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--Jesusmaster44 21:43, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

My hero:

Name: Kadden Stillion

Hair Colour: Slicked back, dark brown hair down to bottom of neck

Race: Human

Age: 17

Height: 6' 2

Weight: 250 lbs.

Clothes: Black leather boots, dark blue jeans, black sleeveless shirt, black leather jacket, black leather gloves (I know its a lot of black, but black looks badass, so you understand), and armor on the shins, hips, and shoulders

Job: Dark Knight

Weapon: Claymore

Personality: Extremely introverted, conscientious, empathetic, has a dark sense of humor, mature for his age, particularly shy around women, antagonistic towards people he thinks as narcissistic, has a "morbid interest" in psychology, distrustful of the church

Motive: Revenge on the cult summoner who used him and his crush as a flawed experiment for trans-dimensional resurrection that revived him and transported his school crush along with him. And ultimately rest for him and his love interest to be returned to her home

Voice actor: Steve Staley

My villain:

Name: Lucsien Yaldione

Hair Colour: Shoulder length, blonde hair, parted down the middle

Race: Human, half-demon after completing his pact

Age: 24

Height: 5' 9

Weight: 170 lbs.

Clothes: White and gold priest robes under armor covering the forearms, shoulders, chest, waist, and lower legs (So basically, he's dressed like a medieval crusader)

Job: Paladin

Weapon: Spear

Personality: Strongly extraverted, extremely religious, unbelievably immature, condemning of science, loves kids, surrealist artist, acts impulsively and hastily, scornful of anyone who doesn't believe the church

Motive: Leads a rebellion on the church after his family was killed by cultists as a sacrifice to their god for power while he watched. The same god then comes to him in a dream and tells him that the cultists were part of the church and ordered by the church's councilmen to do so for a ritual for power, and makes a pact with Lucsien: eliminate the church, in exchange for the power to bring back his family. In the meantime, he learns of a summoner who warns him of "the deadman from another sun" who apparently wants to complicate his progress

Voice actor: Liam O'Brien




Here is my amazing hero:

Name: Jamiemitsu

Hair color: Long, dark glossy red

Race: Hume

Height: Tall

Weight: Not very heavy

Clothes: FFT Samuri armor

Job: Samuri with limited time magic (Imobilize, disable)

Weapon: Katana/ off hand: Crossbow

Personality: Generic, honorable Samuri

Motive: To make a name for himself as the greatest samuri to ever live. Ever.

Arch enemy: Changes constantly; currently the Joker (from Batman)

Jamiemitsu 19:47, 13 December 2008 (UTC)


Jesusmaster44 06:17, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

Me again. I felt like doing another hero and villain.

My 2nd Hero (this one's a girl):

Name: Uliyane Wengstdin

Hair: Long, blonde hair down to her waist

Race: Human

Height: 5' 5

Weight: 130 lbs.

Clothes: Traveling boots, worn black pants, tight blue sleeveless shirt, black and gray cloak/labcoat with hood, and black gloves (like an average traveler/thief, with the exception of her labcoat, more or less)

Job: Thief/Chemist

Weapon: Dagger and shortsword

Personality: Cheery, curious (to the point of being perverted), easily upset, likes to read (for some reason), intersted in neurology, struggles emotionally to cope with parents' disappearance, in love with the idea of falling in love, afraid of older women (she doesn't know why herself), irritable around the topic of her parents and their way of living (who wouldn't?)

Motive: Finding out what happened to her parents, sustaining her way of life (as every thief should), studying neurology at her nation's captiol under the leading neurologist and court mage and chemist, Dr. Goryian Breyd

Voice Actor: Kate Higgins

And my 2nd villain (another dude):

Name: Goryian Breyd

Hair: Blonde, long and straight, down halfway from his back

Race: Human

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Clothes: White labcoat with gold trim and belt, heavy gray armor on his legs and arms with shoulders curved down with gold trim

