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To cut right to the point, I've been looking at this page: - and it's occurred to me that this wiki has a number of articles that really don't meet the criteria described in here when it comes to what makes an unofficial/fanmade product noteworthy enough to have an article on here.
The biggest examples that immediately come to mind are fan projects such as 8-Bit Theater, Dead Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII (unofficial Famicom version) (even the article title here is iffy), and public figures such as Piano Squall or Erutan.
In the former instances, these are projects that, while inspired by Final Fantasy, have no official affiliation with Square Enix whatsoever, and, at best, have had their existence recognized by Square Enix employees, or have just been completely ignored. In the case of the latter two - again, they may be prominent in the fan community, but they are not employed by or sponsored by Square Enix. It seems to me these pages only exist because they've received enough attention as defined by whatever subjective amount of fan recognition someone decided makes these worthy of having articles on this wiki.
So I ask two questions - if these articles are to remain, what sets them apart from any FF related fan work on the internet? A fanfiction, someone's DeviantArt OC, some musical remix project, anything like that, aside from "Hey, this one person in particular got more attention than others"? And more importantly, why does that make them worth having articles on a wiki dedicated to official Final Fantasy material? It would be one thing if this wiki focused on the FF fan community as a whole, but, per the page I linked at the beginning of this post, that is not this wiki's aim, nor, in my view, should it be.
What is to be done with these articles and others like them? QHRvRICdalurIA (talk) 03:42, 1 April 2021 (UTC)

Looks like this was lost in RecentChanges, likely the result of an edit spree. Our bad...
  1. Most of the pages mentioned actually do fit the criteria, which is: "fan products which have been recognized by Square Enix or an official third-party publication". All of those definitely have been mentioned by an official publication (Kotaku, IGN, etc.) at some point. It's true that the pages really should contain a reference to where they are officially mentioned, but they all absolutely fit the criteria.
  2. The clauses of the notability policy only exist to establish precedent and provide justification for those who wish to argue a page is worth existing. They're not hard rules for policy lawyering. It's basically just "if you think x fan project deserves a page, here are the usual criteria for writing one", or "this fan project doesn't deserve a page, because I can't find a noteworthy source acknowledging it".
The other day, I mentioned the idea that we could have a page on the Final Fantasy VII Tsunamods voice-acting mod if we find official third party outlets, i.e. IGN, Kotaku, etc. that reference it. The reason for the clause existing is basically to stop anyone from making any random wiki article about their mod that changes Cloud's hair color just because they want the exposure.
So, in short: we're definitely open to creating pages on notable fan material, and anyone who wants to and can point to references of those projects being recognized can do so. I'm not personally attached to any of those pages, though I would like the Erutan one to say.--Magicite-ffvi-ios.png Technobliterator TC 01:41, 12 April 2021 (UTC)