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July 24, 2019Tracking bugsSwordzmanp236
July 20, 2019News?
July 19, 2019On Final Fantasy Record Keeper equipment pagesThe Dead Skin
July 16, 2019Using renders in character infoboxesTechnobliterator
June 29, 2019Facebook: do we need it?Kaimi
June 11, 2019Making articles for the full script of each gameMonterossa
June 5, 2019Increasing coverage of full remakesTechnobliterator
May 22, 2019FFRK help: how to name the different versions of Celes's Runic status?The Dead Skin
April 14, 2019Help with Crimson SaberBGMaxie
April 12, 2019Interview with Square Enix localization coordinator Alex OTechnobliterator
April 11, 2019Merge suggestion: Zolulu and DeluluBGMaxie
March 23, 2019FFXIV Job Page ReworkSome Color Mage
March 3, 2019Images on WikiXenomic
January 18, 2019FFBE DataXenomic
January 8, 2019The Year of the CrossoverSwordzmanp236
December 28, 2018FFBE How to proceed with these pages WARNING: MASSIVE SEASON TWO SPOILERS!!BGMaxie
November 19, 2018Adding Japanese to tablesMonterossa
November 12, 2018UnusedImages Pruning Time!Xenomic
October 30, 2018Unprofessional Twitter2600:1017:B12C:F646:44B9:A40D:F05D:6087
September 11, 2018Expert biases and readability174.216.29.212
August 3, 2018Main atagonist of FFIII?Mattwo
August 1, 2018FFIII enemy projectJBed
July 14, 2018Standardizing file namespaceTechnobliterator
July 12, 2018Articles for official websitesJBed
July 9, 2018Help namespace overhaulTechnobliterator
July 6, 2018Should we add Octopath Traveller content into this wiki?OneEco
July 4, 2018Hey174.224.138.50
May 23, 2018Sworn Six of Paladia's page namesBGMaxie
May 21, 2018Monobook to be decommissionedTechnobliterator
May 13, 2018FFWiki Plays Final Fantasty XV - How To ParticipateSome Color Mage
March 31, 2018Clearing UnusedImages: The ReduxXenomic
March 25, 2018Suggestion for New Formatting for Certain Articles Within PagesFFfangirl
February 23, 2018Whoever runs this wiki's Twitter page needs to be more professional2600:1017:B104:BDB3:C72:BA21:6A97:5F19
February 10, 2018SoraCon Carne
February 2, 2018Tag ConsistencyDrakeyC
January 27, 2018Some questions about getting started...Whywulf785
January 1, 2018Not sure where else to post thisMar2
December 24, 2017Unable to edit on three different computers71.214.210.198
December 2, 2017UnusedImagesXenomic
August 31, 2017Category cleanupsTechnobliterator
August 23, 2017FF-style dialogue boxesJBed
August 13, 2017Interested in writing Featured Images or running Intangir Bot?Catuse167
July 11, 2017Brave Exvius Trial Page HandlingBGMaxie
July 1, 2017Cure-line spellsKaimi
May 5, 2017ProvidenceRijanLucisCaelum
April 27, 2017Featured Wiki VideosBrandon Rhea
April 25, 2017FFTCG overhaul projectJBed
April 9, 2017Discord merger with Final Fantasy subredditTechnobliterator
March 21, 2017Videos no longer workingJBed
March 19, 2017WOFF Screenshots for the WikiMecorx
March 18, 20174th "Item dropped" in FFVII Enemy InfoboxZzzplayer
March 15, 2017Mobile games event pagesKaimi
March 10, 2017Partnership with TheSpeedGamers for charityCatuse167
January 22, 2017Twitter needs updatingQHRvRICdalurIA
December 31, 2016Split template?Kaimi
December 17, 2016Magicite Madness IV - The Announcement ThreadSome Color Mage
November 28, 2016Final Fantasy XV Starter GuideOrko2814
November 24, 2016Suggestion about Elgo pageBGMaxie
October 31, 2016FFXV Images CleanupLeon95
October 31, 2016Summon pages per gameTechnobliterator
October 23, 2016Console/platform infoboxSwordzmanp236
September 14, 2016Collapsible sections (bug report)Dachimotsu7734
September 9, 2016File nomenclatureSpira
August 31, 2016Code of ConductTechnobliterator
August 25, 2016Update Final Fantasy I's Weapon, Armor, and Items List.DSdavidDS
August 21, 2016New Character InfoboxTechnobliterator
July 28, 2016Monaco screenshotsMaster Conjurer
July 24, 2016AnnouncementsCatuse167
July 11, 2016This place is deadQHRvRICdalurIA
June 22, 2016Merge Discussion - Chocolina and BarthandelusDrakeyC
June 10, 2016Facebook Group AdminsDrakeyC
June 8, 2016List of Characters revampMonterossa
May 7, 2016CSS pixelationRigel Kent
April 18, 2016Elemental multiply display on enemy pagesJBed
April 2, 2016Lyrical music articlesCatuse167
March 20, 2016Wiki Project pagesCatuse167
March 13, 2016Changes to staff rightsSome Color Mage
March 12, 2016Final Fantasy XIV databaseCatuse167
March 12, 2016Introducing DiscussionsBertH
March 5, 2016LP: Final Fantasy TacticsCatuse167
February 27, 2016Old Final Fantasy Wiki Home Page85.84.176.89
February 19, 2016Newcomer with a question about images!Healingwind
February 17, 2016Outdated Translation CoverageDrakeyC
February 15, 2016Merging tabs for different platforms in enemy infoboxesTechnobliterator
February 9, 2016Dissidia Final Fantasy ArcadeXenomic
January 30, 2016Ammendment to Naming Policy concerning lists and subpagesTechnobliterator
January 18, 2016Kanji and hiragana, furigana and rubyJBed
January 16, 2016Translation help for PictlogicaAzul120
January 4, 2016Walkthrough Purge: 2016 EditionSome Color Mage
January 3, 2016Coverage of Bravely seriesTechnobliterator
December 27, 2015Affiliation Request (The Keyhole)Aixon
December 14, 2015Organizing Record Keeper informationKaimi
December 13, 2015Checkin' In!KirbiMiroir
December 8, 2015WIP Debug Room in FFVIII79.41.26.74
December 2, 2015Main Page PortalTechnobliterator
November 8, 2015Other Media sections and BTS infoTechnobliterator
November 4, 2015Featured Article - Changing Hands Mk. 2Tia-Lewise
October 29, 2015Understanding templates on WikiaKirkburn
October 23, 2015Portable infoboxes -- and youCzechOut
October 23, 2015Klesta PageBGMaxie
October 15, 2015Flowcharts css formattingDrsassafras
October 12, 2015Where did this come from?Weedle McHairybug
October 10, 2015FFV Mobile spritesDetective Sabin
October 5, 2015What is RTS?Moglin-a-lin
September 23, 2015Redesigning Top NavigationTechnobliterator
September 9, 2015Hey, Are we working in Chrome?BlueHighwind
September 5, 2015Different VAs in FFXIV: Heavensward?TheMysteriousGeek
August 31, 2015Character pages and Other AppearancesSpira
August 14, 2015Wikia Gaming and the Final Fantasy Wiki: A ProposalBritishCynic
August 10, 2015Custom JS and verbatim currently disabledJBed
July 31, 2015FFXIII Dummy content needs update628612
July 29, 2015Mobius FF Ability CardsAxcelaw
July 25, 2015DNC is dead104.228.140.94
July 23, 2015Current spoiler policy ineffective.
July 22, 2015Spam filterKeltainentoukokuu
July 8, 2015Url of page changed after edit73.11.195.188
July 7, 2015Stub TemplatesTechnobliterator
June 24, 2015Ability ImagesKaimi
June 13, 2015FFXIV Revamp ProjectTechnobliterator
June 5, 2015Final Fantasy VII Collector's VideoTechnarch
May 19, 2015Jobs and Abilities PagesTechnobliterator
May 16, 2015Final Fantasy Answers - Let's Talk BusinessPrimarch Dysley
May 9, 2015Final Fantasy IV NES (Not the Bootleg Port)Starlight36
May 3, 2015Images vs VideosXenomic
April 21, 2015Definite Articles on Page TitlesFëasindë
April 21, 2015Puzzle & Dragons article?Monterossa
April 17, 2015Fan Discussions on PagesBlueHighwind
April 11, 2015Blocking length, should we have a guideline page?Tia-Lewise
April 11, 2015Final Fantasy Record Keeper DataXenomic
April 5, 2015FFD enemy projectJBed
March 24, 2015Fixed width in tablesJBed
March 24, 2015Image issues?Xenomic
March 22, 2015Seeking Volunteers for ProjectJimcloud
March 16, 2015List of Stats PagesTechnobliterator
March 11, 2015Simple File UploadingTechnobliterator
March 11, 2015File name guide of JBedJBed
March 5, 2015AJAX, API, and wizardry195.195.234.235
February 26, 2015Type-0 Character AbilitiesKaimi
February 26, 2015FFWiki AppKaimi
February 24, 2015LP - Final Fantasy VHexedmagica
February 20, 2015Wiki is ravaging my browserWolfMaster91
February 20, 2015Template PolicyTechnobliterator
February 20, 2015FNC: Hearts and SoulsKaimi
February 19, 2015Table Simple ListsKaimi
February 19, 2015CSS animations from spritesheetsJBed
February 19, 2015Dissidia VoicesXenomic
February 17, 2015Store game data using modulesCatuse167
February 11, 2015Keeping UncategorizedFiles clearTia-Lewise
February 8, 2015FFWiki's 10th AnniversaryKaimi
February 2, 2015Japanese Translations ListXenomic
January 28, 2015Fan TranslationsDrakeyC
January 28, 2015FFX class colorsMonterossa
January 24, 2015Articles for skillsets containing skillsets89.243.247.210
January 24, 2015When to merge summon lore with summon ability89.243.247.210
January 14, 2015Location ArticlesDrakeyC
January 6, 2015Suggestion: Quest List90.165.141.253
January 4, 2015Map TemplatesDrakeyC
December 27, 2014List of Shops PagesTechnobliterator
December 27, 2014Ultimania FindingsMecorx
December 20, 2014Overhaul of Returner's Conclave; creation of portalsCatuse167
December 16, 2014A FF13 related work (manga)BGMaxie
December 12, 2014MoS: GamesKaimi
December 10, 2014IRC ops resetYuanchosaan
December 6, 2014Unused Images!Xenomic
November 29, 2014Merging Sideicons and NavboxesTechnobliterator
November 26, 2014Adding Sections to ArticlesXenomic
November 22, 2014FFXIV articles changesTechnobliterator
November 18, 2014FF12 ImagesDrakeyC
November 16, 2014Elemental TemplatesDrakeyC
November 6, 2014Article(s) for FFXIV battle themesMonterossa
October 27, 2014Infobox MegathreadTechnobliterator
October 24, 2014Adding novellas et al to scopeJBed
October 21, 2014Articles Creation PolicyXenomic
October 21, 2014Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade UpdatingXenomic
October 15, 2014FFXII Articles Maintenance WorkKaimi
October 11, 2014Documentation for TemplatesTechnobliterator
October 5, 2014FFV enemy data not showing upLockeZ
October 1, 2014Need help fixing two FF1 enemy pages71.226.144.42
September 27, 2014IOS to MobileTechnobliterator
September 23, 2014Next LP - Dissidia 012DrakeyC
September 20, 2014Shinra TechnologiesSYSS Mouse
September 19, 2014"Peruperu" race from SpiraMonterossa
September 17, 2014Interesting tabber from other wikiMonterossa
September 11, 2014From Wikia: Battle for the Net; Internet SlowdownCrystal Tear
September 6, 2014Categorization of Music ArticlesJimcloud
August 28, 2014Kanji does not show on me.BGMaxie
August 3, 2014Issue with clicking on images to check licensesTia-Lewise
July 31, 2014Flavor Text on Article PagesFenrir9
July 30, 2014Various Dissidia topicsTechnobliterator
July 26, 2014Link TemplateDrakeyC
July 22, 2014Image display linksJBed
July 18, 2014IRC MogbotTechnobliterator
July 15, 2014Bot policy and auto-maintenanceCatuse167
July 12, 2014Affiliation with NieR WikiTidusTehSacrificer357
July 11, 2014Updating FF6 pages with iOS imagesDetective Sabin
July 10, 2014FF6 iOS Battle SpritesDetective Sabin
June 25, 2014Foot pop-upsJBed
June 16, 2014About game titles with/without a colonMonterossa
June 9, 2014Type-0 Translations pageMonterossa
June 4, 2014License box metatemplatingTechnobliterator
May 29, 2014VisualEditor nonsenseShockstorm
May 28, 2014File licensing with parametersJBed
May 23, 2014Final Fantasy at E3 2014TheBlueRogue
May 23, 2014Track Articles CategorisationKaimi
May 11, 2014Metatemplating the maintenance templateTechnobliterator
May 6, 2014Giving a character infobox for FFX-2 characters?Monterossa
May 4, 2014What release articles should coverJBed
May 3, 2014Creating a page for the battle system of every gameJBed
April 26, 2014Blurred ImagesFenrir9
April 23, 2014Suggestion for Spoilers TagBGMaxie
April 21, 2014Just uploaded all of the FF1 psp weapons imagesSniperman003
April 18, 2014TemplatesXenomic
April 17, 2014Music TagKaimi
April 16, 2014Petition for BentStuff's Final Fantasy Ultimania books into EnglishInterbooks
April 11, 2014Just joined to add a picture...Pinkythepink
April 7, 2014HQ Lightning Returns StuffKaimi
April 2, 2014FFX mechanics101.98.197.105
April 1, 2014Staff changesYuanchosaan
March 28, 2014Personnel ArticlesKaimi
March 27, 2014New way to navigate tabsJBed
March 20, 2014Lightning Returns Bust size only 4-5 garbs rest normalTempa5
March 14, 2014External Video Embedding - Or A solution to modernise helping others86.25.79.2
March 9, 2014Games' Information CollectionsKaimi
March 4, 2014Help with navigationRjRuiz
March 3, 2014Parameter caseJBed
February 27, 2014Bravely Default66.54.125.115
February 15, 2014New gallery suggestionJBed
February 11, 2014Semantic MediaWikiTechnobliterator
February 7, 2014FFV iOS portraitsEowynjedi
February 3, 2014Dressphere Wiki Event?TheBlueRogue
January 27, 2014DoC Tsviet NamesDrakeyC
January 25, 2014Abilities sections in enemy articles86.157.190.28
January 9, 2014Wikia Quiz for Lightning ReturnsDrakeyC
January 4, 2014FFXII Enemy Weapon's NameFenrir9
December 28, 2013Android on Final Fantasy Dimensions Monster pagesHieuxinhggai
December 25, 2013Cleanup of Lightning Returns ArticlesTia-Lewise
December 17, 2013Sheet MusicTia-Lewise
December 10, 2013Are we betaing VisualEditor?Catuse167
December 6, 2013Bravely Default Voice ActorsTia-Lewise
December 4, 2013Stagnancy of Good ArticlesKaimi
December 4, 2013Offline viewing database dump not available88.207.16.199
December 3, 2013Missing Files from Unused ImagesTia-Lewise
December 2, 2013Christmas Skin?Tia-Lewise
November 27, 2013Adding multiple form tabs?Bahamutfury13
November 19, 2013Dates- How do we write them in articles?Tia-Lewise
November 15, 2013State of FFWiki LPsBlueHighwind
November 15, 2013Wikia AdvertDrakeyC
November 11, 2013FFIV: The After Years Remake ImagesTia-Lewise
November 4, 2013Voice File ContentKaimi
November 1, 2013NES SpritesDrakeyC
October 30, 2013Anonymous voting for the Featured ArticleTia-Lewise
October 21, 2013Halloween SkinTia-Lewise
October 21, 2013Enemy-Creature TagDrakeyC
October 20, 2013Weapon RendersDrakeyC
October 14, 2013Articles to UpdateXenomic
October 7, 2013Unused Data DiscussionXenomic
October 7, 2013FFXIV: Legacy and ARR issuesKaimi
October 2, 2013Final Fantasy I Status ImagesXenomic
October 1, 2013Final Fantasy XIV InformationXenomic
September 27, 2013Identifying FFX RendersDrakeyC
September 16, 2013Centralised release management and other changesJBed
September 16, 2013Parent FilterRaylan13
September 12, 2013Other Appearances (FFA, FFL, FFLII, FFLIII)Fenrir9
September 5, 2013FFXI subjobs section removalJblancosegura
August 30, 2013Theatrhythm - Dissidia Spin-Off Yay or NayDrakeyC
August 28, 2013Floor PlansJeppo
August 23, 2013Image Gallery ConsistencyMecorx
August 17, 2013Other Social MediaKaimi
August 14, 2013Character Specific WeaponsDrakeyC
August 14, 2013Making changes to FFWiki FacebookTia-Lewise
August 7, 2013New Final Fantasy etymology94.253.183.104
August 1, 2013A change to FA rulesTia-Lewise
August 1, 2013"Anniversary" ProjectspaceKaimi
July 29, 2013"Add Spell" PageDrakeyC
July 28, 2013Greetings. I have a proposal.BritishCynic
July 24, 2013Final Fantasy X-2 headline questionMister Tonberry
July 24, 2013Adding memories location for Final Fantasy DimensionsAdrianbudau
July 24, 2013Wikia Promotion for Magicite Madness?ScatheMote
July 23, 2013Final Fantasy XIV UserbaseTacticAngel
July 19, 2013FFVI and Bahamut LagoonFenrir9
July 16, 2013FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation ProjectMecorx
July 16, 2013Spoiler RevampSome Color Mage
July 6, 2013Game articles MoS changesJBed
July 3, 2013Let's Play Final Fantasy Adventure!ScatheMote
July 3, 2013Suggested change to tag policy: Imagine everything has an articleJBed
June 26, 2013Help Identifying FF12 WeaponsDrakeyC
June 22, 2013List of Enemy Formations pagesJBed
June 19, 2013Lightning returns garments photosRyuzakicn
June 15, 2013FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation ProjectMecorx
June 11, 2013Because I'm OCDPrimarch Dysley
June 11, 2013New Game Editing Policy PageDrakeyC
June 11, 2013Will this wiki be on Wikitaxi as offline reader188.252.136.66
June 11, 2013Buff/Debuff Terms Outside of their Respected Game(s)Fenrir9
June 7, 2013Future of videos on the wikiCatuse167
June 5, 2013TheSpeedGamesJeppo
June 3, 2013Monthly IRC meetingsCatuse167
May 30, 2013Game ManualsKaimi
May 29, 2013F.A.O FFWiki Facebook admins (that's me, Cat, Kaimi and Tidus)Tia-Lewise
May 29, 2013JRPG TemplateTacticAngel
May 29, 2013Enemy InfoboxesEspritduo
May 25, 2013FFIV Page Name ChangeFenrir9
May 23, 2013Final Fantasy X LPJeppo
May 19, 2013Geographic Center of the WikiBlueHighwind
May 19, 2013FFIV iOS Status ImagesSsorceniviD
May 14, 2013Final Fantasy XIII tagDilsDileva
May 11, 2013Verifying correctness of informationJBed
May 9, 2013Next LP DiscussionDrakeyC
May 9, 2013FFV Character Battle SectionFenrir9
May 8, 2013Name of a minigame articleSsorceniviD
May 5, 2013Have a video~Xenomic
April 30, 2013Item Farming Article?DrakeyC
April 28, 2013Enemy Pages for All the BravestCatuse167
April 22, 2013Give Each Skillset A Page For Individual GamesDrakeyC
April 12, 2013FFVIII LP Creative Decision Voting ThingyBlueHighwind
April 10, 2013VIII enemy stat per level tables92.28.179.20
April 7, 2013Request to update Site NoticeTia-Lewise
April 6, 2013FFATB Enemy TemplateFenrir9
April 3, 2013Article for 25th Anniversary Distant WorldsTia-Lewise
April 1, 2013Petition to unban CrazyswordsmanCatuse167
March 29, 2013New Analytics Tool: Introducing ParserSpeedTimmyQuivy
March 25, 2013Locations sectionsTia-Lewise
March 23, 2013FFX X-2 HD RemasterKaimi
March 16, 2013Square Enix Legend WorldKaimi
March 15, 2013Re-upping recent images?Espritduo
March 14, 2013Let's Play Final Fantasy VIII: The ForumBlueHighwind
March 12, 2013FFVIII Scan QuotesFenrir9
March 11, 2013Notability of Fan MusiciansKaimi
March 9, 2013Useful JSJBed
March 5, 2013Additional licenses for ripped models and images2.102.228.237
March 3, 2013List of Birthdays (Random Pointless Idea)DrakeyC
March 1, 2013Final Fantasy Wikia Broken?Fenrir9
March 1, 2013Translation Pages Ho!Xenomic
February 27, 2013Allusions PolicyKaimi
February 24, 2013FFAB: Images for abilities, weapons, summonsKimlasca warrior
February 23, 2013Pages for enemy classificiationsJBed
February 23, 2013Stripping rights from inactive bcrats?JBed
February 22, 2013Skillset Nav TemplatesDrakeyC
February 21, 2013Bottoms up~Xenomic
February 19, 2013TCG Ability CoverageDrakeyC
February 16, 2013Foreign language Final Fantasy wikisThisismyrofl
February 12, 2013Characters' Voice sectionKaimi
February 12, 2013Titles and apostrophesKaimi
February 7, 2013Abilities PagesXenomic
February 3, 2013WikiaBot needs to goCatuse167
January 29, 2013Pages For Iconic WeaponsDrakeyC
January 28, 2013Splitting weapons from abilities79.69.197.106
January 26, 2013Blu Ray screenshotsNetherith
January 26, 2013Revenant Wings Enemy Summon PagesDeadlyslashsword
January 24, 2013Tag TemplatesDrakeyC
January 23, 2013When linking to something game-specific link to game-specific pages79.69.218.67
January 22, 2013Did You KNow Arhive pageMoniaaa
January 19, 2013Spring cleaning of the foraCatuse167
January 18, 2013Relevent Kingdom Hearts screenshotsNetherith
January 12, 2013Identifying ImageDrakeyC
January 7, 2013FFIV stuffXenomic
January 4, 2013Discussion about the wiki's policy on nudity in images79.69.206.165
January 4, 2013List of Elements pagesXenomic
January 1, 2013Encyclopedic Language GuidelineKaimi
January 1, 2013Change from Nihongo to J template79.69.193.80
December 29, 2012Anon user talkCatuse167
December 25, 2012FFWiki FacebookCatuse167
December 22, 2012The handling of skillsets on parent pages79.69.204.66
December 21, 2012Possible bug in FFIII NES??Xenomic
December 19, 2012Brigade Event CoverageJimcloud
December 12, 2012Canonicity of Bravely DefaultCatuse167
December 11, 2012Requesting Color for Game FFLIIFenrir9
December 6, 2012Disguise articleJimcloud
December 5, 2012Animated Enemy ImagesDrakeyC
November 30, 2012New forum styleCatuse167
November 27, 2012WallpapersXenomic
November 26, 2012Lord of Vermilion PolicyJimcloud
November 25, 2012Sprite Images - Keep Shadows?DrakeyC
November 25, 2012Physical and Magical elementsKaimi
November 20, 2012Officially Make DrakeyBot a BotDrakeyC
November 19, 2012Navigation Templates for AbilitiesKaimi
November 19, 2012Main Page RedesignDrakeyC
November 18, 2012Status ListsShockstorm
November 17, 2012Echoes of Time Updating Mission~Xenomic
November 15, 2012Emerald Weapon Glitch79.69.221.89
November 12, 2012Request help - Adding a table to a translation page98.86.114.35
November 12, 2012Icons on enemy battle stat templatesKaimi
November 10, 2012Quotes subpagesCatuse167
November 6, 2012Stat Sheet PagesDrakeyC
November 5, 2012Characters' battle-related informationKaimi
November 4, 2012Naming Policy DiscussionDrakeyC
November 2, 2012Time to Play Across WikiaCatuse167
October 29, 2012FFXDcrigg
October 21, 2012Cave of Perfervidity71.193.195.110
October 19, 2012A request for admin rights for JBedJBed
October 19, 2012CSSing the wikiJBed
October 16, 2012Halloween RedesignDrakeyC
October 14, 2012Chapter CoverageDrakeyC
October 13, 2012Enemy TemplatesKaimi
October 12, 2012RE: Videos Again!Xenomic
October 11, 2012Tags on pagesTidusTehSacrificer357
October 10, 2012New Template for Split?Xenomic
October 4, 2012Monobook main pageFinal Cannon
October 3, 2012FF4CC EnemiesDrakeyC
September 28, 2012Translations PagesXenomic
September 26, 2012Wikia having problems?? Or changes? Or...?Xenomic
September 25, 2012Itilising Article NamesKaimi
September 18, 2012Appearances counter and how it works when79.69.207.3
September 17, 2012This week's image166.137.88.170
September 12, 2012Brigade StuffJimcloud
September 8, 2012Equipment PagesXenomic
September 7, 2012Testing Stuff for WikiaCatuse167
September 4, 2012Images and VideosXenomic
August 31, 2012Free video editing software for Windows79.69.197.33
August 31, 2012New template neededXenomic
August 29, 2012FFV Job PagesXenomic
August 24, 2012Image problemKaimi
August 23, 2012Video policy79.69.209.89
August 22, 2012Video implementationJBed
August 20, 2012Staff Clean-UpDeadlyslashsword
August 19, 2012Twitter to be RelaunchedJeppo
August 17, 2012SpecializationCoolawits
August 15, 2012Tactics Advance - TA2 SpritesDrakeyC
August 8, 2012Final Fantasy XIV Quest JournalDiamondEdge
August 7, 2012FFX-2 Dresspheres' Stats in ArticlesKaimi
August 7, 2012FFXI Location PagesJimcloud
August 6, 2012Question about signatures71.251.171.62
August 4, 2012Game music articles79.69.203.227
August 4, 2012Square Enix's errors regarding 25th Anniversary materialsKaimi
July 31, 2012Final Fantasy XIII-2 RendersEmperor Mateus
July 29, 2012Commas in enemy stat tablesKaimi
July 29, 2012Do we consider Theatrhythm a Dissidia spin-off?DrakeyC
July 28, 2012These FF12 images!
July 28, 2012Descriptions!!!Xenomic
July 26, 2012Theatrhythm Stage PagesDrakeyC
July 25, 2012Facebookization + Message Wall: It's not just for user talks.Catuse167
July 25, 2012Giving Directors CreditsBlueHighwind
July 24, 2012Would someone be willing to help me make infobox tabs for the Legaia wikia?LegaiaWiki
July 22, 2012FFWiki Let's Play: Mystic QuestBlueHighwind
July 21, 2012Leblanc and her lovely nameKaimi
July 21, 2012Adding games after FFX to the dropdown menu184.36.96.165
July 19, 2012XIII-2 Time Period FormattingThe Final Fantasy
July 17, 2012Handling other language names79.69.196.182
July 12, 2012Linking to YouTube67.244.5.142
July 11, 2012Undefined?DilsDileva
July 10, 2012"Read More" UglinessTidusTehSacrificer357
July 9, 2012FFXIII/-2: Catastrophe/Day of RagnarokKaimi
July 8, 2012Math tagsTidusTehSacrificer357
July 7, 2012Math Tag Error?Xenomic
July 6, 2012HTML5JBed
June 28, 2012Category for non-FF Screenshots (and FF-related games that don't have categories)Tia-Lewise
June 26, 2012Do not use -moz-border-radiusSome Color Mage
June 25, 2012Disambigs vs RedirectsXenomic
June 25, 2012FFWiki Let's Play IdeaScatheMote
June 25, 2012Category: Yoshitaka Amano Images??Espritduo
June 21, 2012Gallery DivisionJimcloud
June 19, 2012Equipment ListsXenomic
June 18, 2012Facebook and Twitter DiscussionJeppo
June 16, 2012PlagarismCatuse167
June 15, 2012Quiz QuestionTacticAngel
June 7, 2012FFIX Field imagesJBed
June 5, 2012Parent article for vocal themes?Keltainentoukokuu
June 4, 2012FFIX battle backgrounds IDingJBed
June 4, 2012Standardized "Warning" templatesCatuse167
June 1, 2012What are the Specification Designs of the Airship "Alexander"?
May 29, 2012To Anyone Uploading or Categorizing ImagesCatuse167
May 23, 2012Related videos module coming soonSarah Manley
May 14, 2012About FFXII Enemy templateSteamygoreng
April 29, 2012Wikia changed the search barCatuse167
April 22, 2012NPC InfoboxDrakeyC
April 19, 2012Copyright Templates: Suggesting minor overhaulJeppo
April 17, 2012Bugs and Glitch Page Discussion and NotificationsXenomic
April 13, 2012Permissions89.155.101.58
April 10, 2012Create a new fandom namespace79.69.203.93
April 1, 2012FFX characters and their equipmentJBed
April 1, 2012I cant believe someone fucked this wiki... the person who did it must be a psycho...
March 31, 2012Uncategorized imagesCatuse167
March 30, 2012Help with signing postSquall2.0
March 29, 2012Disambig notation79.69.198.12
March 19, 2012Discussion - Group BossesDiamondEdge
March 18, 2012Discussion - Enemies With Multiple PartsDrakeyC
March 4, 2012Dissidia Attack ChartsDrakeyC
March 1, 2012Shazam! Anon user talks finally work!Catuse167
February 15, 2012Any thing I can do to help?Squall2.0
February 13, 2012New Page Query: Title ScreenSteamygoreng
February 11, 2012Anyone else's account being logged out of automatically?Tia-Lewise
February 11, 2012XIII-2 Recruitable Only EnemiesJimcloud
February 7, 2012Ipsen24.3.30.191
January 31, 2012Locations' standardKaimi
January 29, 2012Tag InconsistenciesDrakeyC
January 29, 2012FFWiki YouTube channelCatuse167
January 25, 2012Class="table"Kaimi
January 25, 2012Test Template Rules ReworkJeppo
January 24, 2012Butchered forum indexesJBed
January 24, 2012Possible editing bot discussionBluestarultor
January 22, 2012SUBST on Welcome templates re-evaluationBluestarultor
January 20, 2012User templates in templatespaceJBed
January 17, 2012No Love for DemosJimcloud
January 17, 2012FF4 + FF4:TAY monster pages overhaulFirebird
January 16, 2012New Wiki Wordmark discussionIxbran
January 14, 2012Automatically created user accountsTia-Lewise
January 14, 2012Categories Randomly Duplicating...?Catuse167
January 14, 2012To-Do ListCatuse167
January 14, 2012XIII-2 enemy pagesKaimi
January 12, 2012How would you like the noticeboard to work?Bluerfn
January 9, 2012Two Delete templatesJBed
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April 7, 2011Dissidia 012 vs DuodecimDrakeyC
April 7, 2011Edit links on the leftSorceror Nobody
April 6, 2011Why is there a compromise? ( or Why do people still refer to her as Aeris?)Reverse 11
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November 15, 2010Image Issues?Xenomic
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May 12, 2010Plot holes page.Miles blackmage
May 5, 2010DNC ReminderTacticAngel
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April 18, 2010Names in other Languages Tables8bit BlackMage
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April 3, 2010Enemy CategorisationChaosshaun
April 1, 2010"Audio CDs", a new category categorization.Kuzlalala
March 28, 2010Picture Categorization by ArtistsKuzlalala
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March 15, 2010DNC ScheduleSilverCrono
March 15, 2010Serious Question About Final Fantasy XIII DatalogNotALegend
March 4, 2010Images policyFëasindë
February 28, 2010Im banned please help70.109.69.243
February 27, 2010For those of you who use Tumblr!PulseStrife
February 25, 2010Image Template help!!SilverCrono
February 24, 2010A question about Images.OavatosDK
February 23, 2010Getting videosUzuki18
February 14, 2010Battlefield Table HelpLost Hero
February 13, 2010Re-organizing my walkthrough. Please help.Lost Hero
February 12, 2010UniversityNetherith
January 31, 2010Picture Problems (uploads)Balthierfan
January 29, 2010How do you create a boss box?Uzuki18
January 27, 2010I got 2 questions...Sindra The Fire Angel
January 19, 2010Final Fantasy etymology78.0.198.48
January 18, 2010IRC registration processFëasindë
January 15, 2010Final Fantasy XII Manga AdditionsParamina
January 9, 2010Image IssuesXenomic
January 4, 2010Character HeightsNetherith
January 4, 2010Some image help please!SilverCrono
January 1, 2010Images from other WikisVioletmage
December 28, 2009Final Fantasy XIV BetaTacticAngel
December 26, 2009Forgive me for sounding like an idiot... (Template Help)Faythoffenrir
December 26, 2009Major annoyance. -.-;Kujo999
December 26, 2009Missing EnemiesShadowed Hellfire
December 25, 2009RomanisationsYuanchosaan
December 24, 2009Merry ChristmasYuanchosaan
December 21, 2009Dissidia Japanese InfoMadHatter1284
December 19, 2009A flood of vandals.Faythoffenrir
December 15, 2009This weeks featured imageYOUspoonydragoon
December 13, 2009Final Fantasy XIII Release and Policy8bit BlackMage
December 9, 2009Need help making templateFinest of the Vieria
November 27, 2009Copyright Q & AYuanchosaan
November 20, 2009Something I can help by SE Members?Red-yellow-striped-apple
November 20, 2009Dragon Quest WikiaBigCubby
November 19, 2009Skillset PagesDrakeyC
November 11, 2009Game ability templatesXenomic
November 6, 2009Old style recent changes box.Faythoffenrir
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October 26, 2009Advertisements causing lag?
October 25, 2009How do you mak those speech bubble things?
October 23, 2009Final Fantasy X-2 / Allusions pageFaythoffenrir
October 20, 2009Omega and Omega Weapon are not the same78.105.163.16
October 17, 2009FFXIII Zero Promise. Could someone translate it? Please?Faythoffenrir
October 15, 2009Status and Spell tagsDrakeyC
October 13, 2009Award Templates Are ReturningDrakeyC
October 13, 2009RPG terms pagesXepscern
October 5, 2009Suggestion for FFXII Monster listMichelrpg
October 3, 2009Ivalice Alliance Issue...Leaferian
October 1, 2009FFIV and TAY issuesTenzaZangetsu
September 28, 2009FFVIII ArticlesNetherith
September 27, 2009Article for "Real Men" Machinima?AJ the Shinigami
September 12, 2009Dissidia Communication Mode66.98.25.178
September 11, 2009Should we have a page with a list of the Accomplishments for Dissidia and how to do them?VoidCommanderExdeath
September 11, 2009Four Tildes EffectRed-yellow-striped-apple
September 9, 2009Dissidia Storyline PagesDrakeyC
September 8, 2009Should We Have a "List" category?DrakeyC
September 4, 2009Wiki StatsNetherith
September 3, 2009Tabs for multi-encounter enemiesNetherith
September 2, 2009Lucrecia and Hojo90.218.25.47
August 31, 2009They're removing the Jap CaptionDevil Breaker
August 30, 2009Is there an etiquette to walkthroughs?Rapparee
August 28, 2009Is there any article on this wiki which hasn't been done? i need an IDEA! (i've only played final fantasy XII)Snappyo
August 28, 2009How Many Club Are Here?Malevolence Tanaka
August 25, 2009List of Abilities in DissidiaDevil Breaker
August 25, 2009Dissidia English DifferencesDrakeyC
August 25, 2009Is Dissidia Worth It?Violetmage
August 23, 2009Had anyone played the leaked out Dissidia?
August 18, 2009Matrix SoftwareEric Ryan Jones
August 18, 2009Fan videos8bit BlackMage
August 13, 2009Cleanup of the monthTerra Homing
August 5, 2009Hey, FF Wiki Need a new background, this is already too long time - -Sindra The Fire Angel
July 28, 2009Rich Text Editor8bit BlackMage
July 26, 2009Final Fantasy XI Enemy Images8bit BlackMage
July 25, 2009Collapsable Spoiler SectionsSilverDragon28
July 25, 2009Petition to bring back ArmageddonExdeath64
July 24, 2009Dissidia demo infoGriffen78
July 21, 2009Irc spammers going on rampageGriffen78
July 19, 2009Collapsible tableGin-san
July 15, 2009Sephrioth's motives?Hightoa
July 14, 2009Spiran TextExdeath64
July 13, 2009Character Quotes?Exdeath64
July 10, 2009Custom namespace?YellowMage
July 7, 2009Merchandise CoverageDrakeyC
July 1, 2009Rydia "The After" Outfit ConfusionTerra Branford
June 30, 2009Wiki BlogsDrakemasterDrake
June 28, 2009CCFFVII Twister CommandsDevil Breaker
June 26, 2009Ability/spell articlesJeppo
June 24, 2009KH section for job pagesXepscern
June 23, 2009Out of curiosity...W-Crazyswordsman
June 21, 2009UnFinalFantasy wikiTerra Homing
June 19, 2009UsergroupsPoliwirl100
June 18, 2009Irc on the frits?Griffen78
June 16, 2009A little help..?SeeD Squall
June 15, 2009Cheap methodsExdeath64
June 11, 2009Game PagesDrakeyC
June 10, 2009Final Fantasy XV page creationTheMasterFighter
June 7, 2009FFXI coverageYuanchosaan
June 5, 200914 Discussion ThreadZephyrus11
June 5, 2009Title capitalizationMaster Conjurer
May 31, 2009Dissidia Boss PagesDrakeyC
May 27, 2009We need a banner strip for our Monaco custom skinFëasindë
May 27, 2009Could I ask that?Devil Breaker
May 25, 2009Mission Time?Devil Breaker
May 24, 2009Image HelpCal05000
May 22, 2009Talk bubble helpHellflash1416
May 21, 2009New Main Page and pagetitleRichard1990
May 19, 2009Layout upgradeFëasindë
May 18, 2009Voice Samples?DrakeyC
May 18, 2009Dissidia English Voice ActorsJARIITX
May 17, 2009Houston, we have liftoff!
May 16, 2009No Extras for FFXIII for the 360? Is it true?Terra Branford
May 15, 2009Recent change reduxExdeath64
May 14, 2009FFI pspLinedpaper89
May 12, 2009Dissidia QnA SessionDevil Breaker
May 11, 2009Looking for a projectExdeath64
May 9, 2009FF13 - Not Until After AprilDrakeyC
May 9, 2009Specialist requestedExdeath64
May 9, 2009More Characters For English Dissidia!DrakeyC
May 8, 2009SE Interview - Good Stuff Here!DrakeyC
May 8, 2009Just asking (FFT Enemy Abilities)Devil Breaker
May 7, 2009FVIICC Ending90.211.88.99
May 6, 2009FA Regulations and StandardsDrakeyC
May 6, 2009Make an archive for the Travel AngencyMasterTheif43
May 5, 2009US Dissidia Easier To Finish Than Jap Vers?DrakeyC
May 3, 2009Just an idea, hear me outExdeath64
May 3, 2009FFVII Advent Children Complete202.152.23.193
May 3, 2009Just so I knowExdeath64
May 3, 2009User DebateExdeath64
May 2, 2009Standard Status EffectsAJDurai
May 1, 2009Potential enemy template revampJeppo
May 1, 2009Does everyone need to sign-in their nominations?Devil Breaker
May 1, 2009English Voices in DissidiaPoliwirl100
April 30, 2009Helping NeophytesExdeath64
April 30, 2009How do I reply to topicsPH5211
April 30, 2009I think, above the 3 parts of the FNC Compilation...Devil Breaker
April 28, 2009Are the English FFACC videos in YouTube real?Devil Breaker
April 28, 2009"But all the while I sit and think of times there were before..."Yuanchosaan
April 28, 2009Yet another admin is goneExdeath64
April 27, 2009Main Page TitlelessnessAJDurai
April 26, 2009I think the ads at the Main Page are really getting large....Devil Breaker
April 26, 2009First FFXIII English Voice ActingBlueHighwind
April 24, 2009Main FFCC: Echoes of Time Forum??KingKoopa5
April 24, 2009Compilation Titles and SequelsGamer2127
April 23, 2009Are anonymous people (the IP Address users) are also allowed in the forums and DNC???Devil Breaker
April 22, 2009Merge all like-minded spellsAJDurai
April 21, 2009Gathering social informationExdeath64
April 21, 2009Well, what to do now?Xenomic
April 20, 2009What's wrong with the IRC?Leon5550
April 19, 2009Rufus after Shinra downfall90.206.46.188
April 19, 2009Uhmmm since the forum banner's changed....Devil Breaker
April 17, 2009FF XIII demo gameplay videosTheFoxsCloak
April 16, 2009A fond (?) farewell.End Game
April 15, 2009Moving ArticlesDrakemasterDrake
April 14, 2009We Have Award TemplatesDrakeyC
April 13, 2009FFWiki formatting and new sectionsXenomic
April 13, 2009Ultimecia's speech and motive80.7.23.208
April 12, 2009FF II articlesTenzaZangetsu
April 10, 2009After-style remakesExdeath64
April 9, 2009Petition for RemovalsAJDurai
April 9, 2009I found a FF VI Advance but should i get it?DarkShuyin
April 8, 2009Recognising user's BirthdaysArmageddon11(DANIELSJ14)
April 7, 2009What's with so many staff leaving?1stclasswarrior
April 7, 2009Are There Any Ways to View Deleted Articles?DrakemasterDrake
April 7, 2009Featured ArticlesAJDurai
April 5, 2009What final fantasy would make a good anime series?Exdeath64
April 5, 2009Guys can anyone help me with my page?Devil Breaker
April 3, 2009Formatting name diffsILHI
April 3, 2009Minor javascript changesKyleH
April 2, 2009New Dissidia Release dateCloudofdarkness
April 1, 2009Did you know...BigCubby
April 1, 2009Um, hello?Vincent Highwind
April 1, 2009Next FF7 Compilation TitleDrakeyC
March 31, 2009Award IdeaDrakeyC
March 28, 2009Name UpdatesUsername:
March 28, 2009Recent Changes Problems (Redux)BlueHighwind
March 28, 2009Is Final Fantasy III ds version worth getting?DarkShuyin
March 27, 2009Uploading VideosDrakeyC
March 27, 2009Adopt a UserMaster Conjurer
March 26, 2009What do you name you're aeons?Rarikou
March 24, 2009Constructive Editing GuideYuanchosaan
March 22, 2009IGN Article - Is FFVII Overrated?DrakeyC
March 21, 2009Dissidia TriviaDrakeyC
March 19, 2009Vossler's Inspiration?Axel-of-the-Key
March 19, 2009Memento moriExdeath64
March 18, 2009We need new staff membersCloudofdarkness
March 18, 2009FF7 - JobsDrakeyC
March 15, 2009The Chrono WikiRichard1990
March 14, 2009Do they celebrate holidays like we do?Guardianofthecrystalrose
March 13, 2009Can anyone here fluently read japanese?1stclasswarrior
March 12, 2009Wikiproject WishlistYuanchosaan
March 11, 2009Final Fantasy VIII: Is it worth it?SilverDragon28
March 11, 2009Your Favorite Final Fantasy ArtistMasterTheif43
March 11, 2009Character ThemesDeadlyslashsword
March 9, 2009Don't tell me this isn't fangirl service.MasterTheif43
March 7, 2009User badges - new featureKirkburn
March 6, 2009New FFVII AnimeRed-yellow-striped-apple
March 5, 2009AnthologiesBigCubby
March 3, 2009Talk templatesILHI
March 2, 2009What the hell are these?1stclasswarrior
March 1, 2009That person, the weirdest personRed-yellow-striped-apple
February 28, 2009New DS remakesExdeath64
February 28, 2009Kefka vs SephirothPoliwirl100
February 28, 2009Editing Final Fantasy IV: The After (Years)Diablocon
February 25, 2009Your ultimate final fantasy foursome217.40.90.221
February 25, 2009Cookies1stclasswarrior
February 24, 2009Thoughts on dissidiaMasterTheif43
February 23, 2009Nav template ideaBorn from Darkness
February 23, 2009Kefka's EXMode infoDevil Breaker
February 20, 2009Elf girl????1stclasswarrior
February 15, 2009Quotes in Dissidia Articles8bit BlackMage
February 15, 2009Videospace policy?Some Color Mage
February 15, 2009Onion Sword Question (War of the Lions)Neo Bahamut
February 13, 2009Meaning of LOVELESSSilverDragon28
February 13, 2009Dissidia Script TranslationNexus Nocturnal
February 12, 2009Nomura Interview on DissidiaDrakeyC
February 12, 2009What do you want in Dissidia II?Dmysta300
February 12, 2009If They Remade FFVII....Neo Bahamut
February 11, 2009Switching to the new parserSannse
February 11, 2009Dissidia English Website UpdatedDrakeyC
February 10, 2009A question about onionknightOnionknight23
February 10, 2009Request- I need some screenshots for FFCC: EoTRed-yellow-striped-apple
February 8, 2009Discussion - Voice Actor ArticlesDrakeyC
February 7, 2009What do you love about Crisis Core?FFfangirl
February 6, 2009Most beautiful girl in FFVIRed-yellow-striped-apple
February 6, 2009Bringing back the waystoneExdeath64
February 5, 2009How about making a separate summons list from Dissidia just like the other pages?Devil Breaker
February 5, 2009How do I pronounce "Masamune"?CrashGordon94
February 4, 2009The 1st annual Fikis (I can't think of a title)
February 3, 2009The coolest boy in FFXII?Red-yellow-striped-apple
February 3, 2009Nightwish?Exdeath64
February 3, 2009Dissidia ArtworkDrakeyC
February 2, 2009Ffix/vi/viii sequelJackrandall1
February 2, 2009The Quality of ArticlesBluerfn
February 1, 2009Kefka's Final FormDrakeyC
January 31, 2009FFX-2 missionsTerra Homing
January 31, 2009New Advent Children Complete TrailerKrystal Tomlin
January 29, 2009Who's the Baddest? - FF VII & CompilationThe Man In The Black Cape
January 28, 2009New FFXIII gameplay trailerDmysta300
January 28, 2009FFCC: The Crystal Bearers TrailerAndresTiger
January 28, 2009New FF7 WEAPON challenge...Archmagi101
January 26, 2009Best gameplay in main FF seriesRed-yellow-striped-apple
January 25, 2009Ability PageDrakeyC
January 24, 2009Countdown to XIIIAdelbert
January 23, 2009DNC Talk PageRowdycmoore
January 22, 2009LET'S STOP ACTING SO CHILDISH!Krystal Tomlin
January 20, 2009It concerns you wether you like it or notWinged Lion
January 20, 2009Dissidia Question - The DragonDrakeyC
January 20, 2009Final fantasy VIIIExdeath64
January 19, 2009One or two words on adding stuff to Dissidia pages...Henryacores
January 19, 2009Something to lighten the moodTerra Homing
January 19, 2009The DNC Has Officially Hit BottomDrakeyC
January 18, 2009Dissidia: About Shade ImpulseRed-yellow-striped-apple
January 18, 2009Best Game Over themeChocolancer
January 16, 2009A question regarding Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Echoes of TimeDarkShuyin
January 16, 2009Numbers?Oranejo
January 16, 2009Best FF castDmysta300
January 15, 2009(DNC) Anonymous VotesTacticAngel
January 15, 2009Final Fantasy IV: TA revelationsHenryacores
January 15, 2009Does anybody else feel that...BigCubby
January 15, 2009Absent for an unspecified time.Netherith
January 15, 2009Final Fantasy Legend II remakeDmysta300
January 14, 2009Buying Final Fantasy VIISilverDragon28
January 13, 2009Question regarding walkthroughsDarkShuyin
January 12, 2009Dissidia MusicTerra Homing
January 11, 2009Gabranth and ShantottoHenryacores
January 11, 2009Dissidia Character articles. Let's make a decision.Netherith
January 10, 2009How about those named NPCs?ILHI
January 10, 2009The Lunarian ConnectionsDrakeyC
January 10, 2009Final fantasy 13 site update69.215.129.60
January 8, 2009How about Tips & Tricks section for games?Kupuntu
January 7, 2009Bhadra!Chocolancer
January 7, 2009Image UploadBluerfn
January 6, 2009CriticismBigCubby
January 6, 2009I beat the Ruby and Emerald Weapon last monthBigCubby
January 3, 2009I saw this video on youtube....Terra Homing
January 3, 2009DragonfablePoliwirl100
January 2, 2009Quotes?Terra Homing
January 1, 2009Cloud's Dissidia Storyline - SubsDrakeyC
January 1, 2009Happy new year, FFWiki !!TalysAlankil
January 1, 2009Template RedesignsSome Color Mage
December 31, 2008Dissidia - Seifer over Ultimecia?DrakeyC
December 31, 2008Comment on my YouTube VidDrakeyC
December 31, 2008DNC TemplatesTacticAngel
December 30, 2008FF7ACPoliwirl100
December 30, 2008Armored vs UnarmoredJudge Pulsar
December 28, 2008Dissidia and Character ArticlesDiablocon
December 24, 2008Jump Festa 2009 Final Fantasy XIII trailer descriptionHylesaul
December 23, 2008Terra's Battle with Kefka - Subtitles!DrakeyC
December 23, 2008People in Real Life who have personalities similar to FF charactersWhisperingrockers
December 21, 2008Best Final Fantasy EndingDmysta300
December 21, 2008Anyone notice something wierd about the dissidia fights?Exdeath64
December 21, 2008NA Dissidia - AdditionsDrakeyC
December 20, 2008Are there any walkthroughs, tip guides, or anything like that which need done?Exdeath64
December 20, 2008New FFXIII infoDmysta300
December 20, 2008Idea - Magic ListsDrakeyC
December 19, 2008Alright, Let's Chat About Dissidia ArticlesDrakeyC
December 19, 2008Anyone seen any good final fantasy motivational posters lately?Exdeath64
December 19, 2008Forums,Forums, and Guess What More FORUMS!Zolo6
December 18, 2008Gabranth's Ex burstDmysta300
December 18, 2008Dissidia US release dateDmysta300
December 17, 2008Final Fantasy XIII Scans - Gameplay ShotsAndresTiger
December 17, 2008Crapload of New Dissidia VidsDrakeyC
December 16, 2008Christmas GameUltima The High Seraph
December 16, 2008MY EYES!Henryacores
December 16, 2008Sweet Sixteen and Final Fantasy IX!!Whisperingrockers
December 16, 2008Some rough translations of the final dissidia vid222.6.91.66
December 15, 2008Final Dissidia TrailerAndresTiger
December 15, 2008Refrain from editing Basch and GabranthDiablocon
December 15, 2008Overview of DissidiaDrakeyC
December 13, 2008Status effect stigmaDazuro
December 13, 2008Wiki Image Wish List8bit BlackMage
December 12, 2008Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailers from DKΣ3713AndresTiger
December 12, 20088-Bit Theater is Over?DrakeyC
December 9, 2008FF4 Enemy BoxesDrakeyC
December 8, 2008Screenshot captionsDazuro
December 6, 2008Leaked Versus XIII trailerBorn from Darkness
December 6, 2008New Idea for Main Page DesignDrakeyC
December 6, 2008Dissidia Gameplay Demo - SubbedDrakeyC
December 6, 2008Are you importing Dissidia?RadLink5
December 5, 2008CategoriesPaladinCecil
December 5, 2008Who's the most powerful villian in Final Fantasy?Ryo88
December 5, 2008Dissidia alternate costumesDmysta300
December 3, 20083 new scans of dissidia and maybe FFXII???Bahamut-shin
December 2, 2008How do I officially post a reaction?Anderson5
November 28, 2008The After Pages/SectionsDrakeyC
November 28, 2008If Final Fantasy Had Tag-Team Matches...Theanonymousfangirl
November 28, 2008New Dissidia Vid - Cloud vs SephyDrakeyC
November 27, 2008Who here loves Paladins?CrashGordon94
November 26, 2008Music Articles Policy/Archive 1Fëasindë
November 25, 2008Voice Actors PageSilverSummoner
November 23, 2008ShinraDazuro
November 23, 2008Forum ModeratorsBlueHighwind
November 23, 2008Losing to Yu YevonChocolancer
November 21, 2008Does *anyone* like FF X-2Poliwirl100
November 19, 2008Dissidia Tidus Younger?DrakeyC
November 19, 2008Fourth Wall BreakingSora G. Strife
November 19, 2008Dissidia Scans - More on Cloud & SephirothAndresTiger
November 17, 2008Lots of Dissidia scansHenryacores
November 17, 2008How is Luso in War of the Lions?Ultima The High Seraph
November 16, 2008Who founded this site and what happened to him/her/it?Exdeath64
November 15, 2008BlueHighwind is not an AdminDiablocon
November 13, 2008Dissidia Trailer - SubbedDrakeyC
November 12, 2008BahamutBahamut-shin
November 12, 2008Dissidia Scans - Cloud and Sephiroth RevealedAndresTiger
November 10, 2008Why is Mystic Quest so hated?Red Ronso
November 9, 2008Final Fantasy TacticsDrakeyC
November 9, 2008The change in music composers in the FF FranchiseRed Ronso
November 8, 2008Editing troubleGriffen78
November 7, 2008IRC wii compatible?Griffen78
November 6, 2008Dissidia Update - EX ModeDrakeyC
November 6, 2008Media Gallery ProposalGilgameshkun
November 6, 2008Recent Changes optionsYuanchosaan
November 6, 2008Talk Template CleaningDiablocon
November 5, 2008Dissidia Scans - More on Terra and KefkaAndresTiger
November 2, 2008Arena Music in DissidiaCecil the Paladin
November 1, 2008This isn't your personal forumDiablocon
October 31, 2008Lord of Vermilion Artwork IdentificationYuanchosaan
October 31, 2008Lightning of the DeadDazuro
October 29, 2008Griever, Fenrir.....and bears oh my!Netherith
October 29, 2008We have Terra and Kefka Scans!DrakeyC
October 29, not working...PhoenixDew
October 28, 2008IGN Top 100 Games 2008ChiefKakashi
October 28, 20088-Bit TheatreCrashGordon94
October 25, 2008Badass birdBahamut-shin
October 25, 2008IGN's Top 25 FF CharactersDrakeyC
October 24, 2008Final Fantasy inspired Halloween CostumesWhisperingrockers
October 23, 2008Admin and Moderator "Rank" DiscussionSteve C
October 23, 2008Should Zidane's English Voice Be Male or Female?Krystal Tomlin
October 22, 2008The level of technology in XIIIBlackheart1991
October 22, 2008Flaming in the IRCJARIITX
October 22, 2008List of Dissidia CharactersKrystal Tomlin
October 21, 2008About "missing" articlesDiablocon
October 21, 2008The Continued Disappearance of PalmerWhisperingrockers
October 21, 2008How to get friends or family interested in Final FantasyWhisperingrockers
October 20, 2008Summoning MediumsBlackheart1991
October 20, 2008New Proposed Bill: Removal of Jobs Outside the Job SystemBlueHighwind
October 19, 2008Should Final Fantasy Continue or Come to an End Soon?Whisperingrockers
October 19, 2008Has Final Fantasy moved more with the times than Zelda has?Whisperingrockers
October 19, 2008Template substitutionYuanchosaan
October 18, 2008Wiki Interface ChangesBluerfn
October 18, 2008Transcript of Latest Dissidia TrailerDrakeyC
October 18, 2008VII Character ArticlesDrakeyC
October 17, 2008Voices for Dissidia, who would you pick?Mask de Azul
October 16, 2008Crisis Core businessILHI
October 16, 2008Origins of monstersDazuro
October 15, 2008New Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII ScansAndresTiger
October 15, 2008Full Terra Artwork...?DrakeyC
October 15, 2008Proposal for Rin's Travel AgencyYuanchosaan
October 15, 2008Dissidia Scans - Bartz, ExDath, Summon, SeeD Squal, and moreAndresTiger
October 15, 2008The villans of Dissidia.Mask de Azul
October 15, 2008Which Dissidia Heroes Would Get Along Better?Krystal Tomlin
October 15, 2008Make Final Fantasy XIII for WiiDarkbahamutslayer
October 13, 2008IV Limit BreaksDrakeyC
October 13, 2008I, SCM, have returned to the website!Some Color Mage
October 12, 2008Final Fantasy Agito XIII - Cam TrailerAndresTiger
October 12, 2008Ever wondered why the Compilation have weird names?Leon5550
October 11, 2008Question About Dissidia GameplayDrakeyC
October 11, 2008Small JokeDrakeyC
October 9, 2008Music24.111.118.22
October 8, 2008Bartz and Exdeath confirmed for DissidaDark & Divine
October 7, 2008Navigation Popups Q & AYuanchosaan
October 7, 2008Is chrono trigger better then final fantasy?Griffen78
October 6, 2008Chrono trigger or chocobo dungeon?Griffen78
October 5, 2008Most powerful character ever?Leon5550
October 3, 2008Did anyone notice?Jessie5166
October 2, 2008Event TemplateDrakeyC
October 2, 2008Template Navigation BarYuanchosaan
October 1, 2008SpacesDrakeyC
October 1, 2008Musings on MateriaDrakeyC
September 30, 2008Impostors roamHenryacores
September 29, 2008Lawls - Check This OutDrakeyC
September 28, 2008FFCompendium is no longer an affilliateW-Crazyswordsman
September 28, 2008Final Fantasy last linesYuanchosaan
September 27, 2008Sephiroth Clone Process68.80.37.27
September 25, 2008Final Fantasy IV: The AfterJupiterkai
September 22, 2008No editing tommorow morningDiablocon
September 20, 2008My Account nameCecil the Paladin
September 19, 2008Kefka and Terra's Connection in DissidiaDrakeyC
September 18, 2008Which game should i get?
September 18, 2008Right, it's game time.Goldberry2000
September 18, 2008Holiday Shout-outs 2008Hecko X
September 16, 2008An important questionHolaroro
September 15, 2008Kain Highwind FactsFëasindë
September 14, 2008FFXII character by Yoshitaka Amano??Bahamut-shin
September 14, 2008Pipe TrickYuanchosaan
September 14, 2008Rock Band -Final Fantasy-Krystal Tomlin
September 13, 2008Dissidia page incorrect86.8.52.43
September 13, 2008FFVII Compilation EnemiesILHI
September 12, 2008Which is the best job class?Cecil the Paladin
September 12, 2008Saronia ArticleHenryacores
September 10, 2008New Wikia: Wiki of Mana! Admin: ME!!!YellowMage
September 10, 2008OK, let me get one thing straight...YellowMage
September 10, 2008A Few Questions About User GroupsBlueHighwind
September 10, 2008Dissidia PagesMuchomas35
September 9, 2008I noticed something missing.....JARIITX
September 8, 2008Our Item coverageHenryacores
September 8, 2008Why Do People Hate Vaan?DrakeyC
September 7, 2008A question and suggestion on esoteric game info?Espritduo
September 6, 2008The Wikia's NameDrakeyC
September 4, 2008New Dissidia Trailer, now with added KefkaDiablocon
September 4, 2008Kain and Ricard75.187.139.116
September 3, 2008Final Fantasy ConnectionUjm90
September 1, 2008These People Are IdiotsDrakeyC
September 1, 2008HelpOwlEye
August 31, 2008A request, please helpDiablocon
August 31, 2008Final Fantasy XIII Character PredictionsKrystal Tomlin
August 31, 2008Something about SOLDIER that does not make senseSPARTAN 119
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August 29, 2008Chocobo? Is that you?Quetzal8788
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August 26, 2008The Waystone is goneDiablocon
August 26, 2008FF Table Red LinkJARIITX
August 24, 2008No voice actors confirmed for Rydia and PoromKrystal Tomlin
August 23, 2008Format and Style DriveBluerfn
August 23, 2008MognetDrakeyC
August 23, 2008So, Who's Beaten FFIV DS By Now?BlueHighwind
August 22, 2008Full Dissidia Gameplay- Onion Knight and CoDOranejo
August 22, 2008Difficulty of Final BossesAzul81677
August 21, 2008Most useless character ever?Red Ronso
August 21, 2008LockdownDiablocon
August 20, 2008Final Fantasy:Top 5 BossesNARF
August 19, 2008Japanese TranslationsYuanchosaan
August 18, 2008Who would likely return for another FFVII sequal?Krystal Tomlin
August 18, 2008HeadingsAzul81677
August 18, 2008New TemplateJARIITX
August 17, 2008FF9, alternate ending?Terra Homing
August 16, 2008Music Articles PolicyFëasindë
August 16, 2008FFVI movie cast?Rowdycmoore
August 14, 2008Talk Template GuidelinesTacticAngel
August 12, 2008Just some formatting queryBluerfn
August 11, 2008I'm afraid I'll be taking my leave...Adam mcduck
August 11, 2008Zidane's nameUjm90
August 11, 2008I May Have Had A Change Of HeartDrakemasterDrake
August 9, 2008Dissidia 4 new scans (and Onion Knight and Cloud of darkness in CG)Bahamut-shin
August 8, 2008Final Fantasy VII-2?!Krystal Tomlin
August 8, 2008Giant of BabilDrakeyC
August 8, 2008It's the olympic!!!!Leon5550
August 7, 2008Do You Play FF XI: Online?Jake Master 101
August 7, 2008Dissidia SubtitledDrakeyC
August 7, 2008A game I randomly thought ofOath to Order
August 6, 2008Problems and StuffDiablocon
August 6, 2008Another Dissidia scanDiablocon
August 6, 2008Walkthrough is Finit-to!DrakeyC
August 5, 2008Before CrisisBlueHighwind
August 4, 2008Chocobo BreedingDrakeyC
August 4, 2008Are we back?Gamer2127
August 4, 2008Does any one else think final fantasy III (ds) last few bosses are really hard?
August 3, 2008FFIIIDS IssueQuetzal8788
August 3, 2008A DivideCrntn
August 2, 2008Counter Ramza/Marche TheoryZario
August 2, 2008Kefka and Golbez come to Dissidia!DrakeyC
August 2, 2008VII WalkthroughsDrakeyC
August 2, 2008DKS1373: Why the secrecy?Quetzal8788
August 1, 2008I'm baaa-aaack.Some Color Mage
August 1, 2008Fang Shell questionsW-Crazyswordsman
July 31, 2008Dissida Site TranslationsSchala-Kitty
July 31, 2008Ff 4 abc gameGriffen78
July 30, 2008Database Locked?Crntn
July 29, 2008List of Temp. Playable CharactersDrakeyC
July 29, 2008Game TemplatesAdam mcduck
July 29, 2008Y cant I upload images???!!!Leon5550
July 29, 2008IV Advance's Battle SystemDrakeyC
July 29, 2008Miss me?ChiefKakashi
July 28, 2008Requesting new enemy pages for the FFIV DS enemies.Zolo6
July 27, 2008Top 5 Final Fantasy Females/MalesLadyLeonhart
July 26, 2008Welcome PolicyUltimateria
July 26, 2008FFIV DS and its 200 enemiesAJDurai
July 25, 2008Who is the Central Character of the Wiki?BlueHighwind
July 25, 2008What if....You Beat The Black Knights in FFII?Bahamut-shin
July 24, 2008Okay, WTF is going on?DrakeyC
July 24, 2008Female Cloud58.69.211.187
July 24, 2008So I got FFIV DSFëasindë
July 23, 2008Final Fantasy XIII for the PC!!
July 22, 2008Tetra Master ImagesYuanchosaan
July 22, 2008Okay, Time OutDrakeyC
July 21, 2008How do you name your templateMateriasdraw
July 21, 2008My clan projectGriffen78
July 19, 2008Favorite/Least Favorite Soundtrack?Gamer2127
July 18, 2008Ffta2. who has it?Griffen78
July 17, 2008Something of NoteDrakeyC
July 17, 2008FFXIII battle system is a mix of FFX and FFXIIBahamut-shin
July 16, 2008Cecil's private "party"!Bahamut-shin
July 15, 2008Zeromus AdvanceDrakeyC
July 15, 2008I kinda worry about FFXIII and the 360Bahamut-shin
July 14, 2008FFXIII announced for the Xbox 360!Mymindislost
July 14, 2008Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 6C&T
July 14, 2008Should i add easter eggs to the wiki?
July 14, 2008Naming pagesAJDurai
July 12, 2008Related enemiesILHI
July 12, 2008I have to apologizeW-Crazyswordsman
July 10, 2008Main page designKyleH
July 9, 2008These character infoboxesAJDurai
July 9, 2008Read.Goldberry2000
July 8, 2008MergingDrakeyC
July 8, 2008Boom Shak-Laka-Laka!DrakemasterDrake
July 7, 2008How To Create a Final Fantasy CastDrakeyC
July 6, 2008Tifa's NameDrakeyC
July 6, 2008Sprite downloading8bit BlackMage
July 2, 2008Creating a Page, Need Help With NameDrakeyC
July 1, 2008TA2 job suggestionHexedmagica
July 1, 2008FFXII Revenant Wings: What doesn't suck about it?Zephyrus11
June 30, 2008Who are the character designer in "Final Fantasy IV DS"?Bahamut-shin
June 30, 2008Heartless of FFVIII?Azul81677
June 30, 2008Best Battle ThemeBlueHighwind
June 28, 2008A Final Fantasy Marathon!TheWarriorsOfLIght1234
June 28, 2008If you had to, which game would you play again ?Killen
June 28, 2008What is the most difficult super boss?Metroidfighter
June 26, 2008KimchiPablo618
June 26, 2008Bahamut LagoonUsername:
June 26, 2008Dissidia's New Trailer!Bluerfn
June 25, 2008SporeLycentia
June 25, 2008Favorite Tactics Advanced JobsCloudofdarkness
June 25, 2008Welcome TemplateDrakeyC
June 24, 2008First track of Versus XIII releasedMuchomas35
June 24, 2008FFIV character namesBluerfn
June 24, 2008Who ever likes bahamut say why you like himDark link 666
June 23, 2008Enemy Image CategoriesILHI
June 23, 2008FFVII Walkthroughs12.152.67.72
June 23, 2008Character Naming?Pikmin Master
June 23, 2008Sephiroth's not aloneMuchomas35
June 23, 2008Chocotard Has Passed AwayDrakeyC
June 23, 2008New trailer!!!!Pablo618
June 21, 2008Worst Final Fantasy VisualizationBlykus
June 19, 2008Why Can't I Edit?BlueHighwind
June 19, 2008What really is the best game?Saraija Merinas
June 19, 2008FFTA2 Touch Screen Functionality?Arcane Scholar
June 17, 2008The Adds!Muchomas35
June 16, 2008YouTube? Or Audio?DrakeyC
June 14, 2008Dead LinksDrakeyC
June 14, 2008ScreenshotDrakeyC
June 13, 2008Music PlayerBluerfn
June 12, 2008FFVI Enemies updated with Recent NamesAJDurai
June 11, 2008I'm back againW-Crazyswordsman
June 10, 2008Differences Between Enemy StatsBlykus
June 9, 2008Wikia Gaming ContestKyleH
June 9, 2008The GnomesDrakeyC
June 8, 2008Should they stay that way, or not?TheSwordofDoubt
June 8, 2008Aeris and Leon?DrakeyC
June 5, 2008Kefka's DollsDrakeyC
June 4, 2008Protection?Muchomas35
June 4, 2008The *REAL* Kefka vs. Sephiroth FightDrakeyC
June 4, 2008Kefka's Astro SignDrakeyC
June 4, 2008First admin to read this gets to ban me.End Game
June 3, 2008Simultaneous release datesAndresTiger
June 3, 2008Photobucket size?Superaeon35
June 2, 2008Errors on FFT:A2 pages134.148.5.118
June 2, 2008Game ScriptAJDurai
June 2, 2008Need help finding this sig maker96.52.196.27
June 2, 2008Chocobo Tales StoriesSchala-Kitty
June 1, 2008Video of the weekScottyboy4
June 1, 2008Did they even try to balance FFIII's jobs?AlcaeusTheWizard
June 1, 2008Weapon/WEAPONYumino
June 1, 2008Your beloved Game Articles =3AJDurai
May 31, 2008Final Fantasy IV Trailer (English)Blykus
May 31, 2008FFV WeaponsDrakeyC
May 30, 2008Fighter? Warrior? Knight?AJDurai
May 30, 2008I have a Move project!AJDurai
May 29, 2008IV and VI namesDrakeyC
May 27, 2008FF IV Music VidZephyrus11
May 27, 2008Music samplingFëasindë
May 27, 2008ProblemDrakeyC
May 26, 2008Latest AttacksDiablocon
May 26, 2008User ImagesBlueHighwind
May 26, 2008Made a VideoDrakeyC
May 25, 2008Help On VI AdvanceDrakeyC
May 25, 2008Dream FF design teamYuanchosaan
May 23, 2008Mateus...Whats the deal?Superaeon35
May 22, 2008Final Fantasy XI ArticlesDrakeyC
May 21, 2008Where's vindigo???Chocolancer
May 21, 2008CulexDrakeyC
May 21, 2008Kill Bill?Cloudofdarkness
May 21, 2008"Magic" page is being rearranged... I wanna help!!Chocobo-Knight
May 19, 2008FFXII Quickenings Cheap?
May 19, 2008So..DrakemasterDrake
May 18, 2008Okay, Kingdom Hearts....DrakeyC
May 18, 2008IRC or forums?Scottyboy4
May 18, 2008I gots VIII and IXCloudofdarkness
May 17, 2008Everyone loves Vivi?Superaeon35
May 17, 2008That is what you call crazy.Superaeon35
May 16, 2008Faker on LWASV is OWNT!InsaneMonkey
May 15, 2008Final Fantasy VI :Aria di Mezzo CarattereChaltier
May 15, 2008Vandal LockdownTacticAngel
May 15, 2008Welcome Template for IP AddressesBlykus
May 13, 2008Are Tidus and Vaan Hated That Much?Bartz235
May 13, 2008Haha, cheap lulzSuperaeon35
May 13, 2008FF GraphicsDrakeyC
May 13, 2008Changing of the GuardChiefKakashi
May 13, 2008StubsBlykus
May 13, 2008So now what?Yuanchosaan
May 13, 2008Bad User NamesBlueHighwind
May 12, 2008Final fantasy 12Moogle Kupo
May 10, 2008RollbackDrakeyC
May 9, 2008RC's fking up?Hexedmagica
May 9, 2008FFVII's FutureBlueHighwind
May 8, 2008IRC Chat anyone?JARIITX
May 8, 2008FFIV Red Wings ThemeJARIITX
May 8, 2008IRC TroublesHenryacores
May 7, 2008BusyChocolancer
May 7, 2008Final Fantasy VI anime openingChaltier
May 6, 2008AutoUpdate Recent ChangesBluerfn
May 6, 2008The Final Fantasy RetrospectiveBlykus
May 6, 2008Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a queen?C&T
May 6, 2008New UserboxesDrakeyC
May 5, 2008Diablocon's Guide to Tags, Part II. The Tags Strike Back!Diablocon
May 5, 2008Aeris Kicks Sephiroth's AssDrakeyC
May 4, 2008Which One?Final Fantasy
May 4, 2008FF QuizzesTheSwordofDoubt
May 4, 2008VI vs. SephirothDrakeyC
May 3, 2008Making Sense of Mystic QuestDrakeyC
May 2, 2008Problems with MovingDrakeyC
May 2, 2008OH GOD THE LAUGHTERSuperaeon35
May 2, 2008Okay, I want to know who set up the Gamespot pageW-Crazyswordsman
May 1, 2008"............."W-Crazyswordsman
May 1, 2008Idea For Kefka vs. SephirothDrakeyC
May 1, 2008CSM, don't read, but the rest of you will think this is funny... probably... well you should!TacticAngel
May 1, 2008Cecil's MotherDrakeyC
April 30, 2008WTF???Lycentia
April 30, 2008Emulator recomendations?Superaeon35
April 30, 2008Artbooks118.100.87.168
April 30, 2008Comments in the recent changes?Superaeon35
April 29, 2008Bizzaro EditingBlueHighwind
April 29, 2008Edit value?Chocolancer
April 29, 2008Time?SuicidalChaos
April 29, 2008Create a Final Fantasy character Brawl moveset!W-Crazyswordsman
April 28, 2008Final Fantasy Tactics JobsTacticAngel
April 28, 2008Want to Play a Game?Bartz235
April 28, 2008How many anons...?Superaeon35
April 27, 2008Final Fantasy GlitchesSquall92
April 26, 2008QuotesFinal Fantasy
April 26, 2008Movin ma template?Superaeon35
April 26, 2008Why must square be so cruel.......Griffen78
April 26, 2008TournamentDrakeyC
April 24, 2008IRC link down?JARIITX
April 24, 2008Burger Fantasy?Azul81677
April 24, 2008Moderator NominationEnd Game
April 23, 2008WIFI on ma DS?Superaeon35
April 23, 2008Walkthrough namespace? In this Wiki? It's more likely than you think!Bluerfn
April 23, 2008FF IX remakeTheSwordofDoubt
April 22, 2008Oh, come on!Superaeon35
April 21, 2008I'm backOath to Order
April 21, 2008FFVII-something's missing...Chocolancer
April 20, 2008How do ff summons crap?Griffen78
April 20, 2008TranslationsFinal Fantasy
April 20, 2008Projects G & SAdam mcduck
April 20, 2008I've Played VIIDrakeyC
April 19, 2008I luvs Crisis Core!Superaeon35
April 19, 2008We are famous!Final Fantasy
April 19, 2008Final Fantasy FallaciesDiablocon
April 19, 2008FF IX AllusionsTheSwordofDoubt
April 19, 2008Final Fantasy III Friend CodesBlykus
April 18, 2008Walkthrough MovesChiefKakashi
April 18, 2008Return of Edit StatisticsDiablocon
April 16, 2008New ModeratorChiefKakashi
April 16, 2008Search Bar ChangesDiablocon
April 13, 2008What Happens?Superaeon35
April 13, 2008GOD DAMN DNC!!Superaeon35
April 12, 2008Characters & enemiesAdam mcduck
April 11, 2008Crisis Core Enemy ArticlesBlykus
April 11, 2008Im confused majorlySuperaeon35
April 11, 2008Auto log outChocolancer
April 11, 2008Red Numbers?Superaeon35
April 11, 2008What IS that thing?!?Superaeon35
April 11, 2008FF5 & FF6 DS game?C&T
April 10, 2008Newest FFXIIISuperaeon35
April 10, 2008FFOdysseyBartz235
April 10, 2008To the FF VII FanboysDrakeyC
April 10, 2008Final Fantasy IV NA Press ReleaseAndresTiger
April 9, 2008Here lies Link??Oath to Order
April 9, 2008Crisis Core?Superaeon35
April 8, 2008Final Fantasy CastBartz235
April 8, 2008256 final Fantasy VI punsRenmiri
April 5, 2008Random Quotes?Superaeon35
April 5, 2008How do you like the GBA remakes.Robbiedbee
April 4, 2008Final Fantasy 5Superaeon35
April 4, 2008Square Enix Launches Contest With DeviantArtDrakeyC
April 4, 2008FFXII enemy appearancesChocolancer
April 3, 2008VideoSuperaeon35
April 3, 2008Auction article missing somethingChocolancer
April 3, 2008Walkthrough Is Done!DrakeyC
April 3, 2008Idea For VIDrakeyC
April 2, 2008Users hereSuperaeon35
April 2, 2008The Answer...Oath to Order
April 2, 2008Limit Break videos for our Youtube accountBluerfn
April 2, 2008Category linksAdam mcduck
April 1, 2008I hope THIS isn't an April Fools Joke.W-Crazyswordsman
April 1, 2008VI's PaladinsDrakeyC
April 1, 2008Wha...?Oath to Order
March 31, 2008Anyway to make this wiki more fun?Moogle Kupo
March 31, 2008Wiki Is BrokenDrakeyC
March 31, 2008Which FF characters are asian? (Ughhh...I'm confused)Bartz235
March 30, 2008Spirits Within ThrillerNetherith
March 30, 2008A probOath to Order
March 29, 2008BattlesDrakeyC
March 29, 2008Post ur tips for ff cc rofGriffen78
March 29, 2008Moving PagesBlueHighwind
March 29, 2008Omega WeaponDrakeyC
March 29, 2008ByeCloudofdarkness
March 29, 2008FFT: WotL Battle RoyalRabadash
March 29, 2008To get final fantasy 12Moogle Kupo
March 29, 2008Questions about makeing walkthroughRabadash
March 28, 2008Some guy...Chocolancer
March 28, 2008FF VI Animated SpritesDrakeyC
March 28, 2008Darkness and StarlightFëasindë
March 27, 2008Double RedirectsAdam mcduck
March 27, 2008Reasons to hate Squall?NeloAngelo
March 27, 2008Top 3 FF Guy and GirlBartz235
March 26, 2008Im bored and need some hard core ff conversationGriffen78
March 26, 2008Diablo and Bluer's theories on IvaliceDiablocon
March 26, 2008So, does anyone have RoF?Hexedmagica
March 26, 2008English in ArticlesYuanchosaan
March 25, 2008Okay, what the hell is going on?Diablocon
March 25, 2008Kefka pwns FFVII, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Inuyasha, and more.W-Crazyswordsman
March 25, 2008Dead FantasyLycentia
March 25, 2008Okay, this Wiki is broken.W-Crazyswordsman
March 25, 2008Square enix members openMizu
March 24, 2008How annoying is Selphie?Chocolancer
March 24, 2008Time travlin sky Pirates?Superaeon35
March 23, 2008WTFCloudofdarkness
March 23, 2008FFIV: The After. The plot so far!Diablocon
March 23, 2008UserpageFinal Fantasy
March 23, 2008FF Wiki SkinAdam mcduck
March 23, 2008I want to helpFinal Fantasy
March 23, 2008Just wondering...Chocolancer
March 22, 2008Regarding random quotes...Oath to Order
March 22, 2008What do you think of a FFVIII port?ZOMFG it's a Kefka!
March 22, 2008Hello all im new!!!Mizu
March 21, 2008Dumbest Boss NameCheesewow
March 21, 2008Is It Wierd?Cheesewow
March 20, 2008Hey I'm new here lol.ZOMFG it's a Kefka!
March 20, 2008A Vagrant Story WalkthoughBig mamou
March 20, 2008Square Enix MembersBluerfn
March 20, 2008InactiveChocolancer
March 20, 2008A Fun GameDrakeyC
March 19, 2008Main CharacterSuperaeon35
March 19, 2008Luckiest FF momentTheSwordofDoubt
March 18, 2008Hero or villanBob the geomancer
March 18, 2008Admins?Superaeon35
March 18, 2008Revenant wings last fight video (Feolthanos)Bahamut-shin
March 18, 2008How to fight vandalism...Chocolancer
March 18, 2008What's up FF WikiCheesewow
March 18, 2008DEEP pocketsTheSwordofDoubt
March 17, 2008It's a little weird, but...TheSwordofDoubt
March 17, 2008FFVIII or FFX?Bartz235
March 16, 2008Final Fantasy ThrillerFinal Fantasy
March 16, 2008Final fantasy 8Superaeon35
March 16, 2008Squall lives.Seifer Gunblade
March 16, 2008Magicite madness?Superaeon35
March 15, 2008Ivalice timelines?!?!?!Superaeon35
March 15, 2008Your User TableSuperaeon35
March 15, 2008Who are you?Final Fantasy
March 15, 2008Talk bobbles-help!!Final Fantasy
March 14, 2008Favorite Final Fantasy VI PartyFinal Fantasy
March 14, 2008This forum is boring as hellMoogle king
March 14, 2008"I'm Captain Basch of Dalmasca!"Blykus
March 14, 2008FFXI CharactersNeloAngelo
March 14, 2008The new Monaco skinPanSola
March 13, 2008FFV Enemy Sorting RequestBluerfn
March 13, 2008FFXIII TheoriesChiefKakashi
March 13, 2008NES version FFIII walkthroughChocolancer
March 12, 2008Airships.!SiK0
March 12, 2008What is your favourite final fantasy tactics advance job class!Bladewolf73
March 12, 2008NEW IVALICE GAME!!!!Zario
March 11, 2008The To-Do ListChocolancer
March 11, 2008Any Suggestions???Zerith
March 11, 2008How to VFD an image, article, etc.Chocolancer
March 11, 2008Ok, Someone Answer!DrakeyC
March 9, 2008Talking somewhere else?Bluerfn
March 8, 2008Mysidian Legend?
March 8, 2008Dissidia -Final Fantasy-Kyoku Sefirosu
March 8, 2008FFXII - What is Your Problem With it, Fanboys?BlueHighwind
March 7, 2008Im new can some one tell me how to start upGriffen78
March 7, 2008How do veira make kids?Griffen78
March 7, 2008QuestionsBob the geomancer
March 7, 2008Aerith questionsMoogle king
March 7, 2008Image SearchSaberSaint
March 6, 2008Most time consuming side questSiK0
March 6, 2008Most annoying boss battle in FFTheSwordofDoubt
March 5, 2008What do the red user names in DNC mean?
March 5, 2008T-Rexaurs are pathetic. (FFVIII)InsaneMonkey
March 5, 2008Finally FinishedDrakeyC
March 4, 2008Final Fantasy VII PS3 remake confirmed.W-Crazyswordsman
March 3, 2008How to use an emulatorCloudofdarkness
March 2, 2008Emulator problemsBob the geomancer
March 2, 2008Music tournamentBob the geomancer
March 2, 2008FFIII or FFVBob the geomancer
March 2, 2008Peace within the CommunityKyoku Sefirosu
March 1, 2008FFVIII OpeningBlueHighwind
March 1, 2008RydiaBartz235
March 1, 2008I need your ideasCloudofdarkness
February 28, 2008Final fantasy tactics A270.74.19.73
February 28, 2008I find Final Fantasy fans lack of respect for the old games disturbingW-Crazyswordsman
February 28, 2008Some image problems...Chocolancer
February 26, 2008CreateSir Llyud Flynn
February 26, 2008Fair UseTacticAngel
February 25, 2008Tell me why...?TheSwordofDoubt
February 25, 2008Enough bashing FF7AlcaeusTheWizard
February 25, 2008Looking for something to do?W-Crazyswordsman
February 25, 2008The Limits of Fanboyism: Final Fantasy XFëasindë
February 25, 2008How do you...Cloudofdarkness
February 25, 2008Stop it!Henryacores
February 24, 2008Getting started with Chocobo's Dungeon 2Chocolancer
February 24, 2008Can someone tell me...?Roxas5000
February 23, 2008I'd Like To See...DrakemasterDrake
February 23, 2008The Ending Of Final Fantasy TacticsDrakemasterDrake
February 23, 2008Slave Server MadnessBlueHighwind
February 22, 2008Revenant Wings imagesOath to Order
February 22, 2008Eyes on MeBooff7
February 22, 2008Ever Wonder How Important You Are to the Wiki?BlueHighwind
February 21, 2008FF words you should never say if you travel to MexicoHappyMilk
February 21, 2008~Image-Article~NeloAngelo
February 20, 2008Nooo...text....too...smalll....8bit BlackMage
February 20, 2008Ugh....everywhere I go this game is STILL overrated.Bartz235
February 20, 2008Annoying BeginningsChocolancer
February 20, 2008Recent changes problem?Bluerfn
February 20, 2008I need your opinionCloudofdarkness
February 20, 2008CategoryOath to Order
February 19, 2008FFIV: The After site updates, with character images/profiles, and the storyDiablocon
February 18, 2008Did Vivi Die? (Please, Hopefully say no)
February 18, 2008If you were to make a limit break for yourself...Cloudofdarkness
February 15, 2008How do you put images on your user page?DarkAmelo1
February 15, 2008Introduction...Chocolancer
February 14, 2008O O Oh my god...TheSwordofDoubt
February 12, 2008Should I get FFVIII?ChiefKakashi
February 12, 2008Official Ivalice Map Contratictions..?
February 12, 2008I wonder what ff 13 and versus going to be like?Moogle king
February 11, 2008Uhm...TheSwordofDoubt
February 10, 2008IRC VandalHexedmagica
February 9, 20081000th Famitsu Cover by Tetsuya NomuraRenmiri
February 9, 2008New Black Mages album next month!W-Crazyswordsman
February 9, 2008How long was I gone forCloudofdarkness
February 9, 2008Best airship theme song?W-Crazyswordsman
February 9, 2008Why are ffiv-vi fans considered snobby, stuck up jerks?
February 8, 2008*raises hand* umm, can anyone please tell me the diference between user Image catgories and the in-game categories?NeloAngelo
February 6, 2008Users Of The FutureDrakemasterDrake
February 6, 2008Character concept art of FFvXIIIBluerfn
February 6, 2008Playstation 3Moogle king
February 6, 2008Ff 12Moogle king
February 6, 2008New FFIV: The After scans. Grown up Palom and Porom (and a Spoony bard)Diablocon
February 5, 2008CascSysProtHecko X
February 4, 2008FFWiki IRC channelPanSola
February 4, 2008Which is better? FFIV or Chrono Trigger ( I need to know!!)
February 4, 2008This wikiMoogle king
February 4, 2008I've decided from now on that whenever I refer to "Final Fantasy" VIII or "Final Fantasy" X-2W-Crazyswordsman
February 4, 2008Chocobo series218.111.57.124
February 3, 2008Multiple upload broken?Adam mcduck
February 2, 2008Vayne Solidor and Jan VayneDark raven
February 1, 2008Featued Articles: A run downDiablocon
February 1, 2008EMERGENCY ALERT. BEEP! BEEP! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.W-Crazyswordsman
February 1, 2008Okay, guys. Here's a challengeW-Crazyswordsman
February 1, 2008The time on this site is so messed up, why bother?DrakemasterDrake
January 31, 2008Final Fantasy VI: The Day After75.187.139.116
January 31, 2008They've ruined the World of Ruin!Fëasindë
January 31, 2008My Ninja RantOath to Order
January 31, 2008Final Fantasy:All Time Low, Vol. IIDrakemasterDrake
January 30, 2008Best alternative to relationship counselling EVER!TheSwordofDoubt
January 30, 2008These guys left a link on our siteW-Crazyswordsman
January 28, 2008Did you get your end in all of this, Ramza? I... I got this.Zerobandwidth
January 28, 2008This is not goodOath to Order
January 25, 2008Final Fantasy ManiaMoogle knight
January 24, 2008Supply and demand of FFVII and FFT8bit BlackMage
January 23, 2008Um...xDUnwritten mariposa09
January 22, 2008Okay. What the fuck happened to the recent changes?W-Crazyswordsman
January 22, 2008Name-conversion projectPanSola
January 21, 2008QuestionVanture
January 21, 2008Yeah...IDK what I was thinking.TheSwordofDoubt
January 21, 2008Let's talk about FFIX's soundtrack because it is awesomeW-Crazyswordsman
January 21, 2008I be sorry67.159.45.100
January 20, 2008Final Fantasy DefenderAzureDrake
January 20, 2008The new PrologueW-Crazyswordsman
January 19, 2008Please?Azul81677
January 19, 2008You guys probably know about this by now, BUT...W-Crazyswordsman
January 19, 2008Lost OdysseySmegHead
January 18, 2008Case study: GuildWiki's stance on vandalismPanSola
January 17, 2008Do you hate Tidus?
January 17, 2008FFT:WotL Graphics Needed!Zerobandwidth
January 17, 2008Regarding the new walkthroughOath to Order
January 17, 2008More wiki's in helpCloudofdarkness
January 17, 2008Hentai Vandal issues brewingNeloAngelo
January 17, 2008Should MMIL be an admin?W-Crazyswordsman
January 17, 2008We need to have a SERIOUS discussion about our policy.W-Crazyswordsman
January 16, 2008Final Fantasy:All Time LowDrakemasterDrake
January 16, 2008IRC channel?Sydeth
January 16, 2008This doesn't even NEED a title.W-Crazyswordsman
January 16, 2008Hidden Lightning?WeissTheImmaculate
January 15, 2008So, after a 6 month break I'm doing some more work on my FFX walkthroughW-Crazyswordsman
January 15, 2008Would it be okay to write an article on Final Fighting Fantasy?Ramzab456
January 15, 2008Is an FFF Article okay?
January 14, 2008Couple of questions from the local n00bFëasindë
January 14, 2008Explain what ff means to you to a newbieMoogle Knight
January 14, 2008Can any one rip the artwork of Firon Ultimiceia and the EmperorRokudaimia
January 14, 2008Revenant Wings or RoF?Hexedmagica
January 14, 2008Firion a FreelancerPikmin Master
January 13, 2008The End Game Issue and revised truceHecko X
January 13, 2008Moderator AbuseEnd Game
January 12, 2008A new leafEnd Game
January 12, 2008Bye GuysFFFan
January 12, 2008Cheif kakashi68.238.130.126
January 11, 2008I am male70.110.41.23
January 11, 2008Final Fantasy VII Redone PortraitsCloud32145
January 11, 2008Yes I am Vaati70.110.41.23
January 11, 2008Actually I am going to reveal my desquise70.110.41.23
January 11, 2008Spelling: British or American?End Game
January 11, 2008I give up70.110.41.23
January 10, 2008Spelling: For everybody who is creating, editing or vandalizing a wiki page.End Game
January 9, 2008But Sephiroth mite not of shown his full power.
January 9, 2008FFX good or bad?
January 9, 2008Worst Male and female Lead combination?W-Crazyswordsman
January 9, 2008FF OpinionsStr3ss
January 8, 2008Party MembersDrakemasterDrake
January 8, 2008Worst Villian Ever, Doesn't Have to Be FF75.187.155.185
January 7, 2008Gotta Catch 'em all!Diablocon
January 7, 2008Cecil in 3d, gay or kickass?
January 7, 2008Welcoming messages, overkill?NeloAngelo
January 6, 2008QUESTION!!!!Vagrant Angel
January 6, 2008I Need a New ProjectBlueHighwind
January 6, 2008FFX-2 Really that bad?Booff7
January 6, 2008Um, yeah, I really need help.TheSwordofDoubt
January 5, 2008Is there any way to put claims on an article you edited before you signed up?Israfil
January 4, 2008HEY!!!
January 3, 2008DewikifyingBluerfn
January 3, 2008Does anyone else agree that Sephiroth is the most powerful villan ever?
January 3, 2008Who's Left?BlueHighwind
January 3, 2008FFIV Aneorexia?Maverick King
January 2, 2008New CategoriesDiablocon
January 2, 2008Final Fantasy II WalkthroughGoldberry2000
January 2, 2008Those Who Cowbell FurtherQuetzal8788
January 1, 2008Worst Thing EverDrakeyC
January 1, 2008Coolest thing ever: Botched?Quetzal8788
December 31, 2007Kingdom HeartsDrakeyC
December 31, 2007Did you notice?FinalFantasyFanatic
December 31, 2007Helpful editors and Kingdom Hearts fansCloudofdarkness
December 29, 2007DS: Worth it?Quetzal8788
December 28, 2007Hi guys!Tabris93
December 26, 2007Adding headersFinalFantasyFanatic
December 24, 2007The quite eerily resemblance of FFXII and FFwikiNeloAngelo
December 24, 2007Help me make a table!!8bit BlackMage
December 24, 2007Concerning RelmPikmin Master
December 23, 2007Odin can beat Phoenix permanently.W-Crazyswordsman
December 23, 2007UploadingScottyboy4
December 22, 2007A minor errorFinalFantasyFanatic
December 21, 2007Futuristic or Traditional?Vagrant Angel
December 21, 2007Give a holiday shout-out to the FFwiki communityHecko X
December 20, 2007Best Soundtrack?FFFan4
December 20, 2007FF Logos: colors tell the ending....anyone heard of this?SajiNoKami
December 19, 2007Why can't I edit anything?! (I'm not banned...Am I?)ChiefKakashi
December 19, 2007Finally, The After scans!Bluerfn
December 19, 2007Finally, more Dissidia scans!Diablocon
December 18, 2007Coolest WeaponsChiefKakashi
December 18, 2007Abandoned WikisBluerfn
December 18, 2007The scariest Final Fantasy momentCloudofdarkness
December 18, 2007Kefka UserboxDrakeyC
December 17, 2007GuiltyTacticAngel
December 17, 2007The Sexiest FF girlCloudofdarkness
December 17, 2007Sword Chucks, yo!Fëasindë
December 17, 2007Questions regarding walkthroughsJamaBenJamin
December 17, 2007Am I?Azul81677
December 17, 2007Treasure Hunt on the Wiki?Dudutsai
December 16, 2007A rant about FFvXIIIDiablocon
December 16, 2007FF Music on Mario PaintDrakeyC
December 15, 2007The Sweet Sixteen!W-Crazyswordsman
December 15, 2007The topic where we whine about that dumb forumW-Crazyswordsman
December 14, 2007Uploading PicturesDrakeyC
December 13, 2007Misc. bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 13, 2007Distant WorldsTacticAngel
December 12, 2007Summons bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 12, 2007Anyone know when the Final Fantasy Tactics A2 For DS is coming out75.71.54.197
December 11, 2007Magicite Madness Archive8bit BlackMage
December 11, 2007The best Final fantasy characterMortisk
December 10, 2007Is War really worth it?Shardwing
December 9, 2007Cid bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 9, 2007Desktop wallpaper8bit BlackMage
December 9, 2007I did something by mistake...Adam mcduck
December 8, 2007Villain bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 7, 2007Need some helpScottyboy4
December 7, 2007Feeling bellicoseFëasindë
December 7, 2007Dragon's Neck Colosseum: VotingTacticAngel
December 7, 2007Who here hates the Scholar Job?Hexedmagica
December 6, 2007War Of The LionsDrakemasterDrake
December 6, 2007Just WonderingScottyboy4
December 6, 2007Knight bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 5, 2007Final FFIV DS trailerDiablocon
December 4, 2007A discussion on our Wikidumping policyW-Crazyswordsman
December 4, 2007Is this A "Free" site?
December 4, 2007Look at thisW-Crazyswordsman
December 4, 2007I Feel DirtyDrakeyC
December 3, 2007Mage bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 3, 2007What console?Hexedmagica
December 2, 2007FFFan and Lancer4TacticAngel
December 2, 2007Dragoon ArtworkBittermelon
December 2, 2007Monks, Gamblers, and Berserkers Bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
December 1, 2007Latin americaPablo618
December 1, 2007Can someone help me?Scottyboy4
December 1, 2007Recent ChangesDrakemasterDrake
December 1, 2007I'm Back, But For One Night OnlyRed Highwind
November 30, 2007Do you like yaoi?FFYaoi
November 30, 2007Can someone tell me how to post my walkthrough in the walkthrough section?Scottyboy4
November 30, 2007Viera obsessionsMissGarland
November 30, 2007So, how would one go for making a forum?Hexedmagica
November 30, 2007IGN Has SpokenDrakeyC
November 29, 2007Thieves Bracket, Thrilling Thirty TwoW-Crazyswordsman
November 29, 2007ConcertsHexedmagica
November 29, 2007BoringDrakemasterDrake
November 29, 2007Coolest Thing EverPablo618
November 28, 2007Can someone tell me how to fix my userpage?Scottyboy4
November 28, 2007ATTENTION ALL VAYNE SOLIDOR FANSDrakemasterDrake
November 27, 2007Don't Know If Anyone Will Care But...DrakemasterDrake
November 27, 2007Closer Look68.58.33.4
November 26, 2007Rinoa angel wingTrolll
November 26, 2007Misc. bracket, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
November 25, 2007War Of The Lions QuestionDrakemasterDrake
November 25, 2007Real-Life FF CharactersDrakeyC
November 25, 2007Which final fantasy logo is the best!?TheycalleditSIN
November 24, 2007ArchivesDrakemasterDrake
November 23, 2007Back homeBluerfn
November 23, 2007Kingdom Hearts Guest AppearanceBooff7
November 23, 2007Can anyone please quickly tell me where you get the maps for EACH FFXII location?Sword and Aero
November 22, 2007FFXIV Turn based or not?Booff7
November 21, 2007Summons bracket, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
November 21, 2007Best WeaponsHexedmagica
November 21, 2007Happy BirthdayDrakemasterDrake
November 21, 2007The Character Designer WarDrakemasterDrake
November 20, 2007Yet more new scans for FFIV DS, including 3-D GolbezDiablocon
November 19, 2007Old American artwork for FFIVDiablocon
November 18, 2007Calling all fans of KefkaFëasindë
November 18, 2007Does anyone know why FF characters dress weirdly?Scottyboy4
November 18, 2007Does anyone think any of the FF girls are hot?Scottyboy4
November 18, 2007AHH!Harry Potter the Black Mage
November 18, 2007Final Fantasy names you can actually use for your childrenDiablocon
November 17, 2007Gametrailer's Final Fantasy BitTacticAngel
November 17, 2007Secrets of Final Fantasy (That, as far as you know, nobody else knows)Squall92
November 17, 2007Just curious, what characters in FFXII did everyone assign their Espers to?Sword and Aero
November 16, 2007Recent Changes brokenDiablocon
November 15, 2007FFXII Just Lost a PointBlueHighwind
November 14, 2007The "Problems" with Final Fantasy 8Squall92
November 14, 2007Off to a holiday... notBluerfn
November 14, 2007Villain bracket, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
November 13, 2007Final Fantasy News SitesMymindislost
November 11, 2007FFXII's translation: not as good as you thinkW-Crazyswordsman
November 10, 2007Knight bracket, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
November 10, 2007Monster ElectionSquall92
November 9, 2007Tee hee hee, Wikipedia caught red handedRenmiri
November 8, 2007FF3... I need to message some peoplesHexedmagica
November 8, 2007Quick question65.184.230.83
November 7, 2007Delete or Keep?Diablocon
November 6, 2007God, I hate problem reports...Mymindislost
November 6, 2007First time I've asked for help in a whileDrakemasterDrake
November 5, 2007Can Someone Help Me Out?Lordoftheflames
November 4, 2007You people need to start playing Chrono gamesW-Crazyswordsman
November 4, 2007HmmDrakemasterDrake
November 4, 2007Someone Edit Something, I'm Getting Bored...DrakemasterDrake
November 2, 2007Monks, Berserkers, Gamblers, and Mimics, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
November 1, 2007Other than Final FantasyDrakemasterDrake
November 1, 2007Post absentiaFëasindë
November 1, 2007Due to popular demand, recounts are here!W-Crazyswordsman
October 30, 2007Okay, Vaan really DOES suck.W-Crazyswordsman
October 29, 2007Squaresoft fandom testW-Crazyswordsman
October 29, 2007For those of you wondering where "Panelo" came fromW-Crazyswordsman
October 28, 2007Back From the DeadBlueHighwind
October 27, 2007Thief bracket, second roundW-Crazyswordsman
October 26, 2007CronoDrakemasterDrake
October 25, 2007Friendly EnemiesDrakemasterDrake
October 25, 2007Forum problem solved.W-Crazyswordsman
October 25, 2007Cool Music VideoDrakeyC
October 24, 2007Another Problem At Dragon NeckDrakemasterDrake
October 23, 2007Battle Royale DiscussionTacticAngel
October 21, 2007Kingdom Hearts TheorySquall92
October 21, 2007Moving DifficultiesBlueHighwind
October 20, 2007Am I a whore?Azul81677
October 20, 2007129.59.101.223DrakemasterDrake
October 20, 2007Summons bracket, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 20, 2007Villain bracket, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 20, 2007Knight poll, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 20, 2007Monks n' such bracket, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 20, 2007Misc. Bracket, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 20, 2007Thieve's bracket, first round votesW-Crazyswordsman
October 19, 2007To round out our celebration of FF at 20 years...W-Crazyswordsman
October 19, 2007Green green greenDrakeyC
October 19, 2007Final Fantasy VII RemakeDrakemasterDrake
October 17, 2007How can I knowPablo618
October 17, 2007The Mind of a VandalBlueHighwind
October 17, 2007Problems At Dragon NeckDrakemasterDrake
October 16, 2007I've been looking at some of the language we've been using in the FF12 articlesW-Crazyswordsman
October 15, 2007Ye auld alliance vs. the RemakesFëasindë
October 14, 2007PicturesDrakemasterDrake
October 13, 20073-D Image of Edge and EdwardDiablocon
October 13, 2007I've Got A Question About Final Fantasy IIDrakemasterDrake
October 12, 2007Gaming wiki chat this Sunday!PanSola
October 12, 2007AIM?DrakemasterDrake
October 12, 2007Final Fantasy NESDrakemasterDrake
October 10, 2007Venat, Cid, and VayneXaldyn
October 10, 2007New FFT translation (and other stuff)Diablocon
October 9, 2007D&DDrakemasterDrake
October 8, 2007What time is it?DrakemasterDrake
October 7, 2007Who Makes Fights?BlueHighwind
October 7, 2007SorryKyubiNoKitsune
October 6, 2007RPG Makers?DrakemasterDrake
October 6, 2007Final Fantasy RetrospectiveDrakemasterDrake
October 6, 2007VieraKyubiNoKitsune
October 6, 2007Help!KyubiNoKitsune
October 5, 2007World Of RuinDrakemasterDrake
October 5, 2007I Beat Kaiser DragonDrakeyC
October 5, 2007The Dollet Hotel is in need of helpAzul81677
October 5, 2007I've Had A RevelationDrakemasterDrake
October 4, 2007What's This I Hear About TacticsDrakemasterDrake
October 4, 2007Quina's Gender Revealed!DrakemasterDrake
October 3, 2007DownloadPablo618
October 3, 2007Bizzaro BlueHighwindBlueHighwind
October 2, 2007Made Japanse FF Wikia!Yukichi
September 29, 2007No more uploading images?Bluerfn
September 28, 2007Suggestion for Change to Enemy TemplatesDrakeyC
September 28, 2007Ivalice Alliance in FULL RoarRazael7
September 27, 2007PollDrakemasterDrake
September 27, 2007WalkthroughDrakemasterDrake
September 23, 2007Look what I've foundPablo618
September 20, 2007Wikia Says: No more external images!Mymindislost
September 19, 2007The Sad State of the WalkthroughsBlueHighwind
September 17, 2007MeeboAzul81677
September 16, 2007Hey there!! I'm new here...TheChocoboRacer
September 16, 2007Sorry to post yet another topic today, BUT...DrakemasterDrake
September 15, 2007Has any one defeated Lunar BahamutDrakemasterDrake
September 15, 2007What can I do to help?DrakemasterDrake
September 14, 2007Could use some H-E-L-P!!!DrakemasterDrake
September 14, 2007Prays and wishesPablo618
September 14, 2007More FFIV DS InfoDiablocon
September 10, 2007UserpagesTacticAngel
September 8, 2007New banner contest!W-Crazyswordsman
September 8, 2007An Existential Crisis on the way to the RestroomTacticAngel
September 5, 2007You guys like stats? Check this.Goldberry2000
September 4, 2007CSM's explanation as to why Sephiroth sucks and Kefka kicks ass.W-Crazyswordsman
September 4, 2007User-made program: Leviathan125.236.44.49
August 31, 2007FFTA2 site updatedDiablocon
August 22, 2007Edit StatisticsDiablocon
August 22, 2007Is it me or......Azul81677
August 21, 2007Slow updatingKeyboy7
August 12, 2007Diablocon's Guide to TranslationsDiablocon
August 9, 2007Diablocon's Guide to TagsDiablocon
July 30, 2007PSP or DS?Maverick King
July 29, 2007CotW:Kain!W-Crazyswordsman
July 23, 2007Final Fantasy Earth?Azul81677
July 17, 2007Slogan contestW-Crazyswordsman
July 16, 2007Final Fantasy XIIIDrakemasterDrake
July 14, 2007Final Fantasy VIII pagesW-Grazza
July 11, 2007Your Opinion (FF VIII)Azul81677
July 8, 2007Final Fantasy XIGoldberry2000
July 8, 2007CotW:Auron!W-Crazyswordsman
July 8, 2007ReligionDrakemasterDrake
July 6, 2007Top ten FF summonsAzul81677
July 3, 2007Top ten Square villains of all timeAzul81677
June 17, 2007Collapsable TemplatesDiablocon
June 14, 2007Best Non-human Player Character68.184.125.198
June 10, 2007Top ten worst Square characters of all timeAuronKaizer
June 8, 2007Picture MysteryRenmiri
May 4, 2007Aeris RevivalStijnX
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