Job: Chemist

Weapon: Long-barrelled handgun, shortsword, assorted chemicals and poisons

Personality: Genuinely interested in the growth of his students (though this is just due to his sexual desires as a beleiver in hedonism), sadistic, abstract thinker (to the point of heresy), completely insane, and all the while maintains the image of a reserved, mature and fatigued scientist

Motive: Satisfying his needs as a hedonist, searching for the way to eternal life (on the way he lost his sanity once he was faced with the fact that no such thing existed, he used Uliyane's parents as guinea pigs for a poison meant to strengthen the human heart that caused their deaths while he spread the rumor of their disappearance), manipulating whatever assets he has to his advantage

Voice actor: Don't know yet





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This is going to be a little dificult. I'm not going to do my perfect hero yet, but I am going to do the perfect villain. Only problem is, when I try to think of the best villain imaginable, I come up with something too much like Sephiroth. Okay, focus, focus... Oh well here goes...

Name: Malek Vaughn.

Hair: Black, short, and spiky.

Race: Hume.

Age: 25.

Height: 5ft, 11in / Slightly taller than average.

Weight: Average.

Clothes: Black jumpsuit with cape / Long, flowing back jacket (not leather, more like the stuff in The Matrix) with all black clothes underneath. Steel-tipped black leather boots. Black leather gloves. No armour.

Job: Black Mage/Dark Knight.

Career: Worked as an Agent (sort of like a combination of SOLDIER and the Turks) for Evil Japanese RPG Empire #697132. Became so famous and poweful that he began working as the Emperor's personal go-to guy for big battles and conquests. Leads coup d'etat partway through the game and becomes the Emperor himself.

Weapon: Katana, Gunblade (competent swordsman, but his magic is the real weapon).

Limit Break: Furious Mind.

Battle: Completely impervious to magic. Never runs out of MP. Has all -aja level spells. Silence slows him down, but is dispelled after only one turn. Counter-attacks with his katana when struck. Furious Mind instantly KOs targets that don't have shell or protect cast on them, and even if they do, protect or shell is removed and target reduced to critical HP. Not completely accurate - you'll fight him three times, one where he just uses physical attacks at the beginning of the game.

Personality: Highly intelligent. Ambitious. Has grudge against the world. Deceptive. Very quick to anger, and sometimes violence.

Motive: Was bullied incessantly as a child because of his intelligence. Wants revenge on the entire world. Intends to take over the world and remake it as he sees fit.

Key Quote: Monster? You call me the monster? [raises his voice] Is it monstrous to wish for vengeance against those who have wronged me? Is it monstrous to yearn to improve my lot in life? [practically shouting] Is it monstrous to defy that which would keep me down, treat me like an animal, simply for being who I am?! To have what I want for once in my life?! [becomes calm, smiles ironicallly]Then again, maybe I am a monster, the suffering I have caused, even against those who hate me, or would hate if they knew me, but I don't care. In the end, it all boils down to this - there is something that I want AND NOW I HAVE THE MEANS TO TAKE IT! [does something extremely plot relevant]

Achievements: Ripped apart a huge, fast moving airship with only his mind in under thirty seconds, once won a battle by creating a magic barrier and maintaining it until his enemies ran completely out of ammo.

Voice Actor: Oliver Quinn.

Musical Themes: This is slightly redundant as my plans will never go ahead unless I become Square CEO, wich is unlikely to happen any time soon, but hey, I can come up with names! Anyway, an ordinary action piece called Nemesis for the first encounter, a slightly emoish piece called A Memory of Pain for his backstory, a piece I'm struggling to find ideas for called The World My Enemy for general eviltude, and a one-winged angel-esque piece called Of Fire And Night for the final boss battle.

I'll have my hero along pretty soon. The Man In The Black Cape 15:24, 16 February 2009 (UTC)


OK, its been a while, but here's my hero as well. Please note that the hero and the villain do not neccessarily exist in the same universe (unless Square steals my ideas and uses them in a later Dissidia). Anyway, here goes...

Name: Leon Rains (Working name)

Hair: Medium length, untidy, brown.

Race: Hume.

Age: 23

Height: Slightlly taller than average / About six foot.

Weight: Slightly heavier than average.

Clothes: A long, brown leather jacket, black pants, boots, light shirt.

Other Appearance Details: Has three scars on his face, one on his left cheek, another above his right eyebrow (sloping up and to the right), and another below his left eye (sloping down and to the left)

Career: Mercenary.

Job: Knight/Samurai.

Weapon: Shoto (Doule katanas, one long (not masamune long, but still long) and one short (or, if Square gets thei hands on it, medium length))

Limit Break: Lionheart.

Battle: As the hero and main character, he's your average overpowered allrounder, except for his magic, which sucks like an industrial vacuum cleaner. Lionheart increases his attack, speed and defence, as well as dealing considerable damage to a random number of enemies.

Personality: A tricky one this. He's not stupid, but carefree doesn't quite cut it. You could probably describe him as just ever so slightly overconfident - he doesn't plan anything, just "makes it up as [he] goes along". Has self-deprecating sense of humour. Tries to act macho and tough, but is actually quite sensitive. Is slightly lazy. Often makes light of his situation, opponents and experiences.

Motive: None to speak of. Gets caught up in a larger conflict when he discovers a conspiracy of some sort, and it turns out that his employers are the bad guys. Wants money, girl, and carefree but not exactly quiet life.

Achievements: Destroys a large airship from the inside, and then survives the jump off before it explodes. Various other. Legendary swordsman.

Voice actor: Undecided.

I guess you could describe him as sort of halfway between Balthier and Cloud. Which in itself is no bad thing at all.

The Man In The Black Cape 16:47, 23 February 2009 (UTC) - Neither Cloud nor Squall shall hinder us me


Name: Soma Fafnir

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Race: Omega Human

Age: About 200 years old w/17 year old body

Height: 5'8

Weight: 140 LBs

Clothes: Black t-shirt with black shoulder armor. Tight black jeans with multiple pouches and a dog collar attached to belt. Metal black shin guards and battle boots.

Job: Devastator (Combo of Black Mage and Dark Knight), Berserker, and Blue Mage


Variable Blade - Grey lightsaber like sword that can grow and shrink,

Energy Yo-yo - A yo-yo that is thrown without a string, and cuts into the enemy multiple times with blades made of energy

Shuriken bombs - A shuriken that explodes

Bouncy ball grenades - A rubbery grenade that can bounce about 6 times before exploding.


Soma is the leader of the Warriors of Nightmare and was actually the first Warrior of Zodiark.

Soma, to his knowledge, is a being created completely by scratch by the Empire. However, he was actually taken as an infant and used as a specimen for the Imperial project M.P.W.S, or Mass Produced WEAPON Soldiers. Soma was injected with some blood from Omega Weapon, causing his powers and abilities to sky rocket. However, when the Esper Fenrir attacked the Imperial base where Soma was being tested on, he destroyed the system that kept too much of Omega WEAPON's blood from being injected all at once, and most of Soma's blood became Omega blood. This made his vital stats become unstable and constantly changing, and he was deemed as a failed specimen and tossed into the ocean while still in his pod.

Omega blood, as well as the blood from fellow weapons Ultima, Materia, and Kaiser, is a substance that always mutates into a monster. When the Empire found a way to utilize this into turning people into super humans, they began work on their prototype right away. That prototype would later become Soma. Though after the failure of Soma, they stopped the project.

5 years later, the pod containing Soma opens, and he finally wakes up. But because Soma was asleep his whole life, he had no memories when he woke up on a small island broken away from the mainland. After walking around aimlessly, Soma feels faint and passes out on the beach, and us caught by a powerful wave. He wakes up on the mainland and is taken in by a widow who lost her son during an Imperial raid. This widow is Soma's actual mother, who's husband was killed trying to protect his son. But because of Soma's constant testing and the large amounts of blood getting into his system at the end, he grew up looking nothing like his parents and beyond recognition. His mother named him Soma, who she intended to name him before he was taken.

Soma was raised (unknown by either of them) by his mother, and to his curiosity was trained in multiple forms combat, including Black Magic, Blue Magic, Dark Sword Arts, and Berserker style fighting. Tried as he would, he could never master any of them. It is later revealed that Zodiark, the Lord of Espers, appeared before his mother and told her to train Soma, as he was chosen by him to handle a future crisis.

Soma finally began his journey to stop the crisis, being crowned as the first Zodiark Warrior. As he journeyed, he learns of his origins, and during an Imperial attack on a city, he was left for dead, riddled with bullets by his fellow comrades, who felt he was not worth trying to save, as he was "one of them". After being saved by the Dark God Nightmare, Nightmare offers to make him one of his honorary warriors, howerver Soma returned home to see his mother, stating that he will bathe in the light for his mother. When he returns, he finds his home destroyed and his mother dead. Flying into a rage, Soma destroys an entire city, and enters the Interdimensional Rift, going into a library trapped in it and studying magic and dark arts nonstop everyday. But because time passes by much quicker where he was, he quickly became centuries old (his body, curiously staying 17 years old), mastering many forms of combat and becoming incredibly powerful.

He then returns from the rift and joins Nightmare as the first Nightmare Warrior.

Zalbaag 21:51, 24 February 2009 (UTC) - This wasn't suppose to be this long!!


Nice job. I might do a heroine myself soon if I find the time and the will. I would also like to take this opportunity that any resemblance between my hero (I might change his name again in a minute) and Squall Leonhart is a complete coincidence. I never even made it past the tutorial before I got tired with that game, so I never had the opportunity to steal the Limit Break.

The Man In The Black Cape 16:10, 25 February 2009 (UTC) - Neither Cloud nor Squall shall hinder us me


After a great deal of thought (about two whole minutes) I have decided to go ahead with my heroine. I am actually undecided whether she's going to be a real, main-character heroine on the order of Lightning in FFXIII or just your stereotypical, slightly sexist damsel in distress like, say, Garnet, the Queen of Kidnappings and Subsequent Rescuings. I'm not sure exactly how she's gonna fit in with my earlier works Leon and Malek though, but hey, who cares?

Name: Undecided.

Hair: Dark brown, slightly above shoulder-length.

Race: Hume

Age: Early twenties.

Height: 5ft 9in.

Weight: Medium.

Clothes: Skimpy, but functional. Inspired by a combination of Lulu and Ashes outfits.

Career: Princess whose land was destroyed by Evil japanese RPG Empire #697132. Now working undercover as a mercenary.

Job: Ranger.

Weapon: Sci-Fi Longbow, with various sharp bits. Can fight with fists and short knives if necessary.

Limit Break: Stereotype Crush/Feminist Beam/Defiance(real one)

Battle: A more than capable fighter, but should be kept in the back row. Fast and agile as well as strong, but she is slightly fragile (don't say it out loud). Defiance casts Fury on her but raises her strength, defence and speed, as well as demoralising and dealing mild damage to enemies (when first cast).

Personality: A strong and capable woman, but with a conflicted and violent past. Hates being treated as weak or stupid just because she's female. Keeps whip for whenever main character suggests she may need help with sopmething or tries to flirt with her. Usually has opposite effect. Is really quite sensitive on the inside. Really!

Motive: Doesn't really know herself. Does want revenge for her fallen kingdom (lifted straight out of the FFXII manual) but can't seem to summon much enthusiasm for it.

Voice Actor: Whoever it is that does Ashe in FFXII.


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Ok people here's mine

Name:Andrew Mist

Hair Colour:Dark brown changes to green when he is summoning monsters


Age:who wants to know?


Weight:He does'nt want me to tell you

Clothes:Same as Edge from Final Fantasy 4 but green

Job:Every single job class in the world!

Weapon:His first weapon was a Dream Sword from Kingdom Hearts but he can use every weapon.

Personality: Like Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Motive:He wants to kick Kain Highwinds Butt plus he hate monsters so he likes kicking there ass, as well!

Voice Actor: What do ya mean he's real!(fine then Andrew Mist)

by( 17:51, 26 March 2009 (UTC))

Me Walk
Me Walk



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