
7 May 2016CSS pixelationRigel Kent
18 April 2016Elemental multiply display on enemy pagesFenrir9
2 April 2016Lyrical music articlesIntangir Bot
20 March 2016Wiki Project pagesIntangir Bot
13 March 2016Changes to staff rightsCatuse167
12 March 2016Final Fantasy XIV databaseIntangir Bot
12 March 2016Introducing DiscussionsTechnobliterator
5 March 2016LP: Final Fantasy TacticsXenomic
27 February 2016Old Final Fantasy Wiki Home PageIntangir Bot
19 February 2016Newcomer with a question about images!Kaimi
17 February 2016Outdated Translation CoverageTechnobliterator
15 February 2016Merging tabs for different platforms in enemy infoboxesSpira
9 February 2016Dissidia Final Fantasy ArcadeXenomic
30 January 2016Ammendment to Naming Policy concerning lists and subpagesIntangir Bot
16 January 2016Translation help for PictlogicaAzul120
4 January 2016Walkthrough Purge: 2016 EditionCatuse167
3 January 2016Coverage of Bravely seriesThePhoenixDown
14 December 2015Organizing Record Keeper informationKaimi
13 December 2015Checkin' In!Kaimi
8 December 2015WIP Debug Room in FFVIIITechnobliterator
2 December 2015Main Page PortalIntangir Bot
8 November 2015Other Media sections and BTS infoKeltainentoukokuu
4 November 2015Featured Article - Changing Hands Mk. 2Kaimi
23 October 2015Portable infoboxes -- and youIntangir Bot
23 October 2015Klesta PageKeltainentoukokuu
15 October 2015Flowcharts css formattingDrsassafras
12 October 2015Where did this come from?Weedle McHairybug
10 October 2015FFV Mobile spritesDetective Sabin
5 October 2015What is RTS?Moglin-a-lin
23 September 2015Redesigning Top NavigationCatuse167
9 September 2015Hey, Are we working in Chrome?TacticAngel
5 September 2015Different VAs in FFXIV: Heavensward?TheMysteriousGeek
31 August 2015Character pages and Other AppearancesJBed
14 August 2015Wikia Gaming and the Final Fantasy Wiki: A ProposalBritishCynic
10 August 2015Custom JS and verbatim currently disabledTechnobliterator
31 July 2015FFXIII Dummy content needs updateIntangir Bot
29 July 2015Mobius FF Ability CardsAxcelaw
25 July 2015DNC is deadTechnobliterator
23 July 2015Current spoiler policy ineffective.Intangir Bot
22 July 2015Spam filterTechnobliterator
8 July 2015Url of page changed after editTechnobliterator
24 June 2015Ability ImagesXenomic
13 June 2015FFXIV Revamp ProjectMonterossa
5 June 2015Final Fantasy VII Collector's VideoTechnarch
19 May 2015Jobs and Abilities PagesSome Color Mage
16 May 2015Final Fantasy Answers - Let's Talk BusinessSome Color Mage
9 May 2015Final Fantasy IV NES (Not the Bootleg Port)Starlight36
3 May 2015Images vs VideosXenomic
21 April 2015Definite Articles on Page TitlesJBed
21 April 2015Puzzle & Dragons article?Keltainentoukokuu
17 April 2015Fan Discussions on PagesJBed
14 April 2015English GuidelinesIntangir Bot
11 April 2015Blocking length, should we have a guideline page?Technobliterator
11 April 2015Final Fantasy Record Keeper DataXenomic
5 April 2015FFD enemy projectIntangir Bot
24 March 2015Fixed width in tablesIntangir Bot
24 March 2015Image issues?Xenomic
22 March 2015Seeking Volunteers for ProjectTechnobliterator
16 March 2015List of Stats PagesTechnobliterator
11 March 2015Simple File UploadingTechnobliterator
11 March 2015File name guide of JBedIntangir Bot
26 February 2015FFWiki AppSome Color Mage
24 February 2015LP - Final Fantasy VHexedmagica
20 February 2015Wiki is ravaging my browserWolfMaster91
20 February 2015Template PolicyIntangir Bot
20 February 2015FNC: Hearts and SoulsJBed
19 February 2015Table Simple ListsIntangir Bot
19 February 2015CSS animations from spritesheetsTechnobliterator
19 February 2015Dissidia VoicesXenomic
17 February 2015Store game data using modulesIntangir Bot
11 February 2015Keeping UncategorizedFiles clearKaimi
8 February 2015FFWiki's 10th AnniversaryIntangir Bot
2 February 2015Japanese Translations ListXenomic
28 January 2015Fan TranslationsDrakeyC
28 January 2015FFX class colorsKaimi
24 January 2015Articles for skillsets containing skillsetsTechnobliterator
24 January 2015When to merge summon lore with summon abilityTechnobliterator
14 January 2015Location ArticlesIntangir Bot
6 January 2015Suggestion: Quest ListIntangir Bot
4 January 2015Map TemplatesTechnobliterator
27 December 2014List of Shops PagesJBed
27 December 2014Ultimania FindingsCatuse167
20 December 2014New skin incomingIntangir Bot
20 December 2014Overhaul of Returner's Conclave; creation of portalsIntangir Bot
16 December 2014A FF13 related work (manga)Intangir Bot
12 December 2014MoS: GamesCatuse167
10 December 2014IRC ops resetDrakeyC
9 December 2014Voice Actor Pages V2Intangir Bot
6 December 2014Unused Images!Technobliterator
