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Kanji can be expressed in kana, and sometimes we get the same thing appearing in multiple games expressed in both ways. The current example I can think of is Mage's Staff, although I know there are plenty more because I've had to make the comment "they're the same thing expressed in kanji and hiragana" a few times on talk pages.

Furigana is a way of expressing kanji and its kana at the same time. Usually because people may not recognise the kanji (because the material is for people with a lower understanding of Japanese, or it's a less common kanji), or because you might not be able to tell from the kanji how it's supposed to be pronounced (like with names). I think ruby is just a more general name for the concept of annotating an alternate form of the text with another.

Someone once added Template:Ruby here, but it appears it isn't use on any pages. I wouldn't have written the template that way so I'd probably change it if it we were gonna use it.

Currently HTML Ruby tags are well supported so no real issue there. As the template explains, on browsers that don't support Ruby they don't get something too terrible to look at.

(A) The current intro of Mage's Staff says:

The Mage's Staff (魔術の杖, Majutsu no Tsue?) or (まじゅつのつえ, Majutsu no Tsue?)

(B) When I think it would be better to use and Ruby liek:

The Mage's Staff (魔術(まじゅつ)(つえ), Majutsu no Tsue?)

(C) Alternatively, with foot:

The Mage's Staff (Majutsu no Tsue, [missing rōmaji]?)

(D) Or foot for each word:

The Mage's Staff (Majutsu no Tsue, [missing rōmaji]?)

(E) Or just with [or]:

The Mage's Staff (魔術の杖 or まじゅつのつえ, Majutsu no Tsue?)

A problem my be observed in how small the annotated kana prints, but we can semi-resolve that by adding title text so it shows it in a pop-up on mouse over. 魔術(まじゅつ)(つえ)

I'm only really suggesting this for things that are expressed in both hiragana and kanji in different games. I understand why we might want to go for [A] or [E] (because SE expressing it in kanji and hiragana in different games is them giving it two different Japanese names for the same thing and therefore we should note them equally), but I think [A] is redundant and makes them look like unrelated names when they are certainly related. JBed (talk) 17:25, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

E option seems the best. Even for people who don't know anything about Japanese writing systems would probably understand what it means if written like that. The other ones may be confusing.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 18:59, January 18, 2016 (UTC)

I'll stick with E. Typing up in MoS. JBed (talk) 17:08, March 1, 2016 (UTC)

i like B, cos its displayed in classic furigana style. i understand japanese tho, so thats why i'd use it. For most people, i'd think E is the best form to use--Arciele Spira (talk) 13:48, March 10, 2016 (UTC)