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The final eight competitors face off today. There are only three weeks until the championship match. Who will be there? Only you will decide! Get voting!

The Quarterfinals!

Beatrix v. Celes

Magicite Madness III: Quarterfinals
Beatrix_CG_FFIX_Art.jpg MM3 VS Finals Celes Grand Finale

Votes for Beatrix

Votes for Celes

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Gilgamesh v. Gabranth

Magicite Madness III: Quarterfinals
Gilgamesh Alt 1 EX Mode MM3 VS Finals Gabranth-DissidiaRender

Votes for Gilgamesh

Votes for Gabranth

  1. Xepscern (talk) 00:46, October 6, 2013 (UTC)

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Kuja v. Balthier

Magicite Madness III: Quarterfinals
Kuja CG MM3 VS Finals Balthier-ffxii-render

Votes for Kuja

Votes for Balthier

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Sabin v. Zidane

Magicite Madness III: Quarterfinals
ChibiSabin MM3 VS Finals Zidane 8

Votes for Sabin

Votes for Zidane

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