29 November 2014Merging Sideicons and NavboxesTechnobliterator
26 November 2014Adding Sections to ArticlesXenomic
22 November 2014FFXIV articles changesMiphares
18 November 2014FF12 ImagesTechnobliterator
16 November 2014Elemental TemplatesTechnobliterator
6 November 2014Article(s) for FFXIV battle themesMonterossa
27 October 2014Infobox MegathreadTechnobliterator
24 October 2014Adding novellas et al to scopeIntangir Bot
21 October 2014Articles Creation PolicyCatuse167
21 October 2014Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade UpdatingXenomic
18 October 2014A New Staff Promoting ParadigmIntangir Bot
15 October 2014FFXII Articles Maintenance WorkIntangir Bot
11 October 2014Documentation for TemplatesIntangir Bot
5 October 2014FFV enemy data not showing upIntangir Bot
1 October 2014Need help fixing two FF1 enemy pages71.226.144.42
23 September 2014Next LP - Dissidia 012DrakeyC
20 September 2014Shinra TechnologiesSome Color Mage
19 September 2014"Peruperu" race from SpiraKaimi
17 September 2014Interesting tabber from other wikiXenomic
13 September 2014Lua modules master threadIntangir Bot
11 September 2014From Wikia: Battle for the Net; Internet SlowdownCatuse167
6 September 2014Categorization of Music ArticlesCatuse167
28 August 2014Kanji does not show on me.Technobliterator
3 August 2014Issue with clicking on images to check licensesTia-Lewise
31 July 2014Flavor Text on Article PagesJBed
30 July 2014Various Dissidia topicsXenomic
28 July 2014Map extensionIntangir Bot
26 July 2014Link TemplateTechnobliterator
22 July 2014Image display links88.107.151.166
18 July 2014IRC MogbotCatuse167
15 July 2014Bot policy and auto-maintenanceIntangir Bot
12 July 2014Affiliation with NieR WikiTidusTehSacrificer357
11 July 2014Updating FF6 pages with iOS imagesDetective Sabin
10 July 2014FF6 iOS Battle SpritesDetective Sabin
3 July 2014Can we please talk about Visual Editor?Intangir Bot
25 June 2014Foot pop-upsJBed
16 June 2014About game titles with/without a colonTechnobliterator
9 June 2014Type-0 Translations pageIntangir Bot
4 June 2014License box metatemplatingTechnobliterator
29 May 2014VisualEditor nonsenseCatuse167
28 May 2014File licensing with parametersKeltainentoukokuu
23 May 2014Final Fantasy at E3 2014Technobliterator
23 May 2014Track Articles CategorisationCatuse167
11 May 2014Metatemplating the maintenance templateTechnobliterator
6 May 2014Giving a character infobox for FFX-2 characters?JBed
4 May 2014What release articles should coverCatuse167
3 May 2014Creating a page for the battle system of every gameJBed
26 April 2014Blurred ImagesKeltainentoukokuu
21 April 2014Just uploaded all of the FF1 psp weapons imagesKeltainentoukokuu
18 April 2014TemplatesTechnobliterator
17 April 2014Music TagIntangir Bot
16 April 2014Petition for BentStuff's Final Fantasy Ultimania books into EnglishCrystal Tear
11 April 2014Just joined to add a picture...Keltainentoukokuu
7 April 2014HQ Lightning Returns StuffKaimi
2 April 2014FFX mechanicsCatuse167
28 March 2014Personnel ArticlesCatuse167
27 March 2014New way to navigate tabsJC Holy Knight
23 March 2014Articles to Be Created category?Intangir Bot
20 March 2014Lightning Returns Bust size only 4-5 garbs rest normalTempa5
14 March 2014External Video Embedding - Or A solution to modernise helping othersJC Holy Knight
9 March 2014Games' Information CollectionsCatuse167
4 March 2014Help with navigationSome Color Mage
3 March 2014Parameter caseJimcloud
27 February 2014Bravely DefaultJBed
15 February 2014New gallery suggestionJBed
11 February 2014Semantic MediaWikiCatuse167
7 February 2014FFV iOS portraits2.102.230.23
3 February 2014Dressphere Wiki Event?JAlbor
27 January 2014DoC Tsviet NamesTia-Lewise
25 January 2014Abilities sections in enemy articles86.157.190.28
9 January 2014Wikia Quiz for Lightning ReturnsIntangir Bot
4 January 2014FFXII Enemy Weapon's NameKokushishin
28 December 2013Android on Final Fantasy Dimensions Monster pagesMrAceAttorney
25 December 2013Cleanup of Lightning Returns ArticlesTia-Lewise
17 December 2013Sheet MusicIntangir Bot
10 December 2013Are we betaing VisualEditor?Some Color Mage
6 December 2013Bravely Default Voice ActorsTia-Lewise
4 December 2013Stagnancy of Good ArticlesShockstorm
4 December 2013Offline viewing database dump not availableCatuse167
3 December 2013Missing Files from Unused ImagesTia-Lewise
2 December 2013Christmas Skin?Shockstorm
27 November 2013Adding multiple form tabs?Shockstorm
19 November 2013Dates- How do we write them in articles?Intangir Bot
15 November 2013State of FFWiki LPsJeppo
15 November 2013Wikia AdvertShockstorm
11 November 2013FFIV: The After Years Remake ImagesTia-Lewise
4 November 2013Voice File ContentKaimi
1 November 2013NES SpritesDrakeyC
30 October 2013Anonymous voting for the Featured ArticleTia-Lewise
21 October 2013Halloween Skin2.102.230.84
20 October 2013Weapon RendersIntangir Bot
14 October 2013Articles to UpdateIntangir Bot
7 October 2013Unused Data DiscussionTia-Lewise
7 October 2013FFXIV: Legacy and ARR issuesShockstorm
2 October 2013Final Fantasy I Status ImagesXenomic
1 October 2013Final Fantasy XIV InformationXenomic
27 September 2013Identifying FFX RendersDrakeyC
16 September 2013Centralised release management and other changesIntangir Bot
16 September 2013Parent FilterRaylan13
12 September 2013Other Appearances (FFA, FFL, FFLII, FFLIII)Tia-Lewise
5 September 2013FFXI subjobs section removalJblancosegura
30 August 2013Theatrhythm - Dissidia Spin-Off Yay or NayKaimi
28 August 2013Floor Plans2.102.231.25
23 August 2013Image Gallery ConsistencyIntangir Bot
17 August 2013Other Social MediaIntangir Bot
14 August 2013Character Specific WeaponsIntangir Bot
14 August 2013Making changes to FFWiki FacebookTia-Lewise
11 August 2013SE Uses Us As Image ResourceIntangir Bot
7 August 2013New Final Fantasy etymology188.252.138.118
2 August 2013FF12 Enemy MapsIntangir Bot
1 August 2013A change to FA rulesCatuse167
1 August 2013"Anniversary" ProjectspaceKaimi
29 July 2013"Add Spell" PageDrakeyC
28 July 2013Greetings. I have a proposal.BritishCynic
24 July 2013Final Fantasy X-2 headline questionCatuse167
24 July 2013Adding memories location for Final Fantasy DimensionsAdrianbudau
24 July 2013Wikia Promotion for Magicite Madness?Yuanchosaan
23 July 2013Final Fantasy XIV UserbaseJblancosegura
19 July 2013FFVI and Bahamut LagoonFenrir9
16 July 2013FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation ProjectMecorx
16 July 2013Spoiler RevampBGMaxie
9 July 2013Changes to the logosIntangir Bot
7 July 2013Unsourced TemplateIntangir Bot
6 July 2013Game articles MoS changesKaimi
5 July 2013User feedback: Oasis color schemeIntangir Bot
3 July 2013Let's Play Final Fantasy Adventure!ScatheMote
3 July 2013Suggested change to tag policy: Imagine everything has an articleIntangir Bot
26 June 2013Help Identifying FF12 WeaponsIntangir Bot
22 June 2013List of Enemy Formations pagesJBed
19 June 2013Lightning returns garments photosCatuse167
15 June 2013FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation ProjectMecorx
11 June 2013Because I'm OCDCatuse167
11 June 2013New Game Editing Policy PageCatuse167
11 June 2013Will this wiki be on Wikitaxi as offline readerCatuse167
11 June 2013Buff/Debuff Terms Outside of their Respected Game(s)JBed
7 June 2013Future of videos on the wikiCatuse167
5 June 2013TheSpeedGamesSome Color Mage
3 June 2013Monthly IRC meetingsSome Color Mage
30 May 2013Game ManualsDeadlyslashsword
29 May 2013F.A.O FFWiki Facebook admins (that's me, Cat, Kaimi and Tidus)Intangir Bot
29 May 2013JRPG TemplateTidusTehSacrificer357
29 May 2013Enemy InfoboxesJBed
25 May 2013FFIV Page Name ChangeTia-Lewise
24 May 2013"TNG" Offering Us YouTube PartnershipIntangir Bot
23 May 2013Final Fantasy X LPIntangir Bot
19 May 2013Geographic Center of the WikiSidVI
19 May 2013FFIV iOS Status ImagesSsorceniviD
14 May 2013Final Fantasy XIII tagDilsDileva
11 May 2013Verifying correctness of informationIntangir Bot
9 May 2013Next LP Discussion2.102.229.17
9 May 2013FFV Character Battle SectionMonterossa
8 May 2013Name of a minigame articleSsorceniviD
5 May 2013Have a video~Intangir Bot
30 April 2013Item Farming Article?DrakeyC
28 April 2013Enemy Pages for All the BravestCatuse167
22 April 2013Give Each Skillset A Page For Individual GamesCatuse167
20 April 2013Changes to enemy pagesAdonzo
12 April 2013FFVIII LP Creative Decision Voting ThingyBlueHighwind
10 April 2013VIII enemy stat per level tables2.102.228.245
7 April 2013Request to update Site NoticeTia-Lewise
6 April 2013FFATB Enemy TemplateFenrir9
3 April 2013Article for 25th Anniversary Distant WorldsTia-Lewise
1 April 2013Petition to unban CrazyswordsmanSilverangel123
29 March 2013New Analytics Tool: Introducing ParserSpeedIntangir Bot
25 March 2013Locations sectionsTia-Lewise
23 March 2013FFX X-2 HD RemasterMonterossa
16 March 2013Square Enix Legend WorldIntangir Bot
15 March 2013Re-upping recent images?Espritduo
14 March 2013Let's Play Final Fantasy VIII: The ForumIntangir Bot
12 March 2013FFVIII Scan QuotesEspritduo
11 March 2013Notability of Fan MusiciansIntangir Bot
5 March 2013Additional licenses for ripped models and imagesCatuse167
3 March 2013List of Birthdays (Random Pointless Idea)DrakeyC
1 March 2013Final Fantasy Wikia Broken?JBed
1 March 2013Translation Pages Ho!Xenomic
27 February 2013Allusions PolicyCatuse167
24 February 2013FFAB: Images for abilities, weapons, summonsKimlasca warrior
23 February 2013Pages for enemy classificiationsTechnobliterator
23 February 2013Stripping rights from inactive bcrats?Spira
22 February 2013Skillset Nav TemplatesTechnobliterator
21 February 2013Bottoms up~HLeandres
19 February 2013TCG Ability CoverageHLeandres
16 February 2013Foreign language Final Fantasy wikisThisismyrofl
12 February 2013Characters' Voice sectionSilent Voice
7 February 2013Abilities PagesCatuse167
7 February 2013Trivia PolicyIntangir Bot
3 February 2013WikiaBot needs to goCatuse167
29 January 2013Pages For Iconic WeaponsXion Valentine
28 January 2013Splitting weapons from abilitiesHarpieSiren
26 January 2013Blu Ray screenshotsMonterossa
24 January 2013Tag TemplatesShockstorm
23 January 2013When linking to something game-specific link to game-specific pagesIntangir Bot
22 January 2013Did You KNow Arhive pageShockstorm
19 January 2013Spring cleaning of the foraIntangir Bot
18 January 2013Relevent Kingdom Hearts screenshotsCatuse167
12 January 2013Identifying ImageXenomic
7 January 2013FFIV stuffXenomic
4 January 2013Discussion about the wiki's policy on nudity in imagesBorjitasstoi
4 January 2013List of Elements pagesXenomic
1 January 2013Encyclopedic Language GuidelineIntangir Bot
1 January 2013Change from Nihongo to J templateSome Color Mage
30 December 2012FFWiki Let's Play: The RevengeIntangir Bot
29 December 2012Anon user talk79.69.204.22
25 December 2012FFWiki FacebookSome Color Mage
22 December 2012The handling of skillsets on parent pagesShockstorm
22 December 2012FFXIV ARR: Page RelabelingTechnobliterator
21 December 2012Possible bug in FFIII NES??Catuse167
19 December 2012Brigade Event CoverageCatuse167
12 December 2012Canonicity of Bravely DefaultCatuse167
11 December 2012Requesting Color for Game FFLIICatuse167
6 December 2012Disguise articleIntangir Bot
5 December 2012Animated Enemy ImagesBlueHighwind
30 November 2012New forum styleTacticAngel
27 November 2012WallpapersXenomic
26 November 2012Lord of Vermilion PolicyKeltainentoukokuu
25 November 2012Sprite Images - Keep Shadows?HLeandres
25 November 2012Physical and Magical elementsIntangir Bot
20 November 2012Officially Make DrakeyBot a BotDeadlyslashsword
19 November 2012Navigation Templates for AbilitiesTechnobliterator
19 November 2012Main Page RedesignShockstorm
18 November 2012Status ListsIntangir Bot
17 November 2012Echoes of Time Updating Mission~Xenomic
15 November 2012Emerald Weapon Glitch79.69.204.216
14 November 2012Anchors are brokenIntangir Bot
12 November 2012Request help - Adding a table to a translation pageIntangir Bot
12 November 2012Icons on enemy battle stat templatesTechnobliterator
10 November 2012Quotes subpagesCatuse167
6 November 2012Stat Sheet PagesDrakeyC
5 November 2012Characters' battle-related informationKaimi
4 November 2012Naming Policy Discussion79.69.202.24
3 November 2012Moving from our current IRC channelIntangir Bot
2 November 2012Time to Play Across WikiaIntangir Bot
29 October 2012FFXCatuse167
21 October 2012Cave of PerfervidityCatuse167
19 October 2012A request for admin rights for JBedCatuse167
19 October 2012CSSing the wikiCatuse167
16 October 2012Halloween RedesignIntangir Bot
14 October 2012Chapter Coverage79.69.207.126
13 October 2012Bot flagIntangir Bot
13 October 2012Enemy TemplatesCatuse167
12 October 2012Two YouTube-related mattersIntangir Bot
12 October 2012RE: Videos Again!Xenomic
10 October 2012New Template for Split?Catuse167
4 October 2012Monobook main pageTidusTehSacrificer357
3 October 2012FF4CC EnemiesIntangir Bot
28 September 2012Translations PagesIntangir Bot
26 September 2012Wikia having problems?? Or changes? Or...?Catuse167
25 September 2012Itilising Article NamesSome Color Mage
23 September 2012CSS issues: inset contentspace in OasisIntangir Bot
18 September 2012Appearances counter and how it works whenTia-Lewise
17 September 2012This week's imageCatuse167
12 September 2012Brigade StuffJimcloud
8 September 2012Equipment PagesFenrir9
7 September 2012Testing Stuff for Wikia79.69.207.33
4 September 2012Images and Videos79.69.193.146
31 August 2012Free video editing software for WindowsWlee2060
31 August 2012New template neededXenomic
29 August 2012Promoting the WikiIntangir Bot
29 August 2012FFV Job PagesShockstorm
24 August 2012Image problemKaimi
23 August 2012Video policyCatuse167
22 August 2012Video implementation79.69.209.89
20 August 2012Staff Clean-UpIntangir Bot
19 August 2012Staff PromotionsIntangir Bot
19 August 2012Twitter to be RelaunchedIntangir Bot
17 August 2012SpecializationShockstorm
15 August 2012Tactics Advance - TA2 SpritesXenomic
8 August 2012Final Fantasy XIV Quest JournalIntangir Bot
7 August 2012FFX-2 Dresspheres' Stats in Articles79.69.202.171
7 August 2012FFXI Location PagesIntangir Bot
6 August 2012Question about signaturesCatuse167
4 August 2012Game music articlesKeltainentoukokuu
4 August 2012Square Enix's errors regarding 25th Anniversary materialsIntangir Bot
31 July 2012Final Fantasy XIII-2 RendersJimcloud
29 July 2012Commas in enemy stat tables79.69.192.133
29 July 2012Do we consider Theatrhythm a Dissidia spin-off?Sorceror Nobody
28 July 2012These FF12 images!Espritduo
28 July 2012Descriptions!!!Xenomic
26 July 2012Theatrhythm Stage PagesTidusTehSacrificer357
25 July 2012Facebookization + Message Wall: It's not just for user talks.Catuse167
25 July 2012Giving Directors CreditsTrindadex
24 July 2012Would someone be willing to help me make infobox tabs for the Legaia wikia?Catuse167
22 July 2012FFWiki Let's Play: Mystic QuestBlueHighwind
21 July 2012Leblanc and her lovely nameBluestarultor
21 July 2012Adding games after FFX to the dropdown menuAlpha5099
19 July 2012XIII-2 Time Period Formatting88.107.149.5
17 July 2012Handling other language namesCatuse167
12 July 2012Linking to YouTubeIntangir Bot
11 July 2012Undefined?Jeppo
10 July 2012"Read More" UglinessIntangir Bot
8 July 2012Math tagsIntangir Bot
8 July 2012New Administrative Template - Update ImageIntangir Bot
7 July 2012Math Tag Error?
6 July 2012HTML5Sorceror Nobody
5 July 2012Talk bubble policyIntangir Bot
28 June 2012Category for non-FF Screenshots (and FF-related games that don't have categories)Tia-Lewise
26 June 2012Do not use -moz-border-radiusHLeandres
25 June 2012Disambigs vs RedirectsIntangir Bot
25 June 2012FFWiki Let's Play IdeaCatuse167
25 June 2012Category: Yoshitaka Amano Images??Shockstorm
21 June 2012Gallery DivisionCatuse167
19 June 2012Equipment ListsXenomic
16 June 2012PlagarismCatuse167
7 June 2012FFIX Field imagesIntangir Bot
5 June 2012Parent article for vocal themes?Catuse167
4 June 2012FFIX battle backgrounds IDingIntangir Bot
4 June 2012Standardized "Warning" templates79.69.201.117
1 June 2012What are the Specification Designs of the Airship "Alexander"?Espritduo
30 May 2012Voice Actor PagesIntangir Bot
29 May 2012To Anyone Uploading or Categorizing ImagesIntangir Bot
23 May 2012Related videos module coming soonCatuse167
14 May 2012About FFXII Enemy templateCatuse167
29 April 2012Wikia changed the search barCatuse167
22 April 2012NPC InfoboxIntangir Bot
19 April 2012Copyright Templates: Suggesting minor overhaulYuanchosaan
17 April 2012Bugs and Glitch Page Discussion and NotificationsXenomic
17 April 2012New template for Adding Videos?Intangir Bot
13 April 2012Permissions8bit BlackMage
10 April 2012Create a new fandom namespaceIntangir Bot
1 April 2012FFX characters and their equipmentJBed
1 April 2012I cant believe someone fucked this wiki... the person who did it must be a psycho...
31 March 2012Uncategorized imagesCatuse167
30 March 2012Help with signing postOccuria Summoner
29 March 2012Disambig notationIntangir Bot
19 March 2012Discussion - Group BossesTechnobliterator
18 March 2012Discussion - Enemies With Multiple PartsIntangir Bot
14 March 2012New Test TemplateIntangir Bot
4 March 2012Dissidia Attack ChartsHLeandres
1 March 2012Shazam! Anon user talks finally work!Catuse167
15 February 2012Any thing I can do to help?Catuse167
13 February 2012New Page Query: Title ScreenJeppo
11 February 2012Anyone else's account being logged out of automatically?Sannse
11 February 2012XIII-2 Recruitable Only EnemiesJimcloud
7 February 2012IpsenKeltainentoukokuu
31 January 2012Locations' standard79.69.205.157
29 January 2012Tag Inconsistencies79.69.203.93
29 January 2012FFWiki YouTube channelCatuse167
25 January 2012Class="table"Intangir Bot
25 January 2012Test Template Rules ReworkCatuse167
24 January 2012Butchered forum indexesCatuse167
24 January 2012Possible editing bot discussionIntangir Bot
22 January 2012SUBST on Welcome templates re-evaluationIntangir Bot
20 January 2012User templates in templatespaceIntangir Bot
17 January 2012No Love for DemosIntangir Bot
17 January 2012FF4 + FF4:TAY monster pages overhaulTechnobliterator
16 January 2012New Wiki Wordmark discussionJBed
14 January 2012Automatically created user accountsJBed
14 January 2012Categories Randomly Duplicating...?Catuse167
14 January 2012To-Do ListCatuse167
14 January 2012XIII-2 enemy pagesIntangir Bot
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9 January 2012Two Delete templatesTechnobliterator
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11 March 2009Your Favorite Final Fantasy ArtistJBed
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25 February 2009Your ultimate final fantasy foursomeJBed
25 February 2009Cookies1stclasswarrior
24 February 2009Thoughts on dissidiaIntangir Bot
23 February 2009Nav template ideaJBed
23 February 2009Kefka's EXMode info122.53.5.186
20 February 2009Elf girl????1stclasswarrior
15 February 2009Quotes in Dissidia ArticlesJBed
15 February 2009Videospace policy?JBed
15 February 2009Onion Sword Question (War of the Lions)Neo Bahamut
13 February 2009Meaning of LOVELESSNeo Bahamut
13 February 2009Dissidia Script TranslationNexus Nocturnal
12 February 2009Nomura Interview on DissidiaGoldberry2000
12 February 2009What do you want in Dissidia II?HLeandres
12 February 2009If They Remade FFVII....HLeandres
11 February 2009Switching to the new parserJBed
11 February 2009Dissidia English Website UpdatedShockstorm
10 February 2009A question about onionknightBlueHighwind
10 February 2009Request- I need some screenshots for FFCC: EoTJBed
8 February 2009Discussion - Voice Actor ArticlesJBed
7 February 2009What do you love about Crisis Core?Neo Bahamut
6 February 2009Most beautiful girl in FFVIJBed
6 February 2009Bringing back the waystoneJBed
5 February 2009How about making a separate summons list from Dissidia just like the other pages?Diablocon
5 February 2009How do I pronounce "Masamune"?Shockstorm
4 February 2009The 1st annual Fikis (I can't think of a title)Shockstorm
3 February 2009The coolest boy in FFXII?JBed
3 February 2009Nightwish?JBed
3 February 2009Dissidia ArtworkAndresTiger
2 February 2009Ffix/vi/viii sequelJackrandall1
2 February 2009The Quality of ArticlesJBed
1 February 2009Kefka's Final FormJBed
31 January 2009FFX-2 missionsILHI
31 January 2009New Advent Children Complete TrailerShockstorm
29 January 2009Who's the Baddest? - FF VII & CompilationJBed
28 January 2009New FFXIII gameplay trailerJBed
28 January 2009FFCC: The Crystal Bearers Trailer81.39.224.149
28 January 2009New FF7 WEAPON challenge...
26 January 2009Best gameplay in main FF seriesJBed
25 January 2009Ability PageYuanchosaan
24 January 2009Countdown to XIIIJBed
23 January 2009DNC Talk PageJBed
20 January 2009It concerns you wether you like it or notShockstorm
20 January 2009Dissidia Question - The DragonYuanchosaan
20 January 2009Final fantasy VIIIAkwardNinja
19 January 2009One or two words on adding stuff to Dissidia pages...JBed
19 January 2009Something to lighten the moodJBed
19 January 2009The DNC Has Officially Hit BottomJBed
18 January 2009Dissidia: About Shade ImpulseJBed
18 January 2009Best Game Over themeChocolancer
16 January 2009A question regarding Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Echoes of TimeShockstorm
16 January 2009Numbers?Oranejo
16 January 2009Best FF castShockstorm
15 January 2009(DNC) Anonymous VotesJBed
15 January 2009Final Fantasy IV: TA revelationsJBed
15 January 2009Does anybody else feel that...Shockstorm
15 January 2009Absent for an unspecified time.Hexedmagica
15 January 2009Final Fantasy Legend II remakeHLeandres
14 January 2009Dissidia Character GreetingsIntangir Bot
14 January 2009Buying Final Fantasy VIIJBed
13 January 2009Question regarding walkthroughsW-Crazyswordsman
12 January 2009Dissidia MusicJBed
11 January 2009Gabranth and ShantottoHLeandres
11 January 2009Dissidia Character articles. Let's make a decision.Technobliterator
10 January 2009How about those named NPCs?JBed
10 January 2009The Lunarian ConnectionsHLeandres
10 January 2009Final fantasy 13 site updateTrio1000
8 January 2009How about Tips & Tricks section for games?HLeandres
7 January 2009Bhadra!W-Crazyswordsman
7 January 2009Image UploadBluerfn
6 January 2009CriticismShockstorm
6 January 2009I beat the Ruby and Emerald Weapon last monthShockstorm
3 January 2009I saw this video on youtube....Intangir Bot
3 January 2009DragonfableJBed
2 January 2009Quotes?Terra Homing
1 January 2009Cloud's Dissidia Storyline - SubsIntangir Bot
1 January 2009Happy new year, FFWiki !!Catuse167
1 January 2009Template RedesignsShockstorm
31 December 2008Dissidia - Seifer over Ultimecia?HLeandres
31 December 2008Comment on my YouTube VidTerra Homing
31 December 2008DNC TemplatesSome Color Mage
30 December 2008FF7ACJBed
30 December 2008Armored vs UnarmoredTalysAlankil
28 December 2008Dissidia and Character ArticlesJBed
24 December 2008Merry Christmas, FFWiki!Intangir Bot
24 December 2008Jump Festa 2009 Final Fantasy XIII trailer descriptionBlueLionheart
23 December 2008Terra's Battle with Kefka - Subtitles!Intangir Bot
23 December 2008People in Real Life who have personalities similar to FF charactersJBed
21 December 2008Best Final Fantasy EndingJBed
21 December 2008Anyone notice something wierd about the dissidia fights?JBed
21 December 2008NA Dissidia - AdditionsJBed
20 December 2008Are there any walkthroughs, tip guides, or anything like that which need done?JBed
20 December 2008New FFXIII infoBlackheart1991
20 December 2008Idea - Magic ListsCatuse167
19 December 2008Alright, Let's Chat About Dissidia ArticlesShockstorm
19 December 2008Anyone seen any good final fantasy motivational posters lately?JBed
19 December 2008Forums,Forums, and Guess What More FORUMS!JBed
18 December 2008Gabranth's Ex burstLeon5550
18 December 2008Dissidia US release dateDiablocon
18 December 2008Final Fantasy KupoIntangir Bot
17 December 2008Final Fantasy XIII Scans - Gameplay ShotsBlackheart1991
17 December 2008Crapload of New Dissidia VidsOranejo
16 December 2008Christmas GameJBed
16 December 2008MY EYES!Shockstorm
16 December 2008Sweet Sixteen and Final Fantasy IX!!Ultima The High Seraph
16 December 2008Some rough translations of the final dissidia vid222.6.91.66
15 December 2008Final Dissidia TrailerPoliwirl100
15 December 2008Refrain from editing Basch and GabranthJBed
15 December 2008Overview of DissidiaDrakeyC
13 December 2008Status effect stigmaZephyrus11
13 December 2008Wiki Image Wish ListIntangir Bot
12 December 2008Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers from DKΣ3713JBed
12 December 20088-Bit Theater is Over?JBed
9 December 2008FF4 Enemy BoxesJBed
8 December 2008Screenshot captionsJBed
6 December 2008Leaked Versus XIII trailerIntangir Bot
6 December 2008New Idea for Main Page DesignJBed
6 December 2008Dissidia Gameplay Demo - SubbedIntangir Bot
6 December 2008Are you importing Dissidia?JBed
5 December 2008Hugo Weaving Should Voice KefkaIntangir Bot
5 December 2008CategoriesPaladinCecil
5 December 2008Who's the most powerful villian in Final Fantasy?Dmysta300
5 December 2008Dissidia alternate costumesIntangir Bot
3 December 20083 new scans of dissidia and maybe FFXII???JBed
2 December 2008How do I officially post a reaction?BlueHighwind
1 December 2008Help Identifying ArtworkIntangir Bot
28 November 2008The After Pages/Sections光の戦士
28 November 2008If Final Fantasy Had Tag-Team Matches...Shockstorm
28 November 2008New Dissidia Vid - Cloud vs SephyJBed
27 November 2008Who here loves Paladins?Poliwirl100
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16 November 2008Who founded this site and what happened to him/her/it?JBed
15 November 2008BlueHighwind is not an AdminJBed
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8 November 2008Editing troubleRed Ronso
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6 November 2008Talk Template CleaningShockstorm
5 November 2008Dissidia Scans - More on Terra and KefkaShockstorm
2 November 2008Arena Music in DissidiaIntangir Bot
1 November 2008This isn't your personal forumCatuse167
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27 September 2008Sephiroth Clone ProcessNeo Bahamut
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18 September 2008Right, it's game time.JBed
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10 September 2008New Wikia: Wiki of Mana! Admin: ME!!!YellowMage
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8 September 2008Why Do People Hate Vaan?
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28 July 2008Requesting new enemy pages for the FFIV DS enemies.Zolo6
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26 June 2008Bahamut LagoonUsername:
26 June 2008Dissidia's New Trailer!Catuse167
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25 June 2008Welcome TemplatePablo618
24 June 2008First track of Versus XIII releasedCatuse167
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19 May 2008So..JBed
18 May 2008Okay, Kingdom Hearts....
18 May 2008IRC or forums?JBed
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17 May 2008Everyone loves Vivi?JBed
17 May 2008That is what you call crazy.JBed
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15 May 2008Welcome Template for IP AddressesJBed
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13 May 2008Haha, cheap lulzIntangir Bot
13 May 2008FF GraphicsIntangir Bot
13 May 2008Changing of the GuardShockstorm
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13 May 2008So now what?JBed
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1 May 2008CSM, don't read, but the rest of you will think this is funny... probably... well you should!Intangir Bot
1 May 2008Cecil's MotherDiablocon
30 April 2008WTF???JBed
30 April 2008Emulator recomendations?JBed
30 April 2008ArtbooksJBed
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30 April 2008Comments in the recent changes?BlueHighwind
29 April 2008Bizzaro EditingBlueHighwind
29 April 2008Edit value?JBed
29 April 2008Time?SuicidalChaos
29 April 2008Create a Final Fantasy character Brawl moveset!JBed
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24 April 2008IRC link down?
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23 April 2008WIFI on ma DS?
23 April 2008Walkthrough namespace? In this Wiki? It's more likely than you think!
23 April 2008FF IX remakeIntangir Bot
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20 April 2008How do ff summons crap?
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16 April 2008New ModeratorShockstorm
16 April 2008Search Bar ChangesTechnobliterator
13 April 2008What Happens?Blackheart1991
13 April 2008GOD DAMN DNC!!W-Crazyswordsman
12 April 2008Characters & enemiesAdam mcduck
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30 March 2008Doesint any one post here any more?Intangir Bot
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21 March 2008Is It Wierd?
21 March 2008Emulator CheatsIntangir Bot
20 March 2008Hey I'm new here lol.JBed
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15 March 2008Who are you?
15 March 2008Talk bobbles-help!!Final Fantasy
14 March 2008Favorite Final Fantasy VI PartyHLeandres
14 March 2008This forum is boring as hellNeloAngelo
14 March 2008"I'm Captain Basch of Dalmasca!"FANDOMbot
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11 March 2008Any Suggestions???Zerobandwidth
11 March 2008How to VFD an image, article, etc.Shockstorm
11 March 2008Ok, Someone Answer!
9 March 2008Talking somewhere else?Azul81677
8 March 2008Mysidian Legend?W-Crazyswordsman
8 March 2008Dissidia -Final Fantasy-
8 March 2008FFXII - What is Your Problem With it, Fanboys?Shockstorm
7 March 2008Im new can some one tell me how to start upAzul81677
7 March 2008How do veira make kids?Shockstorm
7 March 2008QuestionsBob the geomancer
7 March 2008Aerith questionsSword-Chucks, Yo
7 March 2008Image SearchSaberSaint
6 March 2008Most time consuming side questJBed
6 March 2008Most annoying boss battle in FFJBed
5 March 2008What do the red user names in DNC mean?
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20 February 2008CategoryAzul81677
19 February 2008FFIV: The After site updates, with character images/profiles, and the storyHLeandres
18 February 2008FINAL FANTASY XIII LEAKED!HLeandres
18 February 2008Did Vivi Die? (Please, Hopefully say no)HLeandres
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9 February 20081000th Famitsu Cover by Tetsuya NomuraYellowmoogle
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9 February 2008Why are ffiv-vi fans considered snobby, stuck up jerks?NeloAngelo
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