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FFWiki Plays Final Fantasty XV - How To Participate05:51, July 29, 2018Some Color Mage
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TopicLast editLast author
Lord of Verminion09:06, July 12, 2019Con Carne
FFXIV Job Page Rework10:16, July 1, 2019Some Color Mage
Facebook: do we need it?22:59, June 29, 2019Technobliterator
Making articles for the full script of each game19:14, June 25, 2019Technobliterator
Increasing coverage of full remakes21:29, June 11, 2019Technobliterator
FFRK help: how to name the different versions of Celes's Runic status?13:58, May 22, 2019The Dead Skin
Images on Wiki15:23, May 18, 2019Keltainentoukokuu
Wiki Interface Changes00:02, April 26, 2019Xion Valentine
Help with Crimson Saber05:44, April 15, 2019Catuse167
Interview with Square Enix localization coordinator Alex O23:32, April 14, 2019BlueLionheart
Merge suggestion: Zolulu and Delulu20:08, April 11, 2019BGMaxie
Spoiler Revamp20:04, April 11, 2019BGMaxie
Current spoiler policy ineffective.20:20, April 6, 2019Intangir Bot
Aeris Revival01:23, April 5, 20192601:403:C380:4663:6455:3FF6:39D:E4F9
The Year of the Crossover21:00, March 3, 2019Xenomic
More Information Needed03:34, February 4, 2019JBed
Creating a page for the battle system of every game03:34, February 4, 2019JBed
Verifying correctness of information21:25, January 25, 2019Intangir Bot
Adding headers23:03, January 21, 2019Intangir Bot
FFBE Data07:53, January 18, 2019JBed
FFBE How to proceed with these pages WARNING: MASSIVE SEASON TWO SPOILERS!!21:14, January 3, 2019Keltainentoukokuu
Request help - Adding a table to a translation page09:14, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Romanisations09:11, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Final Fantasy X-2 / Allusions page09:09, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Ammendment to Naming Policy concerning lists and subpages09:01, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
VII story sections08:50, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Type-0 Translations page08:42, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Useful JS07:02, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Clearing UnusedImages: The Redux07:00, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
FFIII enemy project06:42, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Location Articles01:48, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Should we add Octopath Traveller content into this wiki?01:02, December 21, 2018Intangir Bot
Free video editing software for Windows07:59, December 17, 2018Wlee2060
Adding Japanese to tables16:29, December 2, 2018Keltainentoukokuu
UnusedImages Pruning Time!22:10, November 16, 2018Technobliterator
Merry Christmas, FFWiki!19:05, November 15, 2018TheGoldenPatrik1
Unprofessional Twitter13:34, October 30, 2018Some Color Mage
Expert biases and readability00:31, September 12, 2018Keltainentoukokuu
Help namespace overhaul18:41, August 16, 2018Technobliterator
F.A.O FFWiki Facebook admins (that's me, Cat, Kaimi and Tidus)10:27, August 8, 2018Intangir Bot
Two YouTube-related matters10:24, August 8, 2018Intangir Bot
Twitter to be Relaunched10:24, August 8, 2018Intangir Bot
Main atagonist of FFIII?00:09, August 4, 2018Mattwo
FFWiki Plays Final Fantasty XV - How To Participate05:51, July 29, 2018Some Color Mage
Articles for official websites15:40, July 13, 2018Keltainentoukokuu
FFT LP and location page update08:30, July 8, 2018DarthKitty
Hey09:13, July 7, 2018174.224.130.252
Type-0 Character Abilities00:28, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Table format00:27, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Staff Promotions00:27, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
New Analytics Tool: Introducing ParserSpeed00:27, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Format and Style Drive00:26, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Class="table"00:25, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Centralised release management and other changes00:25, July 7, 2018Intangir Bot
Android on Final Fantasy Dimensions Monster pages17:13, May 26, 2018MrAceAttorney
Sworn Six of Paladia's page names22:27, May 25, 2018BGMaxie
Old Final Fantasy Wiki Home Page09:07, May 23, 2018Intangir Bot
XIII-2 enemy pages08:46, May 23, 2018Intangir Bot
Whoever runs this wiki's Twitter page needs to be more professional20:50, February 23, 2018Some Color Mage
Sora19:16, February 10, 2018OneEco
Some questions about getting started...01:37, January 28, 2018Whywulf785
Not sure where else to post this00:09, January 2, 2018JBed
Unable to edit on three different computers21:59, December 24, 2017Keltainentoukokuu
Interested in writing Featured Images or running Intangir Bot?09:29, August 13, 2017Catuse167
Brave Exvius Trial Page Handling18:17, July 13, 2017BGMaxie
FFXV Images Cleanup18:17, June 28, 2017Keltainentoukokuu
Providence12:05, May 5, 2017Keltainentoukokuu
Featured Wiki Videos19:18, April 27, 2017Brandon Rhea
Matrix Software23:13, April 15, 2017Intangir Bot
WOFF Screenshots for the Wiki03:18, March 20, 2017Mecorx
4th "Item dropped" in FFVII Enemy Infobox16:04, March 18, 2017Zzzplayer
Twitter needs updating01:20, January 27, 2017QHRvRICdalurIA
Suggestion about Elgo page16:47, November 24, 2016BGMaxie
Update Final Fantasy I's Weapon, Armor, and Items List.08:51, August 25, 2016Keltainentoukokuu
CSS pixelation06:41, May 7, 2016Rigel Kent
Elemental multiply display on enemy pages02:37, April 18, 2016Fenrir9
Translation help for Pictlogica20:11, January 16, 2016Azul120
Checkin' In!20:23, December 13, 2015Kaimi
Image Gallery Consistency21:59, November 29, 2015Intangir Bot
Discussion - Group Bosses18:44, November 29, 2015Technobliterator
FFXIII Dummy content needs update17:33, November 29, 2015Intangir Bot
FFV Mobile sprites21:52, November 18, 2015Detective Sabin
Klesta Page18:03, October 23, 2015Keltainentoukokuu
Where did this come from?23:47, October 12, 2015Weedle McHairybug
What is RTS?15:22, October 5, 2015Moglin-a-lin
Mobius FF Ability Cards13:00, July 29, 2015Axcelaw
Final Fantasy VII Collector's Video18:54, June 5, 2015Technarch
Chocotard Has Passed Away14:53, May 4, 2015Intangir Bot
Puzzle & Dragons article?18:45, April 21, 2015Keltainentoukokuu
FFX class colors11:43, February 9, 2015Kaimi
FF6 iOS Battle Sprites18:42, November 11, 2014Detective Sabin
Need help fixing two FF1 enemy pages02:43, October 1, 201471.226.144.42
Shinra Technologies04:07, September 20, 2014Some Color Mage
"Peruperu" race from Spira10:07, September 19, 2014Kaimi
Flavor Text on Article Pages18:16, July 31, 2014JBed
Image display links19:54, July 23, 201488.107.151.166
About game titles with/without a colon11:01, July 15, 2014Technobliterator
Updating FF6 pages with iOS images06:21, July 11, 2014Detective Sabin
Blurred Images15:36, June 18, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
File licensing with parameters19:42, May 29, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation Project12:32, May 13, 2014Mecorx
Just uploaded all of the FF1 psp weapons images00:45, April 21, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
Just joined to add a picture...14:47, April 11, 2014Keltainentoukokuu
New way to navigate tabs02:48, March 28, 2014JC Holy Knight
Parameter case20:21, March 3, 2014Jimcloud
Priorities!15:36, February 25, 2014Spira
FFV iOS portraits16:50, February 7, 20142.102.230.23
Abilities sections in enemy articles17:10, January 25, 201486.157.190.28
Bravely Default Voice Actors23:56, December 6, 2013Tia-Lewise
Halloween Skin22:24, October 31, 20132.102.230.84
Math tags21:36, October 12, 2013Intangir Bot
Other Appearances (FFA, FFL, FFLII, FFLIII)12:05, October 7, 2013Tia-Lewise
Parent Filter20:05, September 16, 2013Raylan13
FFXI subjobs section removal21:14, September 5, 2013Jblancosegura
Floor Plans01:02, August 29, 20132.102.231.25
Adding memories location for Final Fantasy Dimensions12:24, July 24, 2013Adrianbudau
FFVI and Bahamut Lagoon02:06, July 19, 2013Fenrir9
FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation Project01:35, July 10, 2013Mecorx
Game articles MoS changes19:17, July 6, 2013Kaimi
Buff/Debuff Terms Outside of their Respected Game(s)15:46, June 11, 2013JBed
Enemy Infoboxes14:51, May 29, 2013JBed
FFIV Page Name Change18:11, May 25, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFV Character Battle Section20:14, May 9, 2013Monterossa
VIII enemy stat per level tables12:52, April 12, 20132.102.228.245
Request to update Site Notice20:58, April 7, 2013Tia-Lewise
FFATB Enemy Template03:46, April 6, 2013Fenrir9
Article for 25th Anniversary Distant Worlds18:29, April 4, 2013Tia-Lewise
Foreign language Final Fantasy wikis22:47, April 2, 2013Thisismyrofl
Locations sections21:51, March 25, 2013Tia-Lewise
Blu Ray screenshots18:29, March 16, 2013Monterossa
FFVIII Scan Quotes15:30, March 12, 2013Espritduo
Final Fantasy Wikia Broken?18:17, March 2, 2013JBed
FFAB: Images for abilities, weapons, summons02:37, February 27, 2013Kimlasca warrior
The handling of skillsets on parent pages08:04, December 28, 2012Shockstorm
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