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10:22, October 25th
Storyline it has to be Gogo, he has no story. Gameplay i have to say it's Selphie, her weapon sucks & her slot is useless.

NEOGANONDORFF- If any of you have ever read any of my past posts then ya'll already know my answer. WAKKA!!!! I hate Wakka so much, Never have i played a game and been so dissapointed in a character- That includes the Breath of fire series with that awful plant guy in number 2-I hate him, his voice actors especially the kingdom hearts one who must have decided he sounds better with an indian accent and i hate blitzball. More so i hate the fact that you cannot get any of his overdrives without playing said god awful gam,e. Without Blitzball and his oh so annoying voice and religion pushing he could have been a good character, The fun loving jock with a do-able football attack, he and Tidus could've had many memorable scenes arguing about who would win the league this year and who is the best striker but sadly (excuse the pun)Square-enix dropped the ball on this one. as for Cait sith, i love him as a character and i personally feel he is well designed if crap to use. What is with the scottish accent though? Does Gaia have a scotland?


NEOGANONDORFF- "Some sources state that the planet is called Gaia." I'm gonna stick with some sources, I called it Gaia first time i tried describing the game to someone and i'm not the only one apparently.


Hey people I think that Edward the Sponney bard is the most annoying he's only a playable charater for a little part of the game his stats are low and he is a girl!(I know I spelt character wrong!)


I'm just going to throw Kimahri out there because I doubt anyone has ever used him for anything.Osf 01:07, 27 March 2009